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An Unused Introduction (Part the Second)

burrows and Badgers a skirmish game manual

For all those paying attention this is the second of its kind, an introduction to a review article which both the editor of SixintheHeadZine (be warned; I’ll probably mention this a few more times in this article) and myself chose not to use. In this instance the review was for a game entitled Burrows and Badgers; whose concept at the very slightest might make one look at denizens of the animal kingdom from a slightly different angle. Are there such things as Fox Ninjas, Mole Clerics or Canine treasure hunters? And, if such were indeed the case, should we be worried that our civilization is at risk of conquest? Questions, queries and a great deal to ponder upon. However, it’s probably best to not wallow on such things, try instead clearing the mind, might I suggest a few moments in which to relax. Perhaps pour yourself a drink, delight in other pleasures of the flesh. Better yet you could ruin a few seconds by running your peepers across that which I was about to promote before I got distracted. May I present “Another Unused SixintheHeadZine Introduction” dedicated to Badgers and Burrows, a game you should probably wrap your mind and digits across at the next given opportunity.

As promised; Burrows and Badgers; an unused introduction

BandB unsued Intro digging a hole gif

“So, who do you wish to be? There’s plenty of wicked looking rodents and such to choose from”.


“Nope, that’s Warhammer, Steve. This is a different game entirely.”

“Ah, gotcha.”

“But where’s Mr. Toad? And why does Rat have a flamethrower?”

“I was wondering the same thing. Wait, what?”

“Guys. Do you hear that?”

“Look out the window.”

A myriad of tied shoes, a plethora of excited fanciful, uttered assumptions, a handful of curses, an opened door and a few moments later.

“Umm…Gerald. what is it exactly that you’re doing?”

Bandb unused intro mole gif #2

“Oh. Hi, guys. You see theses bastards are vicious we need to take precautions else they slit your throats while you sleep, steal our daughters and begin their quest for global domination.”


“You see this one… (points to a mouse in a cage surrounded by strips of bloodied cloth) …was especially rambunctious. Which reminds me, I’ll probably need to update my tetanus shot”.

“But Gerald, we’re using dice and miniatures. Not real animals.”

“Well perhaps I should…”

“Yep. Get your foot offa’ Fido’s tail and remove your bike from atop Lucifer.”


“And please make sure you fill in all those holes.

“OK. But these bastards are everywhere.”

“GERALD…it’s a game!”

“I guess. Dammit, I was beginning to enjoy this too. I’ll see you guys at work then.”

“Bye Gerald. And take that shovel and damn flag with you!”

BandB miniatures

“Vicious buggers!”

For more information on Burrows and Badgers you can read my non-gamers review (of it) within the pages of Sixintheheadzine issue 2. Or alternatively, if you prefer a non-humor-based standpoint you can explore more by visiting here

You can order here

Or marvel upon all the news regarding new and original figures here

Bandb miniatures #2

Nope, these aren’t Skaven!

Prepare those dice for some frantic and ferocious furry action (but not that type of “furry action”; get your mind outta the gutter).


Writing for a new Zine from the Ground up

For those who may not know me, I’m imagining this is probably pretty much everyone reading this, I’m proud to state I have scribbles in various places across the vast landscape of the internet. Obviously, they range from Kindergarten level to the quality of that which you’re laying eyes upon at this very moment (to be honest the caliber hasn’t changed that drastically in years).


In recent years I’ve veered from horrific attempts at vile fiction (a few of which can be seen here in this site) towards a more review -based realm.  I’ve tackled movies of all kinds and a wide variety of music, though I’ve never attempted to ponder upon a tabletop game. That however recently changed when I was asked by Paul (creator of sixintheheadzine) to scribble a few words upon the newest creation from out of Games Workshop stable (is it best I add a copyright sign here, lest I get sued?)

Warhammer Warcry

Warcry is a game whose fundamentals (gameplay, etc) is familiar but whose characters are somewhat fresh originating from a realm that many know but under a different guise. In short, I had fun pondering upon that which I attempted when I was much younger but could never actually get into for one reason or another (I preferred the painting over the gaming). I wrote an initial introduction which was humorous to the point of making me giggle but I honestly don’t know if it fit. It was decided that it, in fact, didn’t. However, seems as I always giggle when I lay eyes upon it, I only thought it prudent to share. Here in its entirety The Warcry introduction (smirking is optional)

pots n pans armour

for the record; this is neither Paul nor this articles author.

“Alright guys. Thanks for coming. I didn’t honestly think anyone would show.”

“Didn’t Gerald say he was coming?”

“He might not, he’s “unconventional” at the best of times. What say we get started?”



“All fukin’ righty-then. Let’s get this shindig starte-!”


“Are they pots and pans?”

“Fashioned into the finest coat of arms, as you can see. Now where are these beasties which beg for slaughter?”

“Dice. Gerald. Dice. We use goddamn dice! And what the fuck is that? You’re burning a hole in the carpet.”

“It’s my special weapon blessed with an eternal flame of vanquish.”

“NO. It goddamn isn’t! It’s a chair leg with nails through it, with a cloth wrapped around it which is on fire. Your mum is gonna kill you. And you need to get the F- out. Now. Before this whole place burns to the ground.”

“Umm. Ok. I guess I’ll see you all at work then?”

“Get out!”

The entire article along with a slew of other interesting stuff (and a picture of a chicken) can viewed at

Thanks again to Paul who decided to capitalize upon miserable talent when he saw it.


Abrasive Audio…Best of Year Lists #3


Taking a break from the monstrous endeavor which I’m referring to as divine punishment for listening to tunes which are decidedly not wholesome in nature, I’ve decided to post the last of the Year End Lists to roll into my email. ‘Lists’ which a pair of friends have pondered over for, much like myself, weeks. Admittedly, it’s a daunting task. Without further ado.



A few selections which have rocked Paul PMZ’s (@paul_pmz on Twitter) world
star devourer
Star Devourer

An album unlike anything I’ve ever heard, this falls into the category of, “Sci-Fi Black Metal”, which is a new one on me… A concept album that is as whacked-out f**king insane as it is compelling. Contact combines spacey (couldn’t think of a better word sorry) synths with KILLER vocals and guitars to achieve something utterly bonkers and utterly brilliant. A truly epic black metal space opera in the truest sense of the word.

Bitter Lake
New Branches on Old Trees

Before I joined Twitter again in Summer 2019, I got all my music from iTunes, Spotify and Boomkat. I didn’t really understand Bandcamp. I’d bought a few things on it in the past (a Gucci Mane album, a Perc album and the Minecraft soundtrack) but I wasn’t aware of the sheer amount of jaw-dropping talent waiting to be discovered there for just a few quid. This album is an example of the kind of jaw-dropping talent I’m referring to.


I have a vivid memory of listening to this album drunk, pacing around a kitchen on my own at about two in the morning listening to it on headphones full blast. An overwhelming, crushing, grinding beast of an album. The eleven-something-minute second track is like being dragged into a piece of hellish machinery to your death in a way that is hugely enjoyable. Like most of the albums on my list, the people who made this deserve to be millionaires but they’re probably not. I have a feeling I’ve used that line before in something else I wrote for Cult… Anyway, I dunno. It’s a fucked up, unfair world and this is the perfect music for it.

Blood Incantation
Hidden History of the Human Race

Why is this on my end of year list? Because it’s everything a death metal album should be. Everything about it is perfect. Also, it was on everybody else’s list and I just copied them.

Tomb Mold
Planetary Clairvoyance

Listen, I’m not like Cult or K-MaNriffs or all of you reading this who have an encyclopedic knowledge of metal and all of its sub genres and can go on about so-and-so plays a down-tuned this and Deep Purple recorded that in 1970-whatever. I just like f**king good music. And this is f**king good music and it deserves repeated listens. That’s all there is to it. That’s why it made my 2019 list.

Northern Lights

Everyone who knows me knows I love this album. Like, I really love it. And I feel honored to have interviewed Danthor from the band in the first issue of my zine SIX IN THE HEAD (working link elsewhere in this article). “Northern Lights” was very unfairly left off many ‘end of year’ lists but we won’t go into that… Simply put, this is perfection from start to finish and if you can’t recognize that I don’t know what to tell you.

Orificial Purge

I put this on my list firstly because I like brutal death metal and this is most definitely that. And also, because the cover, album title and song titles remind me of Carcass and Carcass was one of the first bands I got into when I first started delving into extreme metal music. If you’re going to be brutal, then be brutal. Don’t half-ass it. Cut the ass off with a scalpel and stick a load of knives into it.

Texas Hippie Coalition
Texas Hippie Coalition
High in The Saddle

Some people would call this a guilty pleasure but I don’t. It’s as simple as can be in about every possible way but the second I discovered it I wanted to put on a ten-gallon hat, grab a shotgun and drive my truck to the local bar and do bourbon shots with a load of chicks in “vest” tops who think that sort of behavior is perfectly acceptable. They can take this album when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

So those were my favorite “metal” albums of 2019. Follow me on Twitter @paul_pmz and download the launch issue of my tabletop gaming and music magazine SIX IN THE HEAD at


fistful pof doom logo

Finally, here are a handful of releases (actually a ‘Top Ten’) which have caressed and molested the pleasure sensors of Fistful of Doom (@flatulentFuzz on Twitter) for the past couple of months.

No need to read up on thoughts on any of these, just dive right in.



tort void addiction



do astral death cult





But let us not forget the link to the ‘Fistful of Doom’ show which deserves attention (apparently he likes bacon).

That’s it. Thanks to all involved, in this and past lists. And to those who I’ve interacted with throughout the year. I’ve made a few friends and probably pissed of a great deal more with my inane questions and intolerable personality. Here’s hoping this, and the lists before it, introduced new acts and albums which might otherwise have been ‘ignored’ (for want of a better term).

Animal - music is meant for sharing

After all brilliant audio is meant for sharing, new genres to be explored no matter how scary they might initially seem. And this is a community. #SupporttheScene.

Here’s to another fantastic, mind-blowing, 365 days, unless it’s a leap year then I guess Hallmark will be rolling out a new line of movies for my wife to lose herself in.