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Abrasive Audio – The Year in Review

Part the Fourth (the first installment; so much metal one part just isn’t enough!)

trick or treat the usual suspects

The sun has mellowed (somewhat, depending on where you live) trees are about to get naked (insert Beavis and Butthead silliness and memes here) and there will soon be more Jason’s, Michael’s, Chuckie’s and Freddie’s roaming the streets than one can shake a stick at. Best hand out the “good stuff” (candy) rather than the healthy edibles, lest one decides to visit after hours. In other news the last quarter of the year sees the unleashing of a veritable avalanche of extreme audio. The downside of which is that this is now being broken up into two parts rather than one monstrous affair. Forget filing Santa’s sack with presents for the family and loved ones, blow the allowance on metal instead!


Assassin’s Blade – Gather Darkness

Assassin’s Blade – Gather Darkness*

The rhythms here are infectious to the nth degree and the beat enough to drive one to involuntary spasms of movement (I’d put this up there with a personal favorite of mine by Dio-fronted Rainbow “Kill the King”) And the album progresses from there to leave one with a grin plastered across their chops as if to say I’ve done something insanely wrong, quite naughty in fact, and I’ve gotten away with it. There is undeniable fluidity on display here, there are zero dull instances, the melodies and riffs are just short of mind blowing. The collective of tracks lifts you from the dull drum daily activities to a place where you forget all your ills and woes, let your hair down and bang yer’ head like one possessed this will stick in your head for days to follow. I’m not normally a fan of the genre. This however blew me away!


Cleric – Serpent Psalms

The familiarity here for those of us with tastes for the old school and mid-tempo infectious silliness is undeniable. This is worship at the altar of both HM2 and the early 90’s British death scene. Boasting a seething dirge nature complemented by riffs and rhythms which are difficult to ignore this is a release which demands further attention and might well male one take a trip down nostalgia brutal ville to revisit that which is most probably collecting dust.

coffin rot

Coffin Rot – A Monument to the Dead

A wicked mash up of Death metal styles from a slew of genre standouts concocted with style. For a debut this is eye-opening audio. Shit, even for a second, third or fourth album this leaves an impression. Coffin Rot have successfully injected a shot of wake the F up into the extreme arena. And to think the ingredients were always there ripe for the mix. Sit up and take note, this is prime end of years best audio right here!!

cycles of the damned
Cycles of the Damned – A Time to Survive

As this plays out as the listener is dragged from one destination to another in a journey comprised upon a spectrum of landscapes formed from the unlikely coalescing of a myriad of styles. Fluidity is uncommonly commendable and I would suggest an afternoon free from distraction to be able to let the power of this release (as a whole, not track by track if avoidable) sink in. This is drenched in doom sensibilities, sludge qualities and a certain amount of unquestionable angst. Cinematic soundscapes are introduced showcasing psychedelic moments amidst unbound atmosphere to adds considerable depth.


Esogenesi – s/t

In part familiar, easily consumable yet different, the whole effect is hypnotic and has the potential to take the listener far from their daily woes. Naturally the lyrics are spoken in a tongue only a few of us can understand which only makes this that much more intriguing and well worth setting the senses upon.

gatecreeper deserted
Gatecreeper – Deserted

Gatecreeper wrangle arrangements away from plagiarist realms to homage territories adding their own creative fingerprint to delight the eager senses. The album offers both nostalgic qualities and enough groove to set any dance floor on fire (what?) This hits the spot! Highly recommended! An excellent combination of death/doom/old school and HM2 worship.

gevaudan iter.jpg
Gévaudan – ITER*

Channeling a myriad of styles from as far afield as stoner rock, folk and Gothic rock with a varied landscape of doom in-between Gévaudan have meticulously crafted a collection of songs boasting undeniable fluidity which possess the power to cast a spell, a unfathomably huge web of appeal, upon all who choose to lay ears upon it. This about has it all and I can’t for the life of me wonder why it isn’t spoken about often and loudly, I’m here to change that!

Golgotha – Erasing the Past

Primarily doom draped with growling vocals, but also traditional heavily accented vocals which often give this more a Gothic Rock edge. Folk elements are subtle, undeniable power, presence and a stunning composition mastery are factors which can’t be ignored. Rhythms are both soulful, passionate and melancholic coupled with keyboard atmosphere the effect is an album which will make one want to sift through past efforts and pronto.

grond graceless split.jpg

Grond/Graceless SPLIT – Endless Spiral of Terror

Grond – This keeps the listener on their toes with rhythms which are steamroller in their assault; both infectious and atmosphere laden, with occasional nods to a slew of influence. Hardly technical neither repetitive in its riff approach the audio here nestles someplace in between with definite appeal for a wide audience across the board.

Graceless – Old school groove with oomph and a vocal style which will bring a face-splitting grin to any fans face. Infectious is a term which doesn’t quite suffice in this instance.

Overall, fans of OSDM will likely scramble over themselves for the quality this offers, suffice it to mention that this would make an excellent accompaniment to an already outstanding collection boasting the finest the genre boasts. (Is it me or does that look like Judge Death? Anyone?

hot breath

Hot Breath s/t

This is an obvious palette cleanser for those whose interests primarily reside in the extreme but for those who dip their senses in metals roots this delivers all that one could wish. Hardly a copycat act this collective are slated to bear the standard of the revival into an age where more of the same (seemingly on repeat) needs to be eradicated at all costs. Give this a listen but be warned, it’s dangerously and instantaneously addictive.

hour of penance
Hour of Penance – Misotheism *

Unmerciful in its approach and unrelenting in its salvo; this is what death metal is all about. Boasting zero progressive passages and sporting unerring brutality; intricate in its composition from start to finish. Drenched in speed, but not merely for speeds sake, and an atmosphere complemented by undeniable majesty which places it perilously close to the darker side of the metal spectrum this has the power to enthrall all who lay ears upon it. Top tier death metal right here!

in mourning
In Mourning – Garden of Storms*

The audio here is about as varied as one can imagine without it running into ridiculous territories, Avant Garde, or experimental realms. The styles herein tumble over each as though puppies at play without once resorting to brutality, the fluidity here is astounding. Growling vocals complement shifting rhythms, sweeping, soaring melodies and progressive passages which are exquisite. In fact, overall this is an album I’m itching to recommend to the wife if only it wasn’t for the fact that she has an aversion to growling vocals.

Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

Arrangements are often melancholic, always classically tinged and the album throughout is surprisingly radio friendly. Lindsay’s voice is impressive, adds significant presence to the audio with its ethereal qualities, mood and range; smoky, sultry and angelic. Admittedly, this is not what I usually set ears upon but this is fantastic for those moments you might want to share audio with the significant other who perhaps (if your situation is anything like mine) doesn’t enjoy the more brutal/extreme side of the metal spectrum.

Necronomicon – Unus

This album drips with excellence, wisdom, atmosphere and an epic audio landscape drenched in master craft-execution of archaic qualities one cannot possibly ignore. If blackened death is the area of the metal arena upon which you spend most of your time you would be negligent not to place this within the ears. If this is a scene which is new to you and you’re curious this is a great place to start your exploration. Highly recommended!

Negator – Vnitas Pvritas Existentia*

An inhumane drum accompaniment lays the groundwork for the percussion to embellish upon. The albums pace is primarily hyper-speed; although there are plenty of instances where a slower, more atmospheric laden, pace comes to the fore. If only as foreplay to the brooding, sinister, brutality which is about to follow. Surprising melodies, an undeniable grandiose aura permeate this release and an undeniable diversity in rhythm amidst all its brooding archaic nature, majestic rhythms and hyper speed tendencies makes for a release which definitely stands out from the typical blackened affair.

Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity

Huge riffs, passionate rhythms, a NWOBHM nature and tone weaved among traditional heavy metal and doom stylings accompanied and supported by a powerful lead voice. This will leave fans of late 70’s early 80’s mid paced rock/doom wanting more.

Ossuaire – Derniers Chants

Furious and unmerciful, yet hypnotic. I don’t get how that works, it’s puzzling to be sure. But somehow, this has the power to enthrall. Ancient and mysterious, majestic and grandiose, this seethes with archaic malevolence and undeniable passion. A stunning feat!

rank and vile.jpg
Rank and Vile – Redistribution of Flesh

Speed is often replaced by crushing heavy, slower, riff passages. Social commentary and angst however, is still front and center and highly influences the content of an often twin-pronged vocal assault which will carve a grin on any extreme fan’s visage. This offers more variety in tone and pace than one might have initially assumed, each track has its own identity and, to be honest, the style here encompasses a fair few genres rather than being able to fit comfortably into just one. Categorization be damned! Give this a moment in your ears, you won’t be disappointed!

Screamer -Highway of Heroes*

this is NWOBHM traditional heavy metal everyone should aspire to perform to the level of. Addictive and enchanting don’t quite reach the words I need to utilize in this instance, I’m still reeling. I swear if these guys would triple bill with Metalium and Traveler the Earth would spin so quick on its axis as to create a black hole (ha, that’s not how that works, I’m a far-reaching idiot) but I’d be a happy fella.

shadow limb
Shadow Limb – Burn Scar

These cats deliver and execute a smorgasbord of styles which combine to form a mesmerizing audio tapestry, a tableau which is familiar while at the same time intriguingly unique. An audio landscape which is unpredictable and exhilarating though on the other hand is also soothing and hypnotic. Go into this with an open mind and leave with the knowledge that their name is one you will be hearing a great deal of in the future.


Singularity -Place of Chains

Inferi technicality with a splash of Gothic aura (ala Cradle of Filth) wrapped in a maniacal grin carving delectable shell. Delicious rhythms, chasing melodies, galloping riffs, technically cavorting with progressive brilliance. Sci fi element? Check! Feast your ears on this and you will not be disappointed!! Stunning melodic technical death from the desert. The Artisan Era bring it again!!


Slutvomit – Copulation of Cloven Hooves

More than simply an album caked in filth, infernal nature and frenetic diabolical mischievous riffs aplenty this is an album that drips black sensibilities though is weighted in speed tropes, maniacal values, instantly appreciate able raunchiness and, naturally, wickedness. Lethal intent laden riff and dizzying rhythm transformations bring to mind vintage Morbid Angel as well Vader, even at times Slayer to offer a listen which is quite simply one of the year’s most surprising.

the bleeding morbid porophecy

The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy

Atmosphere coupled with flesh melting riffs, a thrashy death approach and vocals seemingly plucked from early Destruction. If your mood demands furious fluid riffing, evil (as in the inclusion of guacamole on a burger) and vocals which only make one want to serve at the altar of a Dark God then this will hit the spot, then serve to obliterate it!

The Scourge
The Scourge – Warrant for Execution*

Between the albums delicate balance and masterful combination of a slew of styles (namely hard rock, NWOBHM, Southern groove and thrash among others) there lies utter undeniable brilliance. Swift pace cavorts hand in hand with melodies which would otherwise seem foreign, though somehow The Scourge have managed to syndicate the two much like PB n Jelly and then topped the concoction off with stunning musicianship, creative genius and a vocalist whose skills I can’t believe haven’t been discovered and utilized up until this point. Overall the meshing and molding of the styles is exquisite bearing a fluidity which is erratic and rarely witnessed across the metal cosmos. Don’t let your friends tell you about this, be the first on the block to preach!!


Totengeflüster – The Faceless Divine

An “Industrial” tightness, rhythm and blistering pace ala Ministry (circa “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste”/”Psalm 69”), classical/Gothic symphonic backdrops, an occasional splash of war metal, vicious vocals a presence which is superb throughout all the ingredients for another unconventional black metal release which has me doing a double take, and I’m not even known to like ‘black metal’.


Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations*

The shredding quotient in this is damn impressive the style dynamic yet diverse, infectious melodies, technical intricacies and progressive passages combine with a soundscape that’s part brutal death, part technical and slightly traditional metal in tone add to this lyrical content slathered in cosmic elements and a little levity and the result is a release which you cannot ignore!


abigail williams

Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark *

Hypnotizing from beginning to end this utilizes both traditional and non-traditional means to attain the heights which it transports its gob-stricken listeners. Beauty cavorts with viciousness and black metal sensibilities frolic with folk, doom, progressive and even the occasional traditional heavy metal element to form an ocean of atmosphere which like the nature of water itself is harrowing, melancholic and ferocious. The whole is utterly palpable in its effectiveness.

blood incantation

Blood Incantation – The Hidden History of the Human Race

Intoxicating passages are plentiful alongside melodies, which invoke wonderment and awe transporting the listener to unfathomably vast cosmic landscapes. Menacing, enveloping yet drenched in melancholia coupled with transcendental qualities (strangely wallowing in David Bowie and Devon Townsend pools in instances) which demand exploration this is an album which only blossoms the more it’s allowed the dominate the senses.

Byzantian Neckbeard – Minaton*

This collective pound out a style which is heavily doom/sludge infused though tainted with an undeniable thrash/death aura courtesy of the blackened vocal approach an occult Gothic vibe binds the whole together. Blanket the package in irresistible groove, a bluesy black and roll passion and you have a winner. Forget the recent connotations which come with the term ‘neckbeard’ and jump in. But be warned, you might not want to leave the catacombs anytime soon

cattle decapitation
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas

Prog/tech/grind/brutal death you can call this what you will but there’s no argument that this is inhumanely crafted with both precision and intelligence. Progressive passages meld with technical prowess and a pace which varies dramatically throughout both the album and every track making for a listening experience to please those with discernible tastes and those with open minds. No matter one’s opinion of what the band preaches, though it getting easier and easier to see their point of view, there’s no argument that this is a release which will carve a great many grins across the vast extreme audio landscape.

chained to the dead.jpg
Chained to the Dead – A Gruesome Encounter*

Overall, crimson, guts, stabbings, slicing’s, creepy soundbites and an infectiously groove laden percussion with an emphasis on melody and rhythm rather than blistering O.T.T brutality this is an album which decimates unsuspecting earholes without falling into repetitive realms, alights furious fanboy cinematic horror/cult research and demands attention. There is a fair few in the same vein as this with soundbites aplenty abetted by a similar audio style but Chained to the Dead have managed, somehow, to combine the usual elements (grindcore, death, crust) and then included a certain something to elevate the final result from the pack. This is criminally infectious!

Crusadist – The Unholy Grail

It’s hard to fathom that this is a debut. This reeks of experience and screams of a quality which comes from trial and error. Rare is it that an album digs its claws in, deep, from an initial listen. This is one of those rare examples and I pleased to impart that the same sensation lingers even following a third, fourth and fifth visit. The partnership of the guitars, bass and drums combine for an undeniably amazing effect (a dynamic structure which will prompt movement, riffs for days, menacing and ominous auras par excellence) Varied solo work which will leave one wondering what the hell is in the water in Chicago.

Depressed – Beyond the Putrid Fiction

Hardly audio to take the scene into fresh undiscovered territories this is however incredibly solid from start to finish. Injected with a groove infused dirge tone and varied rhythms to give even the most hardened of death fan a sore neck following a listen.

Fleshcrawl – Into the Catacombs of Flesh

Channeling “Massive Killing Capacity” era Dismember and a dirge which brings to mind the best of Bolt Thrower while boasting more pronounced D-beat, Crust elements and less ‘clean’ melodies the band have carved an album sporting stellar production (heavy on the drums giving it that desired oomph) which is instantly welcomed with eager ears. A Fleshcrawl for the coming decade offering up the classic Swedish MK2 sound with a freshness for the next generation to cherish as their parents did before them

Galaxy – Lost from the Start*

Channeling NWOBHM, Power, speed and thrash metal elements Galaxy have created a release that’s dynamic, infectious and draped in a cosmic narrative. And all in a way which reeks of homage yet breathes with exuberance and youthful energy, a package which is sure to stand out.

Iapetus - The Body Cosmic
Iapetus – The Body Cosmic

For those who have the patience, time and willingness to allow this to seep into the system the rewards are immeasurable. I’ll mention that this flows with an uncommon and undeniable brilliance throughout. Showcasing a love of the genre which is unquestionable and a talent for composition which is awe- inspiring Iapetus have formulated an audio collective which is both epic, intricate, diverse, unfathomably distracting and mesmerizing to the Nth degree. In effect, an album one might want to tether themselves to reality to before embarking upon.


Immanifest – Macrobial*

Draped in cinematic values and drenched in an epic celestial narrative “Microbial” does much more than merely entertain like the run of the mill/normal tech-death affair. Chaotic, enthralling, epic and enigmatic there’s plenty to lose yourself within on display here and Immanifest have captured the full attention. It’s been an amazing year for metal and thus is sure to be an album discussed come years end. Don’t miss it!

mortuary new release 19
Mortuary – The Autophagous Reign*

After thirty years most have slowed, perhaps even changed styles completely to appeal to larger audience (I think we all know who I’m talking about). Mortuary however have shattered the ‘over the hill’ adage; if there ever was a hill, they’ve blasted their way through it! Pulverizing, unrelenting, riff assault part grinding death/thrash (with just enough technicality thrown in) part South American aggressive thrash. Complemented by a precise Misery Index-esque drum barrage but all ungodly infectious. Likely to be treated like a box of Pringles (you can’t play this just once!) this is an album which’ll make you wish you were fit; a single track is likely to leave you sweaty and tired. Awesome audio with incredible allure.

mix tape action

Keep it up you maniac, you’re nearly done!

Don’t fret, I’m still here. As I mentioned earlier this theses three months are divided into two installments based on the sheer amount of releases (and the level of quality) unleashed. The final installment is on its way. Until then don’t fear the discovery of audio which might normally seem foreign to the senses.


Abrasive Audio – Part Thirty (October 2019)

headbangin gif

To quote Beavis and Butthead, or someone equally as silly, “Metal, metal, metal”. It’s what I’ve got in store and what I’ll preach upon, as per usual. So, grab your favorite beverage, sit back, strap in and open those ear holes for another extreme audio invasion. Be warned – this is another especially mammoth affair (11 bands/albums at last count) with a veritable avalanche of diverse new tunage to discover, jump in!

Please note that ratings here are usually on the high side this is due the fact that I leave audio which I can’t get into (for one reason or another) for someone else to lay words upon. Naturally tastes vary, yours may not be the same as mine for this reason I try to impart a wide spectrum of styles within the titles I place my ponderances upon. Without further ado what say we get this started with…


Necronomicon – Unus
Release – October/18/2019
Season of Mist
Asher Media Relations

Serpents, lions, reptiles, flames and an overall motif many may well confuse for a stamp of royalty. Black Metal by order of Her Royal Highness, or something… close.


In short, this is symphonic, atmospheric blackened metal with an epic nature. And it’s a damn impressive commencement.


There’s no doubt whatsoever that these guys know exactly what they’re doing. This album drips with excellence, wisdom, atmosphere and an epic audio landscape drenched in master craft-execution of archaic qualities one cannot possibly ignore. Chants, synth interludes and angelic voices add to the albums blackened death par excellence (combining infectious rhythms, ranging from sweeping melodies to hyper speed pacing, and inhuman drum precision) and an undeniable captivating allure. There’s even an addition of old school stylings (by way of the last two tracks “Cursed MMXIX” and “Vox Draconis”) tossed in to perk the interest of those whose interests lay more in the death, rather than blackened death, side of the metal spectrum. If blackened death is the area of the metal arena upon which you spend most of your time you would be negligent not to place this within the ears. If this is a scene which is new to you and you’re curious this is a great place to start your exploration. Highly recommended!

Favorite Tracks; Infinitum Continuum, Paradise Lost, Singularis Dominus, Ascending the Throne of Baator, Vox Draconis.

FFO; Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Rotting Christ, Behemoth.


Algebra – Pulse?
Release – September30/2019
Unspeakable Axe Records
Clawhammer PR

Not usually what one would expect to find on a ‘thrash’ album (again I’ve spoilt the fun and perused the promo materials) this hints at an album with progressive death leanings, the logo hints at the same. Hitting play…


An acoustic intro that’s part Sepultura (BtR), part Annihilator (AiH) certainly perks up the ears but it’s the cavalcade of riffs both intricate, precise and technical which warrants praise. I can’t honestly say I’m a huge fan of thrash, a few albums here and there. This however has my complete and utter undivided attention leaving me more than intrigued as to how the remainder will play out. (On a personal level the vocal approach took a few listens to fully appreciate although it doesn’t take away from the genius of the music itself).


‘Precise’ is a fantastic descriptive word. And I’ll attempt not to overuse it as I continue. Admittedly it might be easier said than done. The audio found here isn’t face melting pace for the sake of it, neither is it merely too technical, a style which might only appeal to those who aspire to be the next Vai, Rhodes or any number of guitar virtuosos who leave audiences around the world in awe. There’s an undeniable fluid nature here. Timing changes are exquisite, rhythms infectious and dynamic. Melodies are plentiful and change enough to keep a listener on their toes (ranging from galloping, ‘old school’ aggressive, stoopid fast to melodies which evoke all manner of emotions) but not too much as to be over the top. A sense of familiarity abounds, leaves one scratching their heads as to which band or album this or that part sounds like, but it doesn’t take away from the listening experience in the slightest. Oftentimes an epic narrative unfolds by way of the music alone complementing the (far removed from the run of the mill) thought-provoking lyrical content. The vocal approach appears at first like it doesn’t fit. But then, after a few listens, slips comfortably into the ‘perfect complement to the percussion’ folder. In short, a winning combination which if someone could bottle it would most probably be titled something along the lines of ‘Excuse me for a second while I blow your mind’, or ”Forget the Remainder of your day you’re about to be Unfathomably Distracted”. Naturally words, as they often do, fail me as I attempt to imprint my appreciation upon the flashing screen beneath my hands. To top it off this has one of the finest “Dead Embryonic Cells” covers I’ve ever had the pleasure to put between the ears. Don’t, DON’T, don’t, allow this to go unnoticed. It really is that damn impressive and seriously appeared from out of the ether itself to entangle my whole afternoon in audio I wish to play again, again and again.

Favorite Tracks; Inner Constraints, Addicted to Authority, Stimulated Mind, Manipulated Soul, Pulse?

FFO; Deathrow, Vektor, Coroner, Slayer, Sepultura.


ColdClaw – Anti Martyr: Decades to Suffer
Release – September/27/2019
Ritual Sounds Records
BDWE Media

Black and white imagery complete with a sun-bleached effect (this might have been shot in Arizona, anyone?) depicting an unfortunate soul stuck within the confines of a suspended cage with his only companions the birds which have, most probably, been pecking away at his torso for millennia.


A ritualistic introduction, of sorts, dissolves into a drum heavy salvo with a dissonant guitar complement. This soon transforms again into dangerously addictive rhythms channeling both crust, death and black metal leanings. A fantastic combination which grabs the attention and opens the eyes to Coldclaw’s style whilst yanking control of the torso into uncontrollable spasms of frenetic movement. An excellent opening leaving one eagerly salivating for the remainder of what’s to follow.


With the quality of this release in mind I expect Coldclaw to be a name on most lips throughout the arena of extreme metal within the coming months (of course ‘justice’ doesn’t always prevail). Theirs is a style which captures the essence of black metal (via rasped vocal stylings), crust as experienced throughout the album in various passages featuring dominant drum salvos; which are difficult not to move to and death metal as heard within various chugging riff approaches and the brutality which is displayed dominantly throughout. Undeniable atmosphere is a fantastic accompaniment to the angst on offer and will please those with blackened metal penchants regardless of what the atmospheric element accompanies. A mid-tempo is customary, though occasionally Coldclaw take the leap into hyper drive realms (bringing to mind 1349 and Necronomicon) as heard within the excellent “Zephyrs” and “Stillness” track (why isn’t there more tracks with this in the title? My spell check device is about to remove me from its Xmas list mailing).

In conclusion, as if one hasn’t already come to the same conclusion as I, this album is one which deserves ears upon it and praise slathered all over it. Its composition is one that’s not altogether new though sounds unique on account of the quality it’s been created by. The result is a collection of tracks which has the potential to appeal to a wide audience, some who are curious about arenas they perhaps haven’t discovered before and others whose interests lay within the styles mixed with such passionate precision here. No matter where your compass lie do yourself a favor and set the senses upon this then add it to the collection and support the blossoming talent within the scene.

Favorite Tracks; The Deafening, Into the Mirror (Visceral Self-Loathing), Bring Down the Hammer, Searing Wings Through Zephyrs, Stillness and Devine Rivalry, Crippling Dementia.

FFO: Dark Throne, Mayhem, 1349.

come back from the dead album

Come Back from the Dead – Rise of the Blind Ones
Release – September/13/2019
Transcending Obscurity Records

Teal on an album cover. It’s quite the risk, but it works. And this collective of corpses shot through with wicked looking tendrils certainly catches the eye.


Huge riffs lead into a groove -laden landscape complemented by a Barney-esque vocal approach. Early The Haunted in feel accentuated by thrash sensibilities. This isn’t your Father’s death metal! A great start!


With melody and groove throughout this rarely let’s up in the infectious department. Maniacal passages, ala early Slayer, lend an edge and elevate this far above what one would find upon the same old traditional, tried and true, death release. Occasional familiarity (especially in the case of “Restless in Putrescence”) puts one in mind of an old school style, an influence no doubt though this is far from merely just that. Think a hybrid of 90’s European death, old school British grind/death with a complementary sprinkle of doom and a maniacal essence. A mixture no doubt which has been perpetrated before but, in this case, somehow it feels fresh and leaves quite an impression.

Favorite Tracks; Outcast of the Light, Martyrs of a Gruesome Demise, Restless in Putrescence, Darkness Abominations, Possessed by the Death.

FFO; Morgoth, Dismember, The Haunted, Vomitory, Bloodbath.

And, wait for it…it’s Split Time

swampbeast void terror split

Swamp Beast/Void Terror split
Holocaust of Terrestrial Empires
Release – November/14/2019
Me Saco Un Ojo
(note; the Split is represented as of this publication date)

This looks as though it could be from the same pencil as the person responsible for the last Drawn and Quartered album (I could be wrong, and most probably are). A diabolical, subterranean image which blossoms with more details as the viewer digs deeper.

Swampbeast – 86

Unrelenting death grind complemented by suffocating catacomb-esque atmosphere. A mesmerizing soundscape combining Napalm Death touches, passages of groove and a brutal whirlwind chaotic attack. The climax of their ‘set’ utilizes an excellent militaristic/ritualistic drum salvo which morphs into an all-consuming, blazing, fire motif. An excellent climax to a fantastic introduction to the band and their audio.

FFO; Morbid Angel, Tomb Mold, Blood Incantation, Ch’thelist.

Void Terror – 92

Utilizing more a majestic and atmospheric black metal approach as an introduction Void Terror’s initial portion (of this split) initially brings to mind what Bolt Thrower “Realm of Chaos” might have sounded like if it had decidedly black metal undertones. Dirge laden and wickedly dark, yet chaotic and shot through with diabolical essence. Gothic elements are a great addition and add to an already undeniable hypnotic effect. A swirling maelstrom of audio madness one doesn’t wish to escape.

This is easy to lose oneself within, extreme fans will be left pleased indeed!

FFO; Drawn and Quartered.

An excellent split with plenty on offer from two acts ripe for discovery. Keep an ear out for these guys they are poised for greatness.

Favorite Tracks; Chant of Bolotnik, Multiversal Extract, Second Death.

Overall – 90
Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

meth fetish.jpg

Meth Fetish – Meth Fetish EP
Release – November/1/2019
Dry Cough Records/ Pissed Gargler Records
(Note; the Split isn’t represented as of this publication date)

What is it with album art which is perplexing? I somewhat get it, the artist and band want you to look closer, paying more attention to hidden intricacies as you try to work out what it might be. Perhaps I’m old school and require (scratch that; ‘demand’) instant gratification rather than an image I need a degree and an impressive IQ to utilize in order to get somewhat of a clue. The jury’s out. If I were to guess I’d say this is a representation of a torso shot through with a substance making its way through the vital organs. Meth perhaps? Pressing play.


Hypnotic and dense this is sludge oozing with an unmistakable dirge nature and subterranean qualities.


With strings so loose it’s an OSHA hazard, Meth Fetish choke the listener in a dirge nature so vile, thick and heavy you’d think it might have recently exited the bowels of a pachyderm freed from worrisome constipation. Complemented by distortion so blatant it could clear the cobwebs from an abandoned Gothic mansion, a bludgeoning nature, vocals spewed lazily from a pestilent throat and an overall nature which drips with underworld atmosphere. This about ticks all the boxes for the requirements a seasoned vet of the filthiest arena of extreme tunage demands. Give it a listen and prepare to put a down payment on a brand spanking new subwoofer. You’ve been warned!

Favorite Tracks; Wasted, Incurable.

FFO; Fetish 69, EyeHateGod, Cathedral, Acid Bath.


Cleric – Serpent Psalms
Release – October/25/2019
Raw Skull Recordz/Redefining Darkness Records

There’s a great deal going on here. An alien landscape, a sacrificial Aztec-esque altar, effigies watching over all and coitus in what appears to be mud of one type or another. Intriguing indeed. It’s as if doom has collided with sci-fi laden grindcore.


Traditional HM2 action meets old school British death/grind complemented by a Barney-esque vocal approach, catchy as fuk mid-tempo groove and an atmosphere one might not expect bearing in mind the above-mentioned combination.


The familiarity here for those of us with tastes for the old school and mid-tempo infectious silliness is undeniable. This is worship at the altar of both HM2 and the early 90’s British death scene. Above and beyond that this offers little touches (synth interludes hinting at cosmic/foreign landscapes,  as well a fluidity which hard to deny) which add to the homage keeping the attention and plenty of groove passages to make one want to take this from wired headphones to blue tooth or even a speaker system setup which the neighbors will more than likely hate you for, but it’s worth it. Boasting a seething dirge nature complemented by riffs and rhythms which are difficult to ignore this, though not altogether ground-breaking, is a release which demands further attention and might well male one take a trip down nostalgia brutal ville to revisit that which is most probably collecting dust. Highly Recommended, but be prepared for the limbs to move of their own volition.

Favorite Tracks; Maw of Absolution, Possessed in Congress, All Death Unseeing, Destroying Eye of the Self.

FFO; Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Carnage, Entombed, Dismember.


Andralls – Bleeding for Thrash
Release – October/11/2019
MDD Records
Against PR
(Note; this is an earlier release as of this publication date the album isn’t represented yet)

With the recent background of the band, more specifically the lead singer, in mind odds are this could well be imagery, and the albums aptly named title, depicting his overcoming thyroid cancer.

The image certainly grabs the interest and piques the curiosity and is miles from what one would expect to find adorning the cover of a thrash album, a melodic or doom/death affair but hardly thrash.


Heavily accented vocals (with a hardcore slant) atop aggressive driving rhythms which bear undeniable early Exodus ‘bounce’, maniacal riffage ala Slayer and also old school go all out tendencies.


This collection of tracks is testament to a band’s dedication, perseverance and passion for the craft. Rarely letting up this album showcases driving rhythms, a style which incorporates a slew of influences across the extreme spectrum and dynamic pace channeling Sepultura, Overkill complemented by the maniacal riff fashioning of Slayer. Feast your ears on this and support an act who prove that hard work, perseverance and patience pay off.

Favorite Tracks; Bleeding for Thrash, Imminent Cancer, Acid Rain.

FFO; Sodom, Exodus, Slayer, Sepultura.

in mourning.jpg

In Mourning – Garden of Storms
Release – October/4/2019
Agonia Records

An amorphous plant, a force of nature running amok or merely an artist’s interpretation of a transformative hybrid force within the wild? Regardless, this is certainly eye-opening and not what one would expect to find on an album cover in a genre in which I can only presume this resides. I’m ready to be set to rights, hitting play.


A stunning mix of melodic death, doom and progressive elements supported by an excellent fluidity and rhythms which are criminally infectious. A clean, hoarse vocal trade off works superbly and only serves to make this a track which is most certainly up there with the finest of the year (need I say IMO?)


What we have here folks is another example of an act which I’m amazed I haven’t discovered much sooner. The audio here is about as varied as one can imagine without it running into ridiculous territories, Avant Garde, or experimental realms. Growling vocals (of the highest order if there is such a thing) complement shifting rhythms, sweeping, soaring melodies and progressive passages which otherwise wouldn’t fit but, in this instance, based on their setting and the music’s composition and the tracks nature, are exquisite. The styles herein tumble over each as though puppies at play without once resorting to brutality, the fluidity here is astounding. In fact, overall this is an album I’m itching to recommend to the wife if only it wasn’t for the fact that she has an aversion to growling vocals I believe she’d be as excited about it as I. Without running into diatribe lengths I’ll leave this here and hope my fanciful words have made an impression. Hopefully I’m not the last to jump on this it deserves praise from the highest of peaks. Suffice it to say the name of both the band and the album are sure to be heard until well into next year even after year end lists have been exhausted. (If I get around to compiling one, there’s no doubt it’ll be high on the podium.)

Favorite Tracks; This album flows so damn well and offers so much stylistic diversity at such an elevated level that its hard to pick only a few tracks. Suffice it say it delivers throughout.

FFO; October Tide, Opeth, Katatonia, Between the Buried and Me, Be’lakor, Insomnium, Swallow the Sun.

the deathtrip.jpg

The Deathtrip – Demon Solar Totem
(United Kingdom/Norway)
Release – November/15/2019
Svart Records/Profound Lore Records

I’m not quite sure what to make of this to be honest. It looks as if it could have Oriental occult origins; the shape of the face, the flowing mass of hair. Though I’m still perturbed as to what it could be. One thing’s for certain though, there’s plenty of crimson and the person has wicked sharp looking talons. Pressing play.


Ominous indeed. Atmosphere drenched in dread and menace collides with tradition hyper speed chaotic, blasting, black metal which oozes undeniable majesty. Occult qualities, as well mystical elements are front and center and cavort in an epic nature. Within its length hypnotic rhythms are commonplace aided by chants making for a varied vocal approach and hinting at a release which could well be quite the auditory experience.


Adding upon a harsh, primal, oftentimes raw groundwork with epic themes, a grandiose template which incorporates screams, howls, chants and undeniable majestic The Deathtrip have created an album which has the potential to garner appeal from across the BM landscape. Varied in both scope and approach raw audio (with an intensity to appeal to traditionalists and those acclimatizing themselves to the variety the scene offers; aka me) cavorts alongside melancholic atmosphere hypnotic, trance inducing, rhythms and surprisingly melody drenched under occult skies an effect which holds the attention from first to last. And the more one sinks into the experience (aka repeated listens) the greater detail and intricacies it provides. This boasts an appeal which cannot be argued, begs to be repeated and often.

Favorite Tracks; Demon Solar Totem, Angel Fossils, Surrender to a Higher Power, Enter Spectral Realms, Abraxas Mirrors.

FFO; Mayhem, Darkthrone, Thorns, Beherit, Dissection, Emperor, Burzum.


Psychomancer – Shards of the Hourglass
Release – October/31/2019
Orchestrated Misery Recordings
Clawhammer PR

The imagery (as well the bands logo) bears somewhat a dark hip-hop vibe, the effluent green glow and font are to blame, thankfully the audio isn’t (I’ve perused the accompanying promo materials) and honestly, I’m not a fan, fingers crossed it doesn’t turn a potential listener away.


Thrashy death with a familiar HM2 Buzzsaw dirge vibe showcasing plenty of rhythm changes with a sound bolstered by commendable production values. The drum sound and bass twang is distinct, the vocals are of the death doom variety.


Melodic death, bordering on the more aggressive spectrum of thrash, boasting mid-tempo rhythms and a cavalcade of riffs which are difficult not to appreciate. Quality production values, clear sound and plenty of groove passages help keep this from forgettable realms. Though the style is truthfully far from ground breaking this offers a style and execution fans of the Entombed, Grave and Dismember movement will likely appreciate more than most.

Favorite Tracks; Red Poetry, As Your Vital Signs Decline, Deto-Nation, Myrmidons.

FFO; Benediction, Gorefest, Malevolent Creation, Vader, Grave.

It’s “Recc’d by” Time

fistful of doom

Recc’d’ by Fistful of Doom; @FlatulentFuzz (on Twitter):
Cycles of the Damned – A Time to Survive
Release – October/12/2019
Incendiary Ceremony Recordings, D.H.U Records
Mettle Media
Thoughts –

It’s hard what to expect from audio with the album’s art in mind; A skull within chainmail and helmet set against a background ablaze in flames. Better just to clear the mind and let the audio itself do the “talking”.

cycles of the damned.jpg

Immediately noticeable is that the albums six tracks run sixty minutes (one runs over fifteen minutes in length, the first three run close to forty-two minutes). I’m of the mind that this can only go one of only two ways; sheer boredom (resulting in my attention diverting elsewhere and damn quick) or audio which captivates with its brilliance, leaving me in awe with my attention rapt. I’m glad to report that the latter is the case. This is drenched in doom sensibilities as well sludge qualities and a certain amount of unquestionable angst. Cinematic soundscapes are introduced often, showcasing psychedelic moments amidst unbound atmosphere, and make up a great deal of the albums playing time adding considerable depth, an element one might normally expect to find upon an album within the same genre, and a narrative one can easily lose themselves in depending on of course their ‘state of relaxation’ (if you catch my drift). A plethora of emotions are guaranteed to be evoked as this plays out as the listener is dragged from one destination to another in a journey comprised upon a spectrum of landscapes formed from the unlikely coalescing of a myriad of styles. Fluidity is uncommonly commendable and I would suggest an afternoon free from distraction to be able to let the power of this release (as a whole, not track by track if avoidable) sink in. Thanks for the Recc Sir. I’m adding this to my playlist for those long road trips where conversation is dull and the surroundings muted by sparseness.  Recommended for those who have an open mind and are willing to allow a release to breathe rather than assault the senses immediately.

Recc’d by Void; @Voidhanger2 on Twitter

Void Reccs

Scaphism – Perpetual Torment
Release – August/27/2019
Thoughts –

Within the last year I’ve laid thoughts down upon Scaphism’s last album (“Unutterable Horrors” released in January of last year through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions), I liked it but was left wanting more, I wondered when their next might drop. Void surprised me one day by asking if I’d ever heard of them (doesn’t he read my inane ramblings upon all things metal I thought briefly) and continued by stating that he was going to a show (I’m still jealous, dammit!) A few hours after the show in question he dropped me a brief video which left me perplexed; had the vocalist changed? (regardless he stated that he loved them) Which prompted me to seek out and lay a few thoughts upon this, a two-track demo leading up the bands third full length (which I’m also willing to promote if the band is reading this – hint, hint).

scaphism - perpetual torment

As is typical I’ll ponder upon this releases art before I dissect the audio. I’m all up for gruesome art especially if it reminds me of a standout, and quite unexpected especially grisly FX laden, scene from the original Poltergeist movie (which is usually omitted when it airs on TV).

Old school and groove come to mind when I hit play. The vocalist may have changed but the style hasn’t, for which I’m thankful, Lovecraftian lore and a story type narrative oozes from the lyrical content and for the most part it’s actually decipherable (which is rare in the genre) which in no way takes away from the quality. This is a lady who can growl (anyone else into that sort of thing?) And hers is a style which fits the audio leaving no doubt or concerns whatsoever. Riffs are far from technical, but I’ve no complaints, this is undeniably more ‘meat and potatoes’ style death with breakdowns and the occasional abrupt galloping pace transformation tossed in for effect.

If this is any indication of the quality on offer from album to follow, I’m all ears. And Void likes it so who’s to argue ‘his’ logic.

exhausted animal

That’s about it for this, yet another monstrous installment, in the series, I only hope you made it to the end (I’m tired). Until our paths of audio interest cross paths again, don’t fear discovery of that which would normally not grab your attention.


Abrasive Audio – Part Twenty-Four

headbangin gif

In between squirreling time away to update the site (which includes moving various pictures around and adding a slew of tags so that it might be easier to navigate) I’ve somehow made time to compose yet another installment covering that which has graced my ears and left an impact in the not so distant past. I’m including Bandcamp links (or another format if this isn’t available) so that one might be able to listen as they have my atrocious grammar swim before their astonished retinas. Without further ado, this week’s selection. Note; A huge thanks to everyone who made this past week (August 20/2019) the sites best yet. Onward.


Suspiral – Chasm
Release – May/10/2019
Sentient Ruin Laboratories/Clavis Secretorvm (Italy)

Dark, moody, ominous yet overflowing with archaic properties this seethes with a wicked aura bursting with an ancient ritualistic nature which leaves me curious indeedy!


This breathes archaic presence and does not naught but intrigue with its dense atmosphere. Repetitive riffs and rhythms in droves but it works and drags the listener into a realm where one could well imagine an emperor giving a thumbs down or a chariot drenched in armor severing legs at the ankles because one didn’t quite traverse a path quite fast enough. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this boasts enthralling qualities and bears a nature that’s undeniably rare, cinematic in depth. What a start!


Only four tracks here with a running length of close to forty minutes makes for an epic listening experience which isn’t far from what the listener is in store for. Rhythms and melodies give off a blackened death vibe without however, the brutality which is often associated with the combination. Here the aura is one that seethes hypnotic qualities, accompanied by distant echoes and chants the album overflows with a palpable ancient atmosphere, one that virtually drips with enveloping ritualistic properties. At times the percussion borders on D-beat (surprising groove passages aren’t rare) boasting a repetitive nature which strangely fits though in any other setting might get annoying and quick. Although slightly experimental in nature this pulls the listener in, demands a full album listen for the overall experience and delivers throughout. Recommended for open minded fans of both black and death metal realms.

Favorite Tracks; Crown of Chaos, The Crimson Void.

FFO; Neurosis, Chthe’ilist.

stomachal corrosion

Stomachal Corrosion – s/t
Release- October/11/2019
Greyhaze Records
Clawhammer PR

Depicting a face and a slew of eyeballs and skulls dripping in grue and what I can only imagine are pungent fluids this black and white image gives much away as to the contents within…Or does it?


If only I could speak fluent Portuguese, I’m guessing only then could I truly appreciate the spoken intro. It has a certain viciousness and determination about it which I find fascinating. Although it could be for naught, the guy could be making his morning coffee and bitching about the neighbors or something unrelated though equally as mundane. When the music kicks in it’s short, sweet and straight to the freakin’ point. Growls, grind and archaic production values – I’m sold!


Twenty-one tracks in an album lasting barely thirty minutes in length usually means one thing (well it could mean a few. But this is playing at regular speed and isn’t a compilation). This is ‘grind’ folks, overflowing with punk and crust sensibilitied boasting typical sharp though still blunt (huh?) primitive riffs this makes an impression quick and it lasts. Admittedly this offers more than one might have originally assumed. Sporting a variety of vocal approaches (though none wildly out of character), an equal dialect split, slower tempos and tracks lasting from twenty-four seconds to a pair close to four minutes (seriously) it has the aura to appeal to an audience without the grind borders, if only they be so brave. I’m enjoying the F’ outta this and I usually don’t wander this far into grind territories. Sure, this isn’t technical, (the albums final track detracts wildly from the norm though still kicks ass) but it hits the spot and in record time, it’s damn infectious too.

Favorite Tracks; A Crutch, Infinita Psicopatia, Two Centuries to you to Die, No, nothing, You Fool, Alucinacoes Apoiando o Terror, Decada de Dor, I’m Arrogant.

FFO; No/Mas, Disrupt, Terrorizer, Insect Warfare, SOD.

ole english

 Ole English – s/t
Release – August/23/2019
Dewar PR

Medieval cheekiness in the vein of Hieronymus Bosch. This could well be the cover to many a style, though I’ve ruined it for myself and read the promo materials ahead of listening.


Doom, stoner rock with Southern groove and hints of traditional heavy metal. Passionate vocals give this an infectious and familiar edge.


Huge riffs, Led Zeppelin esque breakdowns and passages akin to vintage Sabbath. Combine this with passionate vocals, a myriad of influence and a style which fluctuates greatly with nods to many a great act and you have an intriguing audio experience which only grows on you after repeated listens.

Favorite Tracks; Paladin, Heel, Holy Roller.

FFO; Kyuss, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Candlemass, Hawkwind.


 Beheaded – Only Death can Save You
Release -June/14/2019
Agonia Records

Oi! Wanna’ buy a snake?

– But they’re all dead! And why are you cradling that skull like a fallen love one in your arms? Are you just going let that bird peck at it like that?

Ok. Never mind that. You drive a hard bargain. Name your price.

– Give me a moment. That skull just winked at me and the bird shat on your lap. Give me another to think…I’ll take the one with the hat on.


Driving rhythms, complex drums and excellent production. A familiar style and yet I’m drawn like a moth to a flame.

A great start!


Grinding, unrelenting, rhythms with inhuman drums topped off with top notch production values and a style that’s perilously close to grindcore yet has whispers of death/doom (as an undertone). I don’t know how it is that this is my first experience of Beheaded. My radar must be broken as this would have left an impression on me much earlier in the year. This is guarantees to send fans of Misery Index into a frenzy. Highly recommended! Did I mention the drums?

Favorite Tracks; Evil be to him who Evil Seeks, Unholy Man, Only Death can Save you.

FFO; Origin, Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Kataklysm.

 Interrupting the normal flow of things for something slightly different.

Musing upon Official Track Premiere/Singles.

Dawn of Ouroboros

Dawn of Ouroboros – Sorrows Eclipse
Release – September/13/2019
Dewar PR

Definitely blackened in tone but injected with heavy progressive values, reflective passages, and steeped in atmosphere this close to nine-minute opus showcases the stellar abilities of a young collective that bursts with talent, know-how and creativity.

Vocals are excellent and varied, courtesy of Chelsea Murphy (an Irish name with English connections if ever I’ve heard one), ranging from venom spittle-flying angst to traditional angelic and lend the track a certain depth and undeniable ominous nature which is all surprisingly well-executed based on the bands fledgling history. The production of Sorrows Eclipse is top notch allowing each instrument breathe in the overall mix. Though often chaotic the sound remains clear allowing the listener to get a better grasp on what’s transpiring and the abilities of each player involved.

In conclusion a great start which bodes well for a full length that I hoping won’t leave wanting too long to materialize.

Initial Listen – 86


Necronomicon – Paradise Lost
(Taken from full-length album “Unus”) Release – October/18/2019
Season of Mist

I should mention that I’ve yet to hear any of this bands output, even though they have considerable history and weight in the scene. Naturally I’ll use the excuse that fits in times like these; there’s just so much to discover that time often doesn’t allow it. Sure, I’ve heard of the name obviously it’s connection to a cult, Raimi-helmed, genre defining horror franchise is an element which cannot be ignored.

Moving on, in relation to the track itself (following a diarrhea-esque diatribe for which I refuse to apologize for) the first thing which makes an impression is the drumming, the speed, the precision and the unrelenting nature. Guitar rhythms soon join in and add a drive which is unquestionably dark and uncompromising in tone. As the track progresses an ominous nature unfolds as too do additional elements which add to its weight and diabolical archaic narrative. Atmospheric accompaniments, vocal diversity and moments dipped in a slight progressive nature lend a cinematic edge (if only for a brief instant) to elevate this above typical run-of-the mill black/death outings.

With what this track offers I’m eager, as too should fans of melodic black and death/doom arenas, for a full length which on all accounts should drop October 18th from Season of Mist.

Initial Listen – 85

 Back to our Normally Scheduled Programming…


Wintercrown – Northern Lights
Release – September/14/2019
Cult of Osiris Records

Blues, purples, and a whole palette of somber hues, mountains and a sky rolling in anger about to erupt in fury. Obviously, the art is the dead giveaway as well the fact this originates from the above -mentioned label as to the audios style.


Melodic, atmospheric, a dual vocal approach with industrially precise drumming salvos and a hint of doom/death. This is black metal I can get behind. A great start. Strap me in for I believe this might prompt unprecedented movement!


I’ve heard whispers that this is the new face, the newest evolution, of Norwegian Black metal. Now, not knowing exactly what the original is (I’m late to this BM shindig) I can’t comment on that whilst sounding even a shred competent. Although I will mention that this delivers from start to finish, is a little different than what I was expecting based on the accompanying promotional materials (or lack thereof) and from whence it originates. Rhythms are majestic, enveloping and mesmerizing (most every track mentions winter, nature or the frigid weather conditions) there are ‘reflective’ passages and a myriad of moments which nod towards other genres whilst the vocal approach is somewhat traditional apart from, that is, the duality, which only adds ‘flavor’ and depth (need I still state this?) in my opinion. I can’t pinpoint it, perhaps it’s the fact that Wintercrown aren’t afraid to branch out (ever so slightly) to encompass elements from other genres both musically and vocally. Or the fact that the combination works so ungodly well. Whatever it is, it’s executed excellently, I’m sold. And this has been one of the most impactful Black Metal experiences I’ve had in recent memory. Bravo!

I’m going to spin this again, again and again. Add it to your collection!

Favorite Tracks; Feel the Frozen Realm, The Last of us, Ice in my Veins, Frost Winter Night, Shadows in the Forest, Demanding the Throne.

FFO; Immortal, Dissection.


 Indus -Bloodstains (EP)
Release – August/18/2019

Reminds me of a scene from an all-time cult cinematic affair; Return of the Living Dead albeit more pronounced, Gothic and minus the shambling undead. An ominous purple presence threatens to devour us all, or alternatively turn the residents in an unassuming elderly home into mindless, slobbering, savant’s intent on world domination (has this already been done?) Oh my!


A hardcore-esque bolt out of the starting blocks soon transforms into a dirge-laden grindcore/death/industrial affair. Sounds odd but it works and I’m left curious indeed!


Groove, dirge, angst. There’s many a flavor cavorting, frolicking and desiring conquest in this wicked technicolor audio orgy. Surprisingly it’s not messy (no need for towels) or chaotic but rather bludgeoning in its intent. Delivering claustrophobic qualities and disorienting rhythms vicious intent is at the top of its to-do list and it doesn’t rest as it transforms, twisting from one audio reincarnation to another, and another screaming and howling in torment as it does so. Hard to categorize easier to let invade your senses. Incorporating noise, grind, death, industrial, doom, sludge and more elements this demands respect if only for its intricate composition alone. Admittedly it could well fall in the love it or hate it folder on account of its delving into ‘nu-metal’ waters from time to time. To think it was merely the Acid Bath cover which attracted me, this delivers so much more. Approach with an open mind, zero expectations, and you’ll leave with a maniacal smirk.

Favorite Tracks; Shitstick, Red Mud, Bleeding from the Eyes, No Regrets, Jezebel (Acid Bath cover).

FFO; Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Nailbomb, Acid Bath, Soulfly, Slipknot.


 Rottendawn – Occult
Release – September/6/2019
Septurnal Records
Qabar PR

Dark, sinister, menacing.

An unassuming character lurks in the foreground amidst overshadowing darkness. An eerie image which conjures all manner of chilling narratives ending in nastiness. “Granma you forgot your flashlight!”


Ominous doom with a decidedly death edge on a gently meandering river of Gothic synth accompanied by an undeniable menacing feeling that the pace might at any moment abruptly transform, which it doesn’t (sorry, I might have ruined the suspense). The wicked vocal tone and cadence fits perfectly.


Draped in Gothic qualities and exhibiting doom stylings with a diverse range, including funeral, traditional and industrial tinged this has a great deal to offer. Surprising groove and occasional passages of audio akin to traditional heavy metal join in on the fun making this not only an epic outing, with a delightful array of vocal inflections and atmosphere but an album which sports tracks with individuality. A rather unpredictable release which bears surprising melody and is always entertaining. Honestly not at all that I had in mind when I read that members are from as far afield as Impaled Nazarene, Abhorrence and Unholy. Suffice it to mention this is well worth setting the ears upon.

Favorite Tracks; The Final Lament, Burn till Burial, Dusk Demons, Occult.

FFO; The Obsessed, Candlemass, Novembers Doom, Mourning Beloveth.


Orbstruct – Phobos Rising
Release – May/16/2019
Against PR

Intriguing black and white imagery of an eye of a serpent/dragon/ancient monster. For some reason it reminds of a book by the same name by Stephen King (although that image is in color)


Melodic death with splashes of Slam and metal core. Significant bounce and oomph keep it this side of brutal making for an intriguing start and a track which doesn’t neatly fit in any one genre comfortably.


Overall a hybrid of melodic death, thrash, metal core with sprinkles of hardcore which has the pull to appeal to a larger than normal audience based on its somewhat diverse nature. Plenty of rhythms and riffs to hold the interest but it’s all really nothing new, and they really aren’t enough stand out moments to enter this into remarkable realms, a hit and miss effort which bodes well for future releases if only the band can find their specific niche and tighten up just a touch.

Favorite Tracks; Venus, (NO) Restrictions, Phobos Rising,

FFO; Arch Enemy, Devil Driver.

opium lord

Opium Lord – Vore
Release – October/11/2019
Sludgelord Records
Dewar PR

I can make out part of a face, though to be honest I’m not really sure what else is going on. Perhaps the music will help explain the concept?


Disorienting audio which refuses to follow traditional parameters. It builds to a thunderous climax leaving the listener in a state of ominous limbo, something untoward, unfathomable and utterly monstrous in scope is getting closer and the fine art of running doesn’t even sound like an option at this point. I’m of the mind this is going to be one hell of an unpredictable jaunt through a hellish landscape.


A landslide, often a minefield, of dissonant tones, embellished by howls, shrieks and growls of angst. Disorienting and suffocating, the aura is sometimes akin to falling face first down a hillside (I could only imagine) grasping as you fall, reaching out for twisted tree limbs, anything to help, which only gouge the torso making the descent more treacherous still. Tumultuous, frenetic and jarring are only a few words I could use to describe this, but it’s so much more. The initial assault is quite traumatic although the effect, and audio, blossoms and unfolds the more it’s allowed entry into the senses. Nontraditional though tainted by doom and atmosphere this is rather hard to pin down to any one genre. Sludge, post metal, stoner doom all and none. Open the mind and tread safely for this path bears surprises. Perhaps I’ve been a little harsh on my rating? This is getting more comfortable the more its spending time in my ears.

Favorite Tracks; Lead Magnet, Centurion, Suture.

FFO; Melvins, Nuerosis.


Graveview – Demos – 18’/19′
Release – September/26/2019
Raw Skull Records/Redefining Darkness Records

Primitive though leaves little doubt as to what’s about to grace the senses.


A little death/doom slathered in Entombed tones to start the proceedings. A lazy growl style which fits perfectly and an abrupt change of pace into groove laden grindcore-esque territories. Take me from the shelf, I’m SOLD!


Influences are undeniable, a buzzsaw approach ala “Left Hand Path” and an aura slathered in grue, but it’s what the band does with the tone and the myriad of other factors and how they incorporate it into their style which makes this special (yes, I said ‘special’). Naturally “chuggery” abounds, nods to several other genres surrounding the brutal death arena are frequent (delightfully vivid soundbites add to the fun), though coupled with abrupt pace shifts and breakdowns this makes for an album that, though not wholly refreshing or even ground-breaking, is executed with precision, know-how, flair, is stunningly fluid, will incite movement, grins aplenty and will delight long-time fans of the scene. Highly recommended!

Favorite Tracks; Selective Mortality, Descent into Filth, Inconceivable Possession, Amalgamation of Insanity.

FFO; Bloodbath, Grave, Entombed, Dismember, Gorguts, Dying Fetus.

ethereal riffian

 Ethereal Riffian – Legends
Release – September/6/2019
Against PR

Cosmic in scope yet ancient in tone.

Intriguing imagery indeed which really gives very little away in relation to the audio within.


Huge riffs, a doom vibe and a ton of Southern fuzz.  This isn’t a run of the mill doom affair, but it is highly entertaining.


It takes a little while for the listener to get a grasp on what this album has to offer as it teases in all manner of directions, but once they do it there’s a great deal to lose oneself in. A varied smorgasbord of doom, wall to wall melody and influence ranging from across the metal spectrum. Vocal inflections channeling Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) a musical style often akin to that of early Faith no More, and unpredictable, driving rhythms with occasional strangely soothing qualities.  This has a remarkable fluidity about it. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, this isn’t what initially comes to mind when one thinks rock and the Ukraine (although Somalia Yacht Club also hail from there and they are eye openingly mesmerizing. I hope I got their location right otherwise I look rather silly and my argument is moot) this is my first Ethereal Riffian experience and I’m leaving only wanting to dive back in. Highly entertaining audio that’s dangerously infectious and pleasingly varied throughout.

Favorite Tracks; Legends, Unconquerable, Moonflower, Pain to Wisdom, Ethereal Path.

FFO; Suicidal Tendencies, Faith no More, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Black Label Society, Muse.

gruesome stuff relish split

Gruesome Stuff Relish (Spain)/Choked by own Vomits (Czechia)
The Dead Shall Rise (split)
Release – April/8/2019
Bizarre Leprous
ARTWORK – 93 (I’m Looking 2 buy the shirt!)

Admittedly this was what grabbed by attention. A landscape drenched in an undead menace and an ominous full moon. A low flying aircraft surveying the damage sprays something to keep the threat at bay as if that would help (or does it only add to the epidemic?). This seethes with an undeniable grindhouse nature, wicked color play, and I love it!

A breakdown by contributor;

Gruesome Stuff Relish –

Synth atmosphere, cult movie homage, soundbites, melodic grindcore, groove and a gutteriffic vocal accompaniment, what’s not to like? These guys put it all together in a package which is a damn sight better than I imagined it could be boasting plentiful groove breakdowns amidst a tone which reeks of vileness. Mark me down as a fan!


(First four tracks by GSR, Last six by way of CboV)

Choked by Own Vomits –

Brutal death with a slower tempo boasting infectious riffs bordering on grindcore. A slew of soundbites I can’t understand a bloody word of add a certain air of levity to the proceedings. Lots of groove here and a vocal style which will carve a smirk on any fan of the scenes face.


Favorite Tracks; City of the Dead, Seven Doors Hotel, A Date with Fulci, Like Thousand Suns, The Day When I Lost in Myself, Sweatpants Factory.

A fantastic introduction to both bands involved for those even curious about the genre this is a great place to dive in!

Overall Rating – 86

FFO; Macabre, Necrophagia, Terrorizer, O.L.D, Disrupt.

Void Reccs

Reccd’ by Void

It’s been a while, but his undeniable influence is back!

Majestic Mass – Savage Empire of Death
Release – August/31/2018
Thoughts –

And, why would the cover not grab my attention? Boobs, skulls and a delicious grindhouse porn-meets-Gothic horror vibe. But this is not by way of Hammer Horror? No, this is by way of an entity more entirely sinister still, from an age which was thankfully devoid of censorship and drenched in an attitude of anything goes. For those who need examples; Hard Gore was a cinematic event (ha!) which combined elements of horror, a gothic nature and XXX activities, it was by no mean a great film, it’s only an example of what that time offered and the first which came to mind.

majestic mass

Onwards. Void has certainly tossed me a treat here. As the PLAY button is depressed one instantly notices the keyboard accompaniment, a Gothic tone that’s unrelenting, against blackened guitar riffs and drum beats which are undeniably primitive and production values which harkens back to the roots of the era, some have even gone so far as to moniker this with ‘blackened sleaze’ which I think fits perfectly (I’m only angry I didn’t think of it first!) The music itself is drenched in undeniable “occult madness” (quoting from Bandcamp here) and is quite unapologetic in its approach. Catacomb qualities are front and center but the same effect could also be one that’s garnered from the way the recording was handled, a minimalistic approach no doubt! Similarities to early Bathory material are undeniable as too the black meets folk/polka vibe, albeit with Gothic undertones (there’s those keyboards again). This is certainly a little different but it does have its charm. The driving riffs are infectious and the menacing aura has me holding my calls even for one as untrained a kvlt/black metal acolyte as myself this is intriguing. For those who have penchants for the raw, far from the mainstream this will hit the spot and serve to break up the normal day-to-day ear candy some.

That’s about it for this mammoth installment. Until our paths of audio interest meet again, don’t be afraid to dip those ears into audio realms you normally might not,