An Introduction.
Im over here

Boy, do I have a sight for you

Dedicated to the worlds of the fantastical, the bizarre and the extreme I’m hoping to, at least, entertain those who lay eyes upon the contents herein. Supporting Independent artists and those who are better known, though usually not household names, I hope to spread the word about that which I enjoy and that which I deem worthy of praise. Consider this an outlet for my ‘creativity’, alas I find it hard to watch or listen to something without wanting to write a little something upon it, it drives the wife bonkers!

drinking games

Naturally, someone has written a tome about the subject

More often than not this might consist of words to do with audio, celluloid or materials believed lost to the ravages of time (aka covered under layers of dust in a box someplace shrouded in shadows in the furthest corner of the basement). In the case of film materials passed over in favor of similar themed, though higher budget affairs. My thoughts may occasionally wander to materials which don’t always tug at the receptors which widen the eyes or cause my jaw to make contact with the floor at an alarming rate. Have no fear however, I will strive to utilize a certain amount of levity to ‘ease the pain’ though it must be said that many films which are thought as as being “bad” have often redeeming values, albeit those usually accommodating of a game in which the objective is to drown the liver.

Foreign film, extreme audio of the type that grandma gyrates her frail frame to, at an alarming rate behind closed doors, and films which have seen the insides of  closets marked ‘indecent and obscene’ I’ll try to get to laying eyes upon it.

grim reaper

“Time” is a fickle mistress

But please be patient it’s only me at the helm, in between a full time job (a three letter word which far surpasses most four letter words I use in anger), household chores and a spouse who demands my constant attentions. However it’s not all piss and vinegar I do have a temperamental  infant at the ready always willing to lend a hand and a mind which often wanders to realm obscure and fantastical. With this in mind I should mention that occasionally the sites output will stretch to fiction, or what I like to refer to as my “stabs” at such. Rare and only occasionally published these, more often than not, consist of older tales polished some for general consumption, though I am striving to formulate some newer material for the retinas to feast upon. But rest assured I will always strive to offer words upon that which I fond entertaining, whether you find it to be or not is another matter entirely. Feel free to comment, share or scoff at my attempts at a fluid formulation of the language in which I was schooled, if only I would have paid more attention.





  1. Hi there,

    Here Víctor label owner from Chaos Records, looking to know if you have interest in our media promotion. Please let me know and I’ll add to our promoters list.

    • That would be great! Though you should know beforehand that this currently is a one-person operation (in between family responsibilities and a full time career) and I that I can’t get to everything I’m sent. (I’m currently looking for other contributors so I’m hoping this might change, somewhat, in the foreseeable future.)
      my email is tgpuk75@aol.com if you wish to send promo materials to me. I’m looking forward to delving through what you might send over. I’m partial to anything extreme and I’ve even been known to tackle a power metal release from time to time.
      Thanks for your consideration,

    • I just now updated the Darkened post to reflect the October release through Chaos Records.
      Eagle eyes here* (insert winky face)

  2. Carol Gagné says:

    Hello, do you accept album submission for review on Cult MetalFlix?

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