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Abrasive Audio Part Eleven

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Yea, yea. It’s been a while. Life and a myriad of other things have again managed to place obstacles in my path which have made it difficult to function as I might normally. However, I’ve managed to squeeze out a few reviews and a bunch of WTF quick ones. Some are better than none… right? I’m promoting where I can and hoping to spark interest in artists/albums which have managed to slip under my radar until now. Without further ado. May I present that which has garnered my interest as of late.

March Releases

subtype zero

Subtype Zero (USA) – Ceremonious Extinction

Release- March/27/2020

Seeing Red Records


An undeniable old school vibe within a black and white image slathered in skulls and a setting which seethes with ill intent.


Sometimes you just get a “feeling”. This is one just moment and this is an opener which is both ferocious and aggressive, making one to think this is the likely hypothetical result of Dark Angel cohabitating with Slayer.


One can argue Subtype Zero wear their influence on their sleeve, there’s really no denying that or the fact that this audio collection is absolute ragin’ fire. Brash, unapologetic and too GD short. Add a spot of maniacal riffery and vocals which might not fit anywhere but here and you have all the makings of a release which, alongside the newest by Razgate, is sure to be mentioned adnasium come years end. I cannot get enough of this. I will need to be forcibly pulled away this is that damn good!

Favorite Tracks; “metal thrashing madness” from beginning to end.

FFO; Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Sodom, (vintage) Pestilence, Dark Angel.

walk through fire

Walk Through Fire (Sweden) – Var Afgrund

Release – March/27/2020

Wolves and Vibrancy Records


An image with what appears to be a form with prison bars taking place of a ribcage. Naturally, the meaning of this is up for discussion and really doesn’t give much away as to the style within.


Suffocating, dismal, bleak and torturous. This is sludge for those who prefer their audio from the seedier side of the tracks. Gargantuan all- consuming riffs overtop melodies hinting at everyday “wearing blinders” normalcy.


Bludgeoning, unmerciful and experimental in places, seriously who would expect a saxophone in the mix? But it works adding a smoky layer to a soundscape (which has multiple layers though never really hits a rhythm which many might hope, especially based upon a diet of Thrash, Death and Black metal) akin to plunging into a seemingly endless abyss.  Instances seem as if plucked from 70’s cult celluloid specifically Giallo, whereupon a menace is always present though shrouded in unmistakable enigmatic qualities. Overall, this is not for those who require instant gratification but rather for those who prefer a slow, ponderous, burn dripping in palpable atmosphere.

Favorite Tracks; Den Utan Botten, Vzgar Mot Slutet, Till Intet Gjord.

FFO; Neurosis, Fetish 69.

April Releases

the Hyss

The Hyss (USA) – Extraterrestrial

Release- April/20/2020



I’m of the mind this could be a motley crew of costumed revelers doing the “Monster Mash” if it wasn’t for the strange vehicle in the background picking up victims for potential probing purposes.


Mammoth limb twitching groove, humorous lyrics with a touch of Hardcore in the vocal department. Far from the norm but I’m intrigued.


Plenty of hooks, groove and riffs to keep one entertained here with somewhat a ‘party vibe’ prevalent throughout. Although miles from what I would normally lay ear upon this is growing on me. A diverse stoner/rock/fuzz laden treat for those who enjoy exploring the many avenues rock has to offer.

Favorite Tracks; Extraterrestrial, In Shadows.

FFO; The Misfits, Rob Zombie, Monster Magnet, Byzantine Neckbeard.

May Releases


Devangelic (Italy)- Ersetu

Release- -May/15/2020

Willowtip Records


Archaic, biblical, with a classical theme which grabs the attention and perks the intrigue.


Blasting, unmerciful and unrelenting. Need I add ‘brutal’? Probably not. I’m honestly not usually into Brutal Death but this introduction manages, somehow, to hit the spot.


Balanced precariously on the Grindcore/Brutal Death fence this collection offers blast beats aplenty, swirling chaotic rhythms, menace and diabolical essence. All channeling a dirge tone which is oddly familiar, remarkable atmospheric breaks, a production which is a little muddy (though I believe fits) and vocals which are both guttural and ferocious. Overall a fantastic introduction to a band bearing a quality which warrants undivided attention and obvious exploration of their back catalog.

Favorite Tracks; Punishing throughout!

FFO; Disgorge, Disintomb, Nile, Origin.


Witnesses (USA) – Doom II

Release – May/31/2020



A vessel at sea amidst turbulent waters which seem even more than just that. With a pallet of colors which portray moodiness, sickness and a certain unmistakable menace.


Immersive, powerful and emotional. A stellar beginning to any album.


Imagine the vast metal spectrum as an ocean and this release a craft which sails upon it (pun intended) with no presence at the wheel. The album is much like that although controlled in a masterful way, utilizing many an element from a diverse radius of styles, as to convey a myriad of emotions whilst invoking grand cinematic imagery depicting misery, desperation, lingering hope and despair. Pianos, cellos, violins and an exquisite vocal approach, deliciously different than what’s expected, adds to the albums allure delivering anguished and melancholic tones along the way. This is a listening experience which demands the full attention!

Favorite Tracks; Haunting, grandiose and powerful throughout.

FFO; Morning Beloveth, Paradise Lost, Opeth, Novembers Doom.

violent hammer

Violent Hammer (Finland) – Riders of the Wasteland

Release – May/29/2020

Hell’s Headbangers


An image draped in a veil of crimson depicting a brute with weapons in each hand, or body parts he’s just ripped from the surrounding mountain of inert flesh.  One could well imagine they’ve been recently utilized, or he’s (perhaps a she?) fresh from the kill, thus the reason for the claret tinted image.


There’s enough old school influence here to smack the listener back a few decades. A tone which seethes ill intent and an undeniable cavernous aura which conjures underworld ritualistic shenanigans.


The image about says it all. This is raw, primitive and unrelenting. Old school values are doused in Crust attitude, slathered in D-beat repetition, dipped in Grindcore sensibilities and set aflame with blackened influence. Add to these ingredients maniacal flourishes and you have a release which though certainly not for everyone (this isn’t fad metal, melodic or easy on the ears for any novices amongst us) is devastating, uncompromising and nostalgic of extreme metal from yesteryear which is just that, not in the slightest polished and sans symphonic accoutrement.

Favorite Tracks;

FFO; Sarcofago

Plucked from Metal Past

crooked horns

Crooked Horns (Sweden) – The Metamorphosis



Classical in theme the image depicts a landscape under the scrutiny of a hovering moon, a shimmering globe which reflects another (similar) identity in the water beneath.


Melodic black metal which oozes grandeur and depth complemented by a familiar vocal style and cadence (which I cannot quite place at the moment). A stellar introduction to the band.


Equal parts menace, ferocity and majesty with an injected classical nature this is exquisitely composed and executed Blackened Death which fans of “Storm” era Dissection are likely to accept without complaint. I’ve “placed” the familiar vocals, they’re eerily similar to that of Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell) and give this that bite which most in the same genre are missing. Fans of the genre might dwell far longer than expected here. I know I’m finding it hard to hit eject.

Favorite Tracks; This is top notch Blackened Death which delivers throughout!

FFO; Dissection, Emperor, Behemoth, Moonspell, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir.

WTF Lightning Round Reviews.

In no particular order (of title, or date) here are a handful of varied releases I’ve found myself listening to which I believe deserve more attention.

Battalion (Brazil) - Bleeding till Death

Battalion (Brazil) – Bleeding till Death

Release – March/13/2020

Artwork – 66

Ferocity – 36

Groove – 77

Infectiousness – 74

Originality – 50

Genre – Heavy Metal/Speed/Thrash/NWOBHM

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 74

Fluid rhythms, heavily accented and infectious. Boasts rough edges, primitive nature, love them/hate them vox but oozes that certain “something”.


Witchspëll (Mexico) -S/t

Release – April/30/2020

Artwork – 71

Ferocity- 30

Groove – 85

Infectiousness – 88

Originality – 60

Genre – Heavy Metal/Rock/Speed Metal/NWOBHM

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 88

Top tier Heavy Metal w. obvious influences to delight fans of the traditional roots of the scene.

Theories (USA) – Vessel

Theories (USA) – Vessel

Release – Apr/12/2019

Artwork – 72

Ferocity – 84

Groove – 73

Infectiousness – 67

Originality – 65

Genre – Deathgrind/Grindcore/Death Metal

Revisit- Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 68

Surprising “movement” and direction for an entry in the genre, varied rhythms and a multitude of blastbeats. Seethes with a primal nature and angst to please traditionalists.


Atarka (UK) – Sleeping Giant

Release – March/27/2020

Artwork – 71

Ferocity – 74

Groove – 82

Infectiousness – 84

Originality – 72

Genre – Melodic Death/Doom/Thrash

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 84

Fans of Killswitch Engaged and Paradise Lost will find plenty to like here. A wicked vocal range complements a delicious mash of styles, tracks with identity and a quality that’s surprisingly listenable throughout.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight (USA) – Red Mountain

Release- May/7/2020

Artwork – 76

Ferocity – 78

Groove – 75

Infectiousness – 75

Originality – 60

Genre – Grinding/Atmospheric/Cavernous/Old School Death

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 74

A welcome and abrupt dip into the early 90’s extreme audio arena complete with raunchy tone and depraved soundbites.

Mutilated by Zombies

Mutilated by Zombies (USA) – Scripts of Anguish

Release- October/5/2018

Artwork – 76

Ferocity – 78

Groove – 78

Infectiousness – 84

Originality – 60

Genre – Brutal Death/Death/Technical/Progressive Death Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 84

A mix of European and American death with intelligent arrangements and plenty of movement, light years from mindless chuggery.

Satan's Taint

Satan’s Taint (USA) – Destruction Ritual

Release – August/2/2019

Artwork –

Ferocity – 65

Groove – 72

Infectiousness – 74

Originality – 65

Genre – Thrash/Groove/Heavy Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 76

Not wholly original, in times eerily familiar, but this does hit the spot and boasts surprising dexterity for an album which one might, at first, label typical thrash.

Fall of Rauros (USA)- Patterns in Mythology

Fall of Rauros (USA)- Patterns in Mythology

Release- July/19/2019

Artwork – 66

Ferocity – 61

Groove – 65

Infectiousness – 66

Originality – 64

Genre – Post/Progressive/Folk/Atmospheric/Black Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 72

A hypnotic blend of flowing rhythms, arrangements and ferocious black passages. Given time this is sure to climb its way to the top tier of the favorite’s playlist.

Metal Disease (Ukraine) - Deadly Attack

Metal Disease (Ukraine) – Deadly Attack

Release – May/16/2020

Artwork – 35

Ferocity – 67

Groove – 71

Infectiousness – 76

Originality – 60

Genre – Speed/Thrash/Crossover

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 76

I didn’t expect much, especially with the middle school, heavily influenced cover art but this is surprisingly catchy, hits the spot and hints at a myriad of influence. Although it’s not too original it begs to be replayed.

 Acid Leather (USA) - Baptized in Acid

 Acid Leather (USA) – Baptized in Acid

Release – March/20/2018

Artwork – 86

Ferocity – 81

Groove – 73

Infectiousness – 68

Originality – 64

Genre – Speed/Black/Crust/Heavy Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 72

Rabid vocals complement raw percussion. A blackened tone coupled with abrupt pace transformations and a maniacal nature.

 Road Warrior (Australia) - Mach II

 Road Warrior (Australia) – Mach II

Release – April/24/2020

Artwork – 68

Ferocity – 64

Groove – 77

Infectiousness – 76

Originality – 72

Genre – Heavy Metal/NWOBHM/Speed Metal/Power Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 76

Dramatic vocals set against a rough and ready rock soundtrack sporting catchy hooks aplenty which sounds much as one would imagine given the bands moniker. This will grow over repeated listens guaranteed!

Dog Fashion Disco (USA) – Committed to a Bright Future

 Dog Fashion Disco (USA) – Committed to a Bright Future

(Re) release – June/ 28/2019

Artwork – 65

Ferocity – 63

Groove – 74

Infectiousness – 78

Originality -82

Genre – Stoner/Experimental/Synth/Avant Garde/Metal/Bizarre

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 82

Stylistically diverse, unpredictable and surprisingly humorous yet thought-provoking throughout. Its difficult to aptly describe what’s on offer here, much easier to praise this brilliance with an open mind. Don’t let the genre descriptions turn you away this is palette cleansing highly infectious audio indeed Recc for fans of Faith no More and the like.

 Ancestral Shadows (USA) – Wolven Mysteries of Ancient Lore

 Ancestral Shadows (USA) – Wolven Mysteries of Ancient Lore

Release – August/23/2019

Artwork – 78

Ferocity – 83

Groove – 74

Infectiousness – 77

Originality – 73

Genre – Black Metal/Atmospheric Black Metal

Revisit – Yes

Final Score/Remarks – 79

Equal part atmosphere and ferocity this is sure to please those who delve in the ‘rawer’ waters of the genre; shallows which also provide a certain amount of presence to go with. Melodies and classical interludes make for a listen which perks even my interest and I’m not normally a fan of the genre.

mix tape action

scribblin’ like a maniac when I’m able!

And that brings this installment to a close. For those who still read my scribbles, however belated they may be, thank you. Hopefully you’ve discovered something new with this installment. I’ll attempt to add to the site whenever able with various “Brain Droppings” (thanks to George Carlin for that description) when I get the chance to. Hopefully everything goes back to a state of somewhat normalcy in the coming months.

As always don’t fear discovery of that which might normally be foreign to the senses.