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Supporting (underground) Metal on the “Interweb”

supporting underground metal

Occasionally I ponder upon what I can do to help out those who take time out to toss me a few words. He11fire is one such fellow and our “partnership” dates back to (a Year End list posting to be technical) when I first starting taking this whole posting on WordPress thing seriously. Since then He11fire has always been up to BS on all manner of things metal as well toss an occasional opinion on an album I believe he’ll enjoy (most recently on a band called Imipolex within the first Abrasive Audio Special Edition piece). Without further detours and inane ramblings, I’d like to present an ongoing “something” he is especially proud of.

– Cult

foehammer metal podcast

The Foehammer Metal Podcast is a hard drinking interweb radio disaster that has seen many forms in the last 5 years, before calling it quits in 2017. Recently I (He11fir3: Host) decided to start the podcast back up after a year+ hiatus and deliver it in the simplest most humble of styles: I’m going to pound beers and praise albums I love. Since Episode 51: Drunksal, the goal has been to release fun, down to earth, blurry, slurry album recommendations, not from a critic, but from a fan and fellow metal nerd. Each “review” is accompanied with a song from the album, which gives me time to drink beer and air guitar between segments.

In the upcoming months F.M.P (that’s an abbreviation for those not paying attention – Cult) is also going to incorporating talking segments with my favorite like -minded maniacs, band interviews, wicked dumb video content, stickers featuring the “Wicked WereRiff” from Rottenhead Artworks, endless brain numbing memes, and hopefully some collaboration projects with any other metal freaks that want to put something out there.

foehammer podcast ep 59

This week with Episode 59: And Canbeers From Empty to Dust, I decided to cover albums that stuck to the traditional styles of their sub genres and completely nailed it. Not to say any of these albums aren’t original or creative, but that they focus on these genres unique strengths and how they deliver the comfort we love to come home too.

cult of Eibon

Cor Blimey -That’s a nice looking package!

The only twist is the opening band, Cult of Eibon, who combine the stylistic darkness of Black Metal with the guitar tone and power chord driven riffage of 80’s metal.

The featured albums this week are:

Speedclaw – “Beast in the Mist”, playing Mighty Speed Metal like they did “Back Then”


Stutthof – “And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust”. Atmospheric Black Metal to be played at the twilight of the end times. As the sky swallows all existence.

And Norns – “In Fog They Appear”. Pure Raw Finnish Black Metal Demo From 2005


You can listen to the episode here:

You can follow F.M.P on twitter or Instagram @FoehammerMetal. Check it out on Facebook and definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out next week for a special episode #60! It sucks less than past episodes! (that sounds like a promise – Cult) Thank you CultMetalFlix and all the listeners, readers, creators and supporters of the Immortal Metal Underground.

– He11fir3