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Abrasive Audio…to Soothe the Senses (Part Twenty – Three)


headbangin gif

I’m having to sneak away in order to write this in record time as my little one is under the weather. Poor baby. Alas if only she were old enough to soak up all the energy and healing properties metal has to offer. Without further ado here are this week’s finds. Prepare those neck muscles!

ScreamerScreamer -Highway of Heroes
Release – October/11/2019
The Sign Records
Dewar PR

Vintage, retro, homage? Call it what you will but this Pegasus riding a fretboard (sure some might say it’s way too big for that and instead refer to it as more a ‘graph bridge’ but I prefer metal-themed descriptions, no matter how obtuse) into the cosmos is certainly stunning as if it’s been plucked screaming from 1978. If you look closely you can see the perturbed visage on the riders face as if to say I was just jammin’ to the BeeGees upon my trusty steed, and now this, what the hell-? But shit he’s got wings now, this is rad, it’s as if I’ve been tossed into the art of a Hawkwind vinyl cover, or something. But where’s the color? Did I go back in time too?


Whoa, I’ve just been blasted by a raging tsunami of NWOBHM and left soaked by an undeniably vintage heavy metal aura. I’m left with a permanent face-splitting grin, eager for more of the same.


tone, the melodies, the riffs, the voice, it’s all here! And to think this is from Sweden, it’s time to change my metal assumptions about the region. This is some next level audio right here. I swear if these guys would triple bill with Metalium and Traveler the Earth would spin so quick on its axis as to create a black hole (ha, that’s not how that works, I’m a far-reaching idiot). Suffice it to say this is NWOBHM traditional heavy metal everyone should aspire to perform to the level of. Addictive and enchanting doesn’t quite reach the words I need to utilize in this instance, I’m still reeling.

Favorite Tracks; Ride On, Rider of Death, Halo, Out of the Dark, Towers of Babylon, Caught in Lies.

FFO; Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Haunt, Traveler, Metalian.


Infirmity – Descendants of Sodom
Release -November/9/2019
Lost Apparitions Records
Clawhammer PR

Like the fall of Pompeii. It looks bloody hot there and tiresome. I don’t think a brolly will quite cut it this time!


A fiery inferno opens this release alongside a classic ominous piano tinkering bit (I’m betting the player was either far from the fire or smoldering as his/her fingers pranced across the keys, laughing maniacally ala Nero). Brutal guitar riffs slow into a spat of progressive action leading into passages of a tempestuous nature. An interesting and intriguing (instrumental) way to open the proceedings.


Thrash infused death (aided by a splash of punk) with plenty of breakdowns, catchy instances and passages begging reflection. Vicious, spittle-flying, vocals alongside a deeper companion style aid a style which has, at times, surprising depth miles from mere formulaic chuggery and brutality for the sake of it. For the most part the album is a hit and miss affair with a few tracks standing far and above their counterparts. Though enjoyable, far from horrid, I’m assured this is a stepping stone to a more consistent, fluid, future effort.

Favorite Tracks; Descendants of Sodom, Infatuated with Intoxication, Depths of Regression.

FFO; Malevolent Creation, Dark Angel, Exhorder, Atheist.

Toxikull Cand P

Toxikull – Cursed and Punished
Release – September/13/2019
Metal on Metal Records
Against PR (their previous effort)

Bright, menacing with archaic sacrificial undertones. Just ripe for a shirt!


An enlightening introduction of sorts leads into an 80’s thrashin motif. Infectious rhythms abound in a style which combines thrash/speed and traditional heavy metal with flair making this hard not to instantly appreciate. A great start to warm up the neck muscles.


With a style which spans a slew of genres including power, epic, speed, NWOBHM, traditional heavy metal, thrash even the occasional dip into territories some might tag with a glam rock moniker, albeit Motley Crew in style rather than Cinderella (thank the Dark Lord, I never thought I’d have to mention that name on this site) Toxikull have a lot to offer stylistically and therefore a wide audience to appeal to. Their speed passages are neck snappin’, usually silly fast (inciting impromptu air guitar madness antics) and often technical to boot, their melodies infectious (a glue holding the smorgasbord of styles together) combining for an overall grin inducing effect the while album through. The vocals are varied too; encapsulating a style found in earlier Helloween, Raven and a falsetto which even reaches the heights of King Diamond’s output.

Favorite Tracks; Cursed and Punished, Rising Dust, Speed Blood Metal, In the Name of Evil.

FFO; Helloween, Raven, Exciter, Iced Earth, King Diamond, Judas Priest, Riot, BattleroaR, Dokken.


Necrotombs – Embalmed in Rotten Flesh
Release – October/5/2018
Against PR

Seriously. I’ve been chopped half. I’m dragging myself across this dusty tomb for your amusement and I’m holding my own entrails. Not to mention I’m chilling with these strung up dudes (whose conversation skills are dull to say the least). Have I not done enough yet to be part of a Cannibal Corpse album cover? What does it take? (Editor’s Note* Sorry fella, the “Eaten Back to Life” era has sailed!)


It took a while but to me it sounds like (Obituary’s) Tardy in the vox department. I could be wrong but it’s oddly similar.


A solo project courtesy of Xerberus (who plays bass in a number of acts I’ve yet to lay ears upon) this is pretty much standard/run of the mill orthodox death with thrash elements centered on gore, acts of depravity and the like (the track list reads like rejected titles from a slew of Exhumed, Obituary and/or Cannibal Corpse releases), with liberal splashes of doom tossed in to add atmosphere. The first track here is the albums highlight with only a myriad of certain passages and riffs standing out above average/standard death fair. One does however need to give this extra points by way of it being a solo project, I can’t imagine it’s all that easy to do everything yourself. I’ll mention that the one review I’ve read on this has been kind of harsh and although I do agree for the most part I will however state that this is (IMO – do I still need to say that at this point?) worthy of repeated listens. Sure, it could be better, needs a little tightening up in certain areas. But it could also be worse and I’ve experienced infinitely more atrocious audio from bands with label backing.

Favorite Tracks; Strangled with Guts, Born from a Corpse, Frozen to be Eaten.

FFO; Orbituary, Baphomet, Vomitory, Master, Cannibal Corpse.

Resurrect tomorrow

Resurrect Tomorrow -The Wolf
(The Awesome, Deluxe, Remastered Edition)
(The Netherlands)
Release – October/10/2019
Profane Records
Against PR

Once you see it, you can’t unseen it! To quote Monster Squad (the film) “The Wolf man’s got nards!” Thankfully he’s faced the other way so one can’t see them. A retro image bringing to mind classic Universal Studios affairs albeit with a slightly modern approach.


The swift pace, vocal cadence and accent brings to mind vintage Helloween. Overall, little in the way of anything new to add to the scene (or genre I’m assuming this belongs to at this juncture) however this is catchy audio which nods towards both speed and power/epic metal arenas.


Combining speed and thrash metal passages, epic, power and traditional heavy metal sensibilities alongside splashes of folk and punk touches RT offer audio which isn’t wholly easily categorized though is distinctly European in flavor (heavy accented vocals are the main indicator here, though the style is indicative too) and easy on the ears in a radio friendly context. Rhythms are often simplistic yet undeniably catchy for an often ‘anthem’ feel sure to appeal to those who have penchants for European power/speed acts, tastes which are far from brutal realms.

(Six tracks here with four of those represented again but in a live setting)

Favorite Tracks; At the End, The Wolf.

FFO; Volbeat, Avenged 7X, Five Finger Death Punch, Helloween.

rank nd vile

Rank and Vile – Redistribution of Flesh
Release – October/18/2019
Mind Eraser PR

An intricately detailed black and white image mixing cannibalism, an oversized meat grinder and social commentary. Lovin’ it!


The “Jesus Wept” soundbite is certainly a plus followed by plodding riffs which raise goosebumps. When the main body of the track kicks in its mid-paced with a wicked vocal entourage. A fantastic, albeit frustratingly short, start.


It takes one glance at the track list to assume the genre of this release based on the length of the tracks themselves. It’s grindcore. But it’s refreshingly different. First and foremost, tracks last longer than a minute, but barely (the eight tracks on offer run close to twenty minutes). Speed is often replaced by crushing heavy, slower, riff passages. Social commentary and angst however, is still front and center and highly influences the content of an often twin-pronged vocal assault which will carve a grin on any extreme fan’s visage. Overall this release offers more variety in tone and pace than one might have initially assumed, each track has its own identity and, to be honest, the style here encompasses a fair few genres rather than being able to fit comfortably into just one. Categorization be damned! Give this a moment in your ears, you won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Tracks; Apotheosis, Redistribution of Flesh, Grey Goo, Global Scaphism, The Grigori.

FFO; Grave, Napalm Death, Carcass, Disrupt.


Nocturnalia – III Winter
Release – November/2019
The Sign Records
Dewar PR
(previous album “Above Below Within” 2015)

I’d swear this was an atmospheric black release if I hadn’t already read the promo materials.


I didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Rock bordering on NWOBHM with hypnotic melodies, a melancholic, slightly ominous nature and excellent traditional vocals with fantastic range. A slight western vibe ala Old Man Wizard permeates this throughout and I’m left wicked intrigued.


Miles from what I normally set my ears upon this offers a collective of radio friendly tracks with mesmerizing qualities running the gauntlet of traditional rock, folk and a style perilously close to speed metal. Never boring, this delights throughout and serves as a stunning palette cleanser for those evening when one just wishes to unwind. This held my attention from the first until the last note with its fluid though varied composition, unique nature and thoroughly stunning delivery and execution. To think this is first I’ve reviewed from Scandinavia, the bar has been set and it’s stratospheric.

Highly Recommended!

Favorite Tracks; The Calling, By Nature, Forsaken, The Son.

FFO; Old Man Wizard, early (Dio fronted) Rainbow, Kyuss, Tribulation, Cloak.

coffin rot

Coffin Rot – A Monument to the Dead
Release – October/18/2029
Blood Harvest/Rotted Life

Is that an experimental dungeon of sorts where the dead are operating on each other? Or something more entirely sinister still? “Dr. Freudstein your 10:35 is here!” (There’s a nod for all you European cult film aficionados out there!)


Old school death with enough energy bounce and oomph to get one up and moving although it sports gutter values akin to dirgey grindcore it boasts driving passages which would drive even the most docile of moshpit insane. A great start to make one drop they’re doing, perk up and take note.


A wicked mash up of Death metal styles from a slew of genre standouts concocted with style. This album boasts high caliber rhythms throughout, a fantastic tone reminiscent of the top notch acts of the past twenty years (not the crystal clean production a slew of acts chose to recently adopt) and also incorporates a stunning blend of dynamic pace, traditional vocals and an occasional lazy tempo to marry doom and (old school) death in an ideal setting. For a debut this is eye-opening audio. Shit, even for a second, third or fourth album this leaves an impression. Who am I kidding? Expect these fellows to make waves for this is a stellar example of what fresh talent can bring to a scene which many think is out of ideas and steam. Coffin Rot have successfully injected a shot of wake the F up into the extreme arena. And to think the ingredients were always there ripe for the mix. Sit up and take note, this is prime end of years best audio right here!!

Favorite Tracks; Compremesis, Miasma of Barbarity, Incubation of Madness,

FFO; Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, Khazaddum, Abysmal Dawn, Grave, Deeds of Flesh, Vomitory.


Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr
Release – October/7/2019
Dewar PR

Replacing the obvious iconic figure, in a stained-glass setting, with a stylized image of the artist surrounded by piano keys rather than an angelic crown is quite brilliant. The forlorn, distant distracted look and font nods towards audio of a Gothic nature. There’s only one way to know for sure.


Up-tempo, driving rhythms, sporting a slight Industrial nature as well Gothic qualities. The kind of beat you might expect to dance to in a sinister themed nightclub. Great start which showcases a fantastic voice and intriguing rock meets classical compositions.


I’m stating the obvious here by stating this will appeal to fans of Epica, Nightwish, Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. Driven by classical arrangements; piano and harp (played by classically trained and multi-talented Lindsay) the occasional Gregorian chant as well guitar and bass driven rhythms with heavy drum percussion (with assistance from Rocky Gray the drummer associated with Evanescence) this oozes talent, know-how and boasts fantastic flow throughout. Arrangements are often melancholic, always classically tinged and the album throughout is surprisingly radio friendly. Lindsay’s voice is impressive, adds significant presence to the audio with its ethereal qualities, mood and range; smoky, sultry and angelic. Admittedly, this is not what I usually set ears upon but this is fantastic for those moments you might want to share audio with the significant other who perhaps (if your situation is anything like mine) doesn’t enjoy the more brutal/extreme side of the metal spectrum.

Favorite Tracks; Savior, Stranger, Blood from a Stone, Dawn, See the Light.

FFO; Evanescence, Epica, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Her Despair.

syncronized headbangin

And that brings me to the end of this installment.

Until our paths of audio interest meet again, don’t fear discovery,


Abrasive Audio…to Soothe the Senses
Attack of the Compilation 12


Release – August/23/2019

Against PR

apofis compilation

Well hello again. It’s been a while, but I’m back and in rare form, ready to tackle another task Cult has left (unknowingly) for me to ponder and wax poetic upon. This week I’ll bag tackling another of the many compilation pieces he has in backlog.

How I love these little slices of short and sweet introductions a collection of how-dos, “here’s what we’re all about and that’s my time… “ Forget the invention of this ‘interweb’ thing, this was and is still my favorite way of discovering new audio and from reading through the slew of other similar articles here I can see it is also Cults (what a predictable chap).

This installment finds me pondering upon the newest Against PR (out of Portugal) compilation. The artwork offers a giant sea serpent, a boat in distress and a huge red moon all of which combine to perk the interest some. Slightly different than normal label releases (in the same manner) this collection encapsulates bands from all over the world, from several different labels with several of which who remain unsigned (usually for no reason other than they haven’t been discovered yet). Quoting from the press release… (Entitled “APÓFIS”,) this new release will present 14 tracks featuring several sub-genres from the metal spectrum and will offer an opportunity to all metalheads to discover new bands. I’m intrigued at the prospect, so what say we dive straight in. But not before of course adding the usual; the all too important rating system parameters. Obviously as this is my time to shine, I’ve added my own flavor, a spiciness which I’m sure everyone will be able to consume with only minor irritation. Onwards…

confued Orc

Err, umm, nope I’m still a little confused. What’s a compilation?


Not in the good way. Toss this in the ocean and punch the nearest passerby to let out all the frustrations of spending money on schiite such as this. Jesus might like this. But I still believe it has the potential to do naught but line the birds cage. Seriously, Jesus loves everything, which in my opinion is rather silly. Jesus, you’re an utter prat!


Better, this shows potential. Much like, I’d imagine, your mother on a first date. But it still leaves me wanting. Teasing the good stuff, nearly there. All this needs is a little practice. Did I mention that she left me with ‘blue balls’?

The Goblin are going crazy!

Admittedly the annoying green bastids like most things and get excited at the drop of a turd but occasionally they have the occasional suggestion which turns heads. And if the whole collective, much like an obnoxious stench-ridden green tide, agrees there must be something worth giving, at least, a cursory glance towards.

Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit!

Now this is worth sharing, break out the goblets, the fiery liquid, the unwilling, let’s break some limbs and party till the Dark Lord yells at us to get back to work!

All Mine!

I’m a selfish bastid. And this is too fkn’ good to share, it’s all mine!! Sod off, hold my calls!

excited animal gif

Let’s do this!

The track list contains fourteen chunks of audio and is as follows;

Komatsu – Prophecy

Astral Silence – siriuS

Negative Wall – Torquemada 71

Heavy Justice – When Inmates Run the Asylum

Barbarian Prophecies – Beyond the Threshold

Carrion – Defiled Sanity

2 Wolves – Strange Patterns

Piranha – Target Failed

Forever Autumn – Tír na nÓg


Hate by Hate – Justice to Careli Case

H1Z1 – S.S. Departed (Silent Convictions)

Fallen Man – God of Black

River of Souls – Prometheus Unbound

With all these boring details of the way let me discuss what flowed between my malformed clumps of head hugging flesh and wax poetic on that which may have otherwise passed us all by.



Naturally there are tracks here which I preferred more than others and others still which forced me to drop everything and prance around like one who’d just realized that a banking error had been made in his/her error (A Monopoly board game pun – how quaint!)

Without further ado here are some which grabbed my attention prompting me to lift my gaze from the porn site I was/or was not browsing at the time.

Note; I’ve added Bandcamp links (if not available other ways to listen) so that one might be able to discover the artist under scrutiny that much easier.

H1Z1 – S.S Departed (Silent Convictions)

In a similar vein to Soulfly these cats manage to combine groove and thrash in a way that makes one just want to get up and move.

forever autumn

Forever Autumn – Tír na nÓg

An acoustic affair with vocals which seem to emanate from an elderly person’s throat. With that being said this is oddly intriguing and the approach perfectly fits the tracks narrative. A track which borders on Black Metal boundaries, certainly Avant Garde’ and is slathered in ominous folk values. Love it or hate it you’ll want to play this strange lil’ ditty again and again.

Heavy Justice – When Inmates Run the Asylum

Oozing with riffs which are ultra-catchy this track feels as if plucked from the early late 80’s/early 90’s thrash catalog archives. In a similar vein both vocally and musically to Flotsam and Jetsam (whatever happened to those dudes?) this hits hard with reminiscent qualities as well melodies which instantly take ahold of the damn this is decent audio receptors.

Necrotombs – Dissolved in Acid

“Meat and potatoes” style death metal which sounds eerily similar to the style Obituary peddles. With that being said this hits the spot and hailing from a one-man outfit is especially impressive. (Rumor has it Cult covers this release in its entirety in his next Abrasive Audio piece).

piranha first kill album

Piranha – Target Failed

With the obvious nod to Exodus in their moniker these guys are surprisingly far from the style one might expect. Instead choosing to utilize a venom dripping vocal approach and music which is a combination of thrash and NWOBHM for an overall effect which encompasses gang chants and rhythms which are criminally catchy/infectious.  This only makes me want to spin their newest (and first full length) due September/6/ 2019. Hey guys if you’re reading this, I’ll give it a few words and a little space!

Barbarian Prophecies – Beyond the Threshold

Atmospheric death/doom, epic qualities with sprinkles of progressive nature = SOLD!

This track shifts constantly to stay intriguing throughout. I don’t think I’d be far wrong in saying that this should appeal to a large percentage of both the death and death/doom crowd.

Now, onto the tracks which managed somehow to hold me enthrall…

Carrion – Defiled Sanity

Death with thrash elements featuring somewhat electronic rhythms. A tad simplistic and repetitive in places but it works and I’m prancing around like a clown drenched in cocaine in silly town.

2 Wolves

2 Wolves – Strange Patterns

Is there any wonder that this rocks as hard as it does being from Global metal central Finland?

Incorporating death, doom and Gothic elements this has at times Rotting Christ qualities and yet so much more. Hard to categorize, as it has Black metal, death metal and doom elements as well Avant Garde’ qualities why bother? Sit back, relax, and let the beauty of this audio flow over your prone form. Outstanding doesn’t even come close!

Astral Silence – siriuS

Ambient, synth laden, atmospheric. There are a few dozen ways I could choose to describe this track, an epic affair which bursts at the seams with cosmic and melancholic qualities. Incorporating a black metal back-drop it also showcases menacing tones as well surprising melody. Here is yet another example of just how far and wide the term black metal doth reach. This isn’t your parent’s black metal (if only they were cool enough) but it will most probably be your children’s! These guys are from Switzerland which only makes me wonder what the hell is in the water there and if there’s possibly a way I could bottle it to perhaps make some cash.

river of souls

River of Souls – Prometheus Unbound (the above – mentioned track)

Unfortunately, these guys won’t be releasing a full length in the foreseeable future. However, they have left us with this as a teaser and what a fookin’ tease they are! Basted in a style which is a slew of styles wrapped into one exquisite package this offers a great deal to like especially for those who prefer their metal slathered in epic doom/Avant Garde’/black qualities. Think Akercocke colliding with My Dying Bride and then you might be close but probably not as close as someone who has a better understanding of the metal universe and a memory that serves them well, mine is shattered. This by far caps off this compilation, is the icing on the cake and only wants me to play the whole thing again as a lead up to this track itself.

My overall rating for this compilation Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit! Although, if truth be told there are a few tracks represented here which are far removed from that arena based on their style, this is after all a varied compilation and it does exactly as it says in offering sub genres and a slew of talent all ripe for discovery.

Thanks again to Against PR for the opportunity and the compilation to ponder upon.

against pr logo

I’m out, I need to place that River of Souls tracks betwixt my ears yet again, it’s so damn good!