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Abrasive Audio…Best of Year Lists #3


Taking a break from the monstrous endeavor which I’m referring to as divine punishment for listening to tunes which are decidedly not wholesome in nature, I’ve decided to post the last of the Year End Lists to roll into my email. ‘Lists’ which a pair of friends have pondered over for, much like myself, weeks. Admittedly, it’s a daunting task. Without further ado.



A few selections which have rocked Paul PMZ’s (@paul_pmz on Twitter) world
star devourer
Star Devourer

An album unlike anything I’ve ever heard, this falls into the category of, “Sci-Fi Black Metal”, which is a new one on me… A concept album that is as whacked-out f**king insane as it is compelling. Contact combines spacey (couldn’t think of a better word sorry) synths with KILLER vocals and guitars to achieve something utterly bonkers and utterly brilliant. A truly epic black metal space opera in the truest sense of the word.

Bitter Lake
New Branches on Old Trees

Before I joined Twitter again in Summer 2019, I got all my music from iTunes, Spotify and Boomkat. I didn’t really understand Bandcamp. I’d bought a few things on it in the past (a Gucci Mane album, a Perc album and the Minecraft soundtrack) but I wasn’t aware of the sheer amount of jaw-dropping talent waiting to be discovered there for just a few quid. This album is an example of the kind of jaw-dropping talent I’m referring to.


I have a vivid memory of listening to this album drunk, pacing around a kitchen on my own at about two in the morning listening to it on headphones full blast. An overwhelming, crushing, grinding beast of an album. The eleven-something-minute second track is like being dragged into a piece of hellish machinery to your death in a way that is hugely enjoyable. Like most of the albums on my list, the people who made this deserve to be millionaires but they’re probably not. I have a feeling I’ve used that line before in something else I wrote for Cult… Anyway, I dunno. It’s a fucked up, unfair world and this is the perfect music for it.

Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race

Why is this on my end of year list? Because it’s everything a death metal album should be. Everything about it is perfect. Also, it was on everybody else’s list and I just copied them.

Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance

Listen, I’m not like Cult or K-MaNriffs or all of you reading this who have an encyclopedic knowledge of metal and all of its sub genres and can go on about so-and-so plays a down-tuned this and Deep Purple recorded that in 1970-whatever. I just like f**king good music. And this is f**king good music and it deserves repeated listens. That’s all there is to it. That’s why it made my 2019 list.

Northern Lights

Everyone who knows me knows I love this album. Like, I really love it. And I feel honored to have interviewed Danthor from the band in the first issue of my zine SIX IN THE HEAD (working link elsewhere in this article). “Northern Lights” was very unfairly left off many ‘end of year’ lists but we won’t go into that… Simply put, this is perfection from start to finish and if you can’t recognize that I don’t know what to tell you.

Orificial Purge

I put this on my list firstly because I like brutal death metal and this is most definitely that. And also, because the cover, album title and song titles remind me of Carcass and Carcass was one of the first bands I got into when I first started delving into extreme metal music. If you’re going to be brutal, then be brutal. Don’t half-ass it. Cut the ass off with a scalpel and stick a load of knives into it.

Texas Hippie Coalition
Texas Hippie Coalition
High in The Saddle

Some people would call this a guilty pleasure but I don’t. It’s as simple as can be in about every possible way but the second I discovered it I wanted to put on a ten-gallon hat, grab a shotgun and drive my truck to the local bar and do bourbon shots with a load of chicks in “vest” tops who think that sort of behavior is perfectly acceptable. They can take this album when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

So those were my favorite “metal” albums of 2019. Follow me on Twitter @paul_pmz and download the launch issue of my tabletop gaming and music magazine SIX IN THE HEAD at


fistful pof doom logo

Finally, here are a handful of releases (actually a ‘Top Ten’) which have caressed and molested the pleasure sensors of Fistful of Doom (@flatulentFuzz on Twitter) for the past couple of months.

No need to read up on thoughts on any of these, just dive right in.



tort void addiction



do astral death cult





But let us not forget the link to the ‘Fistful of Doom’ show which deserves attention (apparently he likes bacon).

That’s it. Thanks to all involved, in this and past lists. And to those who I’ve interacted with throughout the year. I’ve made a few friends and probably pissed of a great deal more with my inane questions and intolerable personality. Here’s hoping this, and the lists before it, introduced new acts and albums which might otherwise have been ‘ignored’ (for want of a better term).

Animal - music is meant for sharing

After all brilliant audio is meant for sharing, new genres to be explored no matter how scary they might initially seem. And this is a community. #SupporttheScene.

Here’s to another fantastic, mind-blowing, 365 days, unless it’s a leap year then I guess Hallmark will be rolling out a new line of movies for my wife to lose herself in.


Abrasive Audio…to Soothe the Senses – Another Year End List #3. The Year’s Best according to Void

heavy metal santa

Other than compilations year end lists are the undoubtedly the best way to find new music without having to fall down the Bandcamp or the YouTube rabbit hole (seriously who Knows what you might run into?) Without further ado, or mention of the wintery landscape or how damn cold it has suddenly become, I present

Voids 2019 Year in Review

2019 has come and gone, and in the best traditions of music sites everywhere, we take a good long look at the past loop around the sun and rank our favorite albums, EPs, demos, splits or whatever.  I’ve found keeping up with new releases harder than usual, and not so much due to lack of time (although perpetual adulting is unfortunately partly responsible) but rather due to my tendency to prioritize obsessively rooting through metal’s meaty underbelly to seek out old, obscure anomalies that few care about.  Consequently, my uptake of new material is lower than I’d like it to be, but I nevertheless immersed myself in a considerable amount of new releases.

Void Reccs.jpg

While in many past years I found that I at least had a clear idea of at least what my top 3-5 releases were, I found that 2019 did not prevail upon me to form a concrete musical hierarchy.  Thus, this year, numerical rankings can suck it and you can enjoy my top ten 2019 releases in good ol’ fashioned alphabetical order.

crypt sermon

Crypt Sermon – The Ruins of Fading Light

I’m sure this will appear on multiple year-end lists, but as one who rarely dabbles in doom, I feel its presence here carries attests to its quality more than most.  Maintaining the heavy and epic atmosphere of “Out of the Garden” while seeing improvement in the songwriting and the vocals, “The Ruins of Fading Light” simply takes Crypt Sermon to the next level.  Tracks like ‘Key of Solomon’ and ‘Christ is Dead’ will have you think you can sing along competently because they make it sound so easy, even though in reality you’re just blissfully oblivious to the fact that you’re actually completely tone-deaf.

Encoffinized – Chambers of Deprivation

Chunky death metal sounding like a mix of Baphomet and maybe something like Vomiturition, “Chambers of Deprivation” is some intense, knuckle-dragging death metal with vocals that sound like an abyss is opening up to swallow entire fucking planets.  Maggot Stomp (label?) has released some killer junk this year, and Encoffinized’s debut tops the pack.


Fetid – Steeping Corporeal Mess

On their debut outing, Fetid take us on a subterranean journey through the moist, festering tunnels of the netherworld, its walls inexplicably lined with twitching, membranous tissue.  Impossible to avoid stepping in the regurgitated rot that flows down in steady, chunky streams from dilating orifices, the horrendous squishing sound is not only heard, but felt.  That exact sensation has been vividly put to music.  Sweet.

Pa Vesh En – Pyrefication

Caustic and densely atmospheric, Pa Vesh En’s “Pyrefication” is a raw, noisy black metal affair that fills the space with oppressive, overtly claustrophobic and genuinely terrifying chaos. “Pyrefication” is an exercise in paranoia and lurking fear.

Possessed – Revelations of Oblivion


By all things logical and normal, Possessed’s third album, which landed 30 years after their sophomore and featured only a single member of the original lineup, had no business being good.  But holy shit did it deliver.  Bar the slightly too-clean production, “Revelations of Oblivion” stays perfectly in line with what we all loved about classic Possessed.  Probably one of the best comeback albums I’ve ever heard.


Profanatica – Rotting Incarnation of God

Reveling in their lack of progress and instead honing in on what they’ve always done best, Profanatica’s fifth album is a paragon of the sound they’ve developed.  “Rotting Incarnation of God” places Ledney’s drumming first and foremost to drive the album along, while a vile guitar and bass provides a relentless undercurrent.  If you didn’t like Profanatica before, this will do nothing to change your mind, but if you dig them, this is probably their best album yet.

Rotted – Dying to Rot

Rotted step up the game from their debut “Pestilent Tomb” by making this demo more disgusting in every way imaginable.  The down-tuned, lumbering guitar sounds like boiling sewage and churns along to gurgling vocals akin to soggy ground meat in releasing its air pockets in sputtering belches.  It might not sound like much at first, but this is ace-level.

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance

Tomb Mold – Planetary Clairvoyance

I feel like this album didn’t get a fair shake from me at first.  “Primordial Malignity” and “Manor of Infinite Forms” both grabbed me instantly, whereas this one didn’t.  That’s hardly a crime, but because of it I initially hadn’t devoted the time it deserved.  That’s been rectified and this is high quality stuff, a worthy successor to the first two albums.  I’ve seen them live four times (yay local), and every time they’ve levelled the place, so don’t miss a chance to go see them.


Undeath – Sentient Autolysis

Thrusting two demos into the scene this year, this second release is vastly superior to the first.  While the first (creatively titled “Demo ‘19”) showed considerable promise, “Sentient Autolysis” delivers on that promise with four tracks of Neanderthal Demilich-inspired metal of death.  I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with for their upcoming album.

Warmoon Lord – Burning Banners of the Funereal War

An entry from a band that proudly pilfered its moniker from one of Vlad Tepes’ more nonsensical song titles, this Finnish project plopped onto the scene with little to no fanfare and delivered an outstanding album that snatched the place on this list that I thought would’ve belonged to Vargrav.  Heavily inspired by albums like Emperor’s “In the Nightside Eclipse” and Darkthrone’s “Under a Funeral Moon” (the opening to ‘Obsessing Darkness’ sounds like it could’ve been lifted right out of the latter), any fan of early 90’s black metal should be all over this.

So, there we have it, 2019 comes to a close, leaving us reeling and wondering “what the fuck was that?”  We may never know, but one thing I know is that 2020 is coming.  And once it arrives, it’s here.  You’re welcome.

A huge thanks to Void for dropping another smorgasbord of releases I’ve heard very little about. We’ve both dropped words on the newest Possessed (which can be found on this site by typing the name in the search bar. I’d add a link but I’m too lazy) and I believe I’ve even waffled on about a few of his other choices. Naturally Void takes us far from the mainstream to drop most of us into where the fuck am I ville. I’ve been there. Roll with it, its part of his charm.



Voidhanger’s Best of 2018

Better late than never, right?  2018 was a Hell of a year, and narrowing it down was difficult.  That’s why we’re thankful for extensive honorable mentions lists!

Honorable mentions:


Mortuous – Through Wilderness

Abigor – Höllenzwang – Chronicles of Perdition –

Eskhaton – Omegalitheos

Funeral Winds – Sinister Creed

Hyperdontia – Nexus of Teeth

Mortuous – Through Wilderness

Pagan Hellfire – At the Resting Depths Eternal

Ulthar – Cosmovore


Ulthar – Cosmovore


Now, on to the meat and potatoes.  The cream of the crop.  The best of the best.  Starting with…

 #10: Nécropole – “Solarité”

An indisputably French sound with delicate strings of melody weaving through the cold harshness, Nécropole are a shining example of how black metal can forge brave new sounds without betraying the old style.


“Necropole” doesn’t translate as  a dead Polish fella

#9 Outre-Tombe – “Nécrovortex”

Three years after dropping their massive debut “Répurgation,” Quebecois death metal band Outre-Tombe continue their old school, Sweden-worshipping death assault with a flailing, unrestrained follow-up.


#8: Akitsa – “Credo”

Quebec’s long-running black metal flagship returned in 2018 with their sixth album.  Raw, powerful and with lots of punk influence, “Credo” is Akitsa’s clearest and most focused statement of intent to date.  Awesome cuts like ‘Le monde et ma bile’ showcase Akitsa in prime form and not losing even a smidgen of steam.

credo fullbleed coverWHITE TEXTcorrected letter spacingGOLD


#7: Clandestine Blaze – “Tranquility of Death”

Clandestine Blaze continues to fly high the banner of unrepentant, no-frills black metal.  While “Tranquility of Death” isn’t quite on the same lofty level as “City of Slaughter” (my #1 album for 2017), it holds its own and Clandestine Blaze keeps representing the best of what the genre has to offer.

clandestine blaze

#6: Old Tower – “Stellary Wisdom”

The only non-metal entry on this list, Old Tower channel the sound and emotional resonance of early Mortiis, especially “Født til å Herske.”  A morose journey through medieval dusks and lunar sanctums, it compels you to let go and forget everything else.

old tower

#5: Summoning – “With Doom We Come”

A bit of a dark horse in the Summoning discography, “With Doom We Come” seems to have come and gone with little fanfare.  This might be due to it being a more sullen affair than their comparatively bombastic releases like “Let Heroes Sing Your Mortal Fame” or “Oath Bound.”  Contemplative, introspective, mournful and melancholic are all words that apply to “With Doom We Come” in addition to all the various adjectives for “epic” that are usually found in conjunction with Summoning.  Sit back and let these visions of the darker regions of Middle-Earth engulf you.


#4: Spectral Wound – “Infernal Decadence”

Firmly entrenched in the Quebec black metal sound with Finnish flairs, “Infernal Decadence” is aggressive but with copious melody and an organic, full sound.  Not a single filler track to be found on the album and they’re a killer live act to boot, so catch ‘em if you can.

spectral wound

#3: Drawn and Quartered – “The One Who Lurks”

Managing to release top-tier material over 20 years into a career is a damn impressive feat, but Drawn and Quartered make it look easy by remaining at the top of their game and unleashing one of their most accomplished albums yet.  “The One Who Lurks” brings Drawn and Quartered to unprecedented levels of savagery and complexity.


#2: Moenen of Xezbeth – “Ancient Spells of Darkness…”

The very soundtrack to a lich awakening in its musty crypt after aeons of restless sleep, Moenen of Xezbeth masterfully echo the mystical feel of Samael and early Hellenic bands Zemial, Agatus, Twilight and Necromantia.  “Ancient Spells of Darkness…” sounds like it could have been recorded in the early nineties and is an absolute gift to anyone who adores that era.

moenen of xezbeth

#1: Tomb Mold – “Manor of Infinite Forms”

“Manor of Infinite Forms” is a savage flying dragon kick of death metal to the throat that takes the blueprint from their 2017 debut and steps it up in every way.  Sounding like classic Finnish bands Demilich, Convulse and Demigod exploded and spattered their gore-drenched viscera all over Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower and Entombed, Tomb Mold is way closer to death metal perfection than a band this young has any business being.  Here’s hoping the already-announced 2019 album continues their meteoric rise.


Thanks Void. Thanks for your invaluable input, thoughts and mind numbing knowledge on the darker corners of the extreme metal universe.

Here’s to another stunning year of metal, minus the bullshit drama.



In no particular order, or even broken up into genre categories, these are the album that distracted me from my daily life and responsibilities in an unfathomably captivating manner oftentimes leading to scenarios where all that was left was for me to do was blame the metal (wasn’t my fault!)

Note, there’s more than ten and this might drag into deep waters on account of my furiously happy scribbling digits. The reasons; I get excited, I can’t count, but more importantly because I can’t decide as all albums herein are just so blisteringly impressive.

Now new and improved complete with Bandcamp links where applicable. 

Without Further Ado…

Ironflame – Tales of Splendor and Sorrow


NWOBHM/Heavy metal par excellence. This album is so damn impressive you’ll want to call Granma and tell her.

C’mon Granma this is fkn’ excellent, crank up the Victrolla, clear the kitchen, and let’s move!!

Made all the more impressive as it’s all conceived, created and performed by one ultra-talented fellow.

Nightbreed – Beyond Inferno

nightbreed beyond inferno

This is what I call Thrash! Be prepared for the limbs to twitch in a spastic manner and the vertebrae to complain for days.

Rifftastic brilliance from Greece in a similar vein to vintage Kreator and Destruction.

Thron – Abysmal


The artwork is stunningly subtle but, strangely, it’s the music which is the more distracting of the two. ‘Blackened Death’ or Death metal with Black elements who cares, just let this wash over you in all its majestic epic exquisiteness.

Fans of Abysmal Dawn and Dissection rejoice this will shatter your recent audio disappointments.

Haunt – Burst into Flame


Released thirty years ago this may well be heralded today as a genre masterpiece (channeling as it does NWOBHM sensibilities and production values of the same inkling) as it is, today, it’s still stunningly impressive though surrounded by Infinite audio that it might well have been missed.

Don’t let this gem pass you by.

Dissentience – Mask of Pretense

maslk of pretence

(no Bandcamp link available)

I’ll admit, the thrash genre hasn’t done much for me in the past couple of years, but this somehow grabbed me instantly. The multitude of riffs and its gruff vocals aided in its overall distracting qualities, but I believe it’s the fact that it came from nowhere (with zero hype) that impressed me the most. Don’t let this pass by the radar unheard.

Vanha – Melancholia


Doom that embodies the best qualities that My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom and Mourning Beloveth have to offer. Turn everything off and sink into this and let it transport you to realms where every day worries and anxieties are no more.

Tomb Mold – Manor of Infinite Forms


I’m going to blame Void for introducing this album to me. This isn’t your typical death release, it’s complex, varied in form and unpredictable in its course. Most of all however it’s everything that a fan could ask for. There’s bursts of speed, diabolical passages, technical prowess and controlled chaos.

Thanks again Void. I about rear-ended several vehicles, bobbing my head and a multitude of other limbs, whilst driving listening to this!

Ripped to Shreds -Mai-Zang

ripped to shreds

Old school values all the way! This album had me hopping around like a meth-addled primate on a quest for that one misplaced banana.

Grindcore and a filthy dirgey-death style encapsulated in an album with themes that are exceptionally far removed from the ordinary.

Fans with extreme musical tastes stuck in the 90’s will devour this!

Obscura – Diluvium


These guys never disappoint.

Jaw dropping Tech death with progressive elements and everything in between, this album delivers from the first to the very last note. As unpredictable as a forest fire within the clutches of a hurricane it makes much the same impression on the listener without the insurance claims and heartache.

A must own, every worthwhile collection needs this to be considered somewhat complete.

Serocs – The Phobos/Deimos Suite


Tech, brutal death to scramble the brain.

I’m envisioning a plethora of octopus on stage performing this as the beats, melodies and rhythms are inhuman. This was my first experience with the band and I’m left floored, I’m placing this alongside Benighted’s Asylum Cave as the other go-to tech death album when nothing else quite cuts the mood. If you enjoy Archspire, Benighted and the like this is a must discovery!

 Omnipotence – Praecipitium


If that cover isn’t enough to make one drop what they are doing to give this a listen I don’t know what to say. It isn’t typical of the genre, but neither is the music – I’ve had disagreements over whether this is (in part even) black metal. Regardless of its genre placement (for it straddles many of them) it makes an indelible impression even on first listen. If I owned a vinyl playing device, I’d purchase this I’m an instant, the cover would live on the wall and the record itself on the player.

This reigns!!!

Piah Mater – The Wandering Daughter

piah mater

Place this in ‘albums to transport the listener to another plane’ entirely folder for it has that power. Think along the lines of Opeth, Amorphis, Alkoloid and Obscura for that is what this spinning slab of awesomeness delivers. A plethora of genre styles, musical virtuosity, beauty and brutality accompanied by an excellent diverse vocal approach combine for an album which can’t be ignored or even listened to just the once.

Helrunar – Vanitas Vanitatvm


Admittedly I’m typically not a fan of music in the black metal arena but this, so early on in the year, helped change that (opening up my senses to a whole new world draped in eternal darkness).

Oozing with presence, atmosphere, majesty, depth, an epic nature and power it matters not that the lyrics are in another language entirely for this is impressive on ungodly levels. I’m mouth agape listening to it now, to be honest, and I’ve heard it on numerous occasions before now. Cancel your plans for the day, let this seep into your system. You won’t be disappointed!

Burial Invocation – Abiogenesis

burial invocation

Here’s another that Void has suggested I give a listen to, and he’s right it’s outstanding in every way. This tosses me back to numerous death albums I’ve listened and thought highly of over the years, it oozes with influences and might well leave one’s head spinning as to acts certain passages reminds one of. The whole package is a delight to let wander between the ears. Comes highly recommended to fans of 90’s European death although it has a delicious modern-day technicality and take that transforms it to elevated levels.

Another must discovery!

Shallow Grave – Threshold Between Worlds


However one chooses to place this amongst their collection there’s no doubt its placement will leave a gap. As odds are it’ll spend most of its time being played.

Huge riffs flirt and epic soundscapes with an ominous nature and venomous vocals making one look down often to ensure their feet are still planted in the dirt and not in an uncharted quadrant of the cosmos saturated in unearthly presence and menace.

This might well be the soundtrack to an invasion of ‘The Old Gods’. Or something along those lines. Either way, this release cannot be ignored.

Spectral Wound – Infernal Decadence

spectral wound

Here’s another example of the impact Void has had on my listening habits this year.

To say that this album is massive is an understatement of unfathomable proportions.

The audio herein epitomizes what many thinks of when they ponder upon the genre yet it’s better still. It’s complex, infernal, diabolical yet shot through with melody and purpose that might surprise even the most veteran of fan.

This might well be the album, alongside those already mentioned, to tip my precariously balanced form into dark waters.

Bring on the Corpse paint, bullet belts and let me loose in a Scandinavian forest (with a satellite phone) I’m can feel my restraints and ignorance of the genre fading away.

Hyperdontia – Nexus of Teeth


Imagine being embroiled in a knife fight within a whirlwind of razor blades upon a cliff side that’s threatening to fall into the depths of the ocean. I found it hard to do so before I discovered this album (and the band), alas now it’s not so difficult.

This is everything one would hope a death release to be, complete with exquisite drums and vocals drenched in gutter values.

Ask your dentist to recommend an album. If they don’t mention this, I suggest seeking out another dental hygienist preferably one who submerges themselves in audio worth a damn. But obviously still one who bears license to dig around in strangers’ mouths with instruments of assorted torture.

That’s it, I’m out.

Here’s to another year of fantastic tunage.