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Abrasive Audio – The Year in Review

Part the Fourth (the first installment; so much metal one part just isn’t enough!)

trick or treat the usual suspects

The sun has mellowed (somewhat, depending on where you live) trees are about to get naked (insert Beavis and Butthead silliness and memes here) and there will soon be more Jason’s, Michael’s, Chuckie’s and Freddie’s roaming the streets than one can shake a stick at. Best hand out the “good stuff” (candy) rather than the healthy edibles, lest one decides to visit after hours. In other news the last quarter of the year sees the unleashing of a veritable avalanche of extreme audio. The downside of which is that this is now being broken up into two parts rather than one monstrous affair. Forget filing Santa’s sack with presents for the family and loved ones, blow the allowance on metal instead!


Assassin’s Blade – Gather Darkness

Assassin’s Blade – Gather Darkness*

The rhythms here are infectious to the nth degree and the beat enough to drive one to involuntary spasms of movement (I’d put this up there with a personal favorite of mine by Dio-fronted Rainbow “Kill the King”) And the album progresses from there to leave one with a grin plastered across their chops as if to say I’ve done something insanely wrong, quite naughty in fact, and I’ve gotten away with it. There is undeniable fluidity on display here, there are zero dull instances, the melodies and riffs are just short of mind blowing. The collective of tracks lifts you from the dull drum daily activities to a place where you forget all your ills and woes, let your hair down and bang yer’ head like one possessed this will stick in your head for days to follow. I’m not normally a fan of the genre. This however blew me away!


Cleric – Serpent Psalms

The familiarity here for those of us with tastes for the old school and mid-tempo infectious silliness is undeniable. This is worship at the altar of both HM2 and the early 90’s British death scene. Boasting a seething dirge nature complemented by riffs and rhythms which are difficult to ignore this is a release which demands further attention and might well male one take a trip down nostalgia brutal ville to revisit that which is most probably collecting dust.

coffin rot

Coffin Rot – A Monument to the Dead

A wicked mash up of Death metal styles from a slew of genre standouts concocted with style. For a debut this is eye-opening audio. Shit, even for a second, third or fourth album this leaves an impression. Coffin Rot have successfully injected a shot of wake the F up into the extreme arena. And to think the ingredients were always there ripe for the mix. Sit up and take note, this is prime end of years best audio right here!!

cycles of the damned
Cycles of the Damned – A Time to Survive

As this plays out as the listener is dragged from one destination to another in a journey comprised upon a spectrum of landscapes formed from the unlikely coalescing of a myriad of styles. Fluidity is uncommonly commendable and I would suggest an afternoon free from distraction to be able to let the power of this release (as a whole, not track by track if avoidable) sink in. This is drenched in doom sensibilities, sludge qualities and a certain amount of unquestionable angst. Cinematic soundscapes are introduced showcasing psychedelic moments amidst unbound atmosphere to adds considerable depth.


Esogenesi – s/t

In part familiar, easily consumable yet different, the whole effect is hypnotic and has the potential to take the listener far from their daily woes. Naturally the lyrics are spoken in a tongue only a few of us can understand which only makes this that much more intriguing and well worth setting the senses upon.

gatecreeper deserted
Gatecreeper – Deserted

Gatecreeper wrangle arrangements away from plagiarist realms to homage territories adding their own creative fingerprint to delight the eager senses. The album offers both nostalgic qualities and enough groove to set any dance floor on fire (what?) This hits the spot! Highly recommended! An excellent combination of death/doom/old school and HM2 worship.

gevaudan iter.jpg
Gévaudan – ITER*

Channeling a myriad of styles from as far afield as stoner rock, folk and Gothic rock with a varied landscape of doom in-between Gévaudan have meticulously crafted a collection of songs boasting undeniable fluidity which possess the power to cast a spell, a unfathomably huge web of appeal, upon all who choose to lay ears upon it. This about has it all and I can’t for the life of me wonder why it isn’t spoken about often and loudly, I’m here to change that!

Golgotha – Erasing the Past

Primarily doom draped with growling vocals, but also traditional heavily accented vocals which often give this more a Gothic Rock edge. Folk elements are subtle, undeniable power, presence and a stunning composition mastery are factors which can’t be ignored. Rhythms are both soulful, passionate and melancholic coupled with keyboard atmosphere the effect is an album which will make one want to sift through past efforts and pronto.

grond graceless split.jpg

Grond/Graceless SPLIT – Endless Spiral of Terror

Grond – This keeps the listener on their toes with rhythms which are steamroller in their assault; both infectious and atmosphere laden, with occasional nods to a slew of influence. Hardly technical neither repetitive in its riff approach the audio here nestles someplace in between with definite appeal for a wide audience across the board.

Graceless – Old school groove with oomph and a vocal style which will bring a face-splitting grin to any fans face. Infectious is a term which doesn’t quite suffice in this instance.

Overall, fans of OSDM will likely scramble over themselves for the quality this offers, suffice it to mention that this would make an excellent accompaniment to an already outstanding collection boasting the finest the genre boasts. (Is it me or does that look like Judge Death? Anyone?

hot breath

Hot Breath s/t

This is an obvious palette cleanser for those whose interests primarily reside in the extreme but for those who dip their senses in metals roots this delivers all that one could wish. Hardly a copycat act this collective are slated to bear the standard of the revival into an age where more of the same (seemingly on repeat) needs to be eradicated at all costs. Give this a listen but be warned, it’s dangerously and instantaneously addictive.

hour of penance
Hour of Penance – Misotheism *

Unmerciful in its approach and unrelenting in its salvo; this is what death metal is all about. Boasting zero progressive passages and sporting unerring brutality; intricate in its composition from start to finish. Drenched in speed, but not merely for speeds sake, and an atmosphere complemented by undeniable majesty which places it perilously close to the darker side of the metal spectrum this has the power to enthrall all who lay ears upon it. Top tier death metal right here!

in mourning
In Mourning – Garden of Storms*

The audio here is about as varied as one can imagine without it running into ridiculous territories, Avant Garde, or experimental realms. The styles herein tumble over each as though puppies at play without once resorting to brutality, the fluidity here is astounding. Growling vocals complement shifting rhythms, sweeping, soaring melodies and progressive passages which are exquisite. In fact, overall this is an album I’m itching to recommend to the wife if only it wasn’t for the fact that she has an aversion to growling vocals.

Lindsay Schoolcraft – Martyr

Arrangements are often melancholic, always classically tinged and the album throughout is surprisingly radio friendly. Lindsay’s voice is impressive, adds significant presence to the audio with its ethereal qualities, mood and range; smoky, sultry and angelic. Admittedly, this is not what I usually set ears upon but this is fantastic for those moments you might want to share audio with the significant other who perhaps (if your situation is anything like mine) doesn’t enjoy the more brutal/extreme side of the metal spectrum.

Necronomicon – Unus

This album drips with excellence, wisdom, atmosphere and an epic audio landscape drenched in master craft-execution of archaic qualities one cannot possibly ignore. If blackened death is the area of the metal arena upon which you spend most of your time you would be negligent not to place this within the ears. If this is a scene which is new to you and you’re curious this is a great place to start your exploration. Highly recommended!

Negator – Vnitas Pvritas Existentia*

An inhumane drum accompaniment lays the groundwork for the percussion to embellish upon. The albums pace is primarily hyper-speed; although there are plenty of instances where a slower, more atmospheric laden, pace comes to the fore. If only as foreplay to the brooding, sinister, brutality which is about to follow. Surprising melodies, an undeniable grandiose aura permeate this release and an undeniable diversity in rhythm amidst all its brooding archaic nature, majestic rhythms and hyper speed tendencies makes for a release which definitely stands out from the typical blackened affair.

Orodruin – Ruins of Eternity

Huge riffs, passionate rhythms, a NWOBHM nature and tone weaved among traditional heavy metal and doom stylings accompanied and supported by a powerful lead voice. This will leave fans of late 70’s early 80’s mid paced rock/doom wanting more.

Ossuaire – Derniers Chants

Furious and unmerciful, yet hypnotic. I don’t get how that works, it’s puzzling to be sure. But somehow, this has the power to enthrall. Ancient and mysterious, majestic and grandiose, this seethes with archaic malevolence and undeniable passion. A stunning feat!

rank and vile.jpg
Rank and Vile – Redistribution of Flesh

Speed is often replaced by crushing heavy, slower, riff passages. Social commentary and angst however, is still front and center and highly influences the content of an often twin-pronged vocal assault which will carve a grin on any extreme fan’s visage. This offers more variety in tone and pace than one might have initially assumed, each track has its own identity and, to be honest, the style here encompasses a fair few genres rather than being able to fit comfortably into just one. Categorization be damned! Give this a moment in your ears, you won’t be disappointed!

Screamer -Highway of Heroes*

this is NWOBHM traditional heavy metal everyone should aspire to perform to the level of. Addictive and enchanting don’t quite reach the words I need to utilize in this instance, I’m still reeling. I swear if these guys would triple bill with Metalium and Traveler the Earth would spin so quick on its axis as to create a black hole (ha, that’s not how that works, I’m a far-reaching idiot) but I’d be a happy fella.

shadow limb
Shadow Limb – Burn Scar

These cats deliver and execute a smorgasbord of styles which combine to form a mesmerizing audio tapestry, a tableau which is familiar while at the same time intriguingly unique. An audio landscape which is unpredictable and exhilarating though on the other hand is also soothing and hypnotic. Go into this with an open mind and leave with the knowledge that their name is one you will be hearing a great deal of in the future.


Singularity -Place of Chains

Inferi technicality with a splash of Gothic aura (ala Cradle of Filth) wrapped in a maniacal grin carving delectable shell. Delicious rhythms, chasing melodies, galloping riffs, technically cavorting with progressive brilliance. Sci fi element? Check! Feast your ears on this and you will not be disappointed!! Stunning melodic technical death from the desert. The Artisan Era bring it again!!


Slutvomit – Copulation of Cloven Hooves

More than simply an album caked in filth, infernal nature and frenetic diabolical mischievous riffs aplenty this is an album that drips black sensibilities though is weighted in speed tropes, maniacal values, instantly appreciate able raunchiness and, naturally, wickedness. Lethal intent laden riff and dizzying rhythm transformations bring to mind vintage Morbid Angel as well Vader, even at times Slayer to offer a listen which is quite simply one of the year’s most surprising.

the bleeding morbid porophecy

The Bleeding – Morbid Prophecy

Atmosphere coupled with flesh melting riffs, a thrashy death approach and vocals seemingly plucked from early Destruction. If your mood demands furious fluid riffing, evil (as in the inclusion of guacamole on a burger) and vocals which only make one want to serve at the altar of a Dark God then this will hit the spot, then serve to obliterate it!

The Scourge
The Scourge – Warrant for Execution*

Between the albums delicate balance and masterful combination of a slew of styles (namely hard rock, NWOBHM, Southern groove and thrash among others) there lies utter undeniable brilliance. Swift pace cavorts hand in hand with melodies which would otherwise seem foreign, though somehow The Scourge have managed to syndicate the two much like PB n Jelly and then topped the concoction off with stunning musicianship, creative genius and a vocalist whose skills I can’t believe haven’t been discovered and utilized up until this point. Overall the meshing and molding of the styles is exquisite bearing a fluidity which is erratic and rarely witnessed across the metal cosmos. Don’t let your friends tell you about this, be the first on the block to preach!!


Totengeflüster – The Faceless Divine

An “Industrial” tightness, rhythm and blistering pace ala Ministry (circa “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste”/”Psalm 69”), classical/Gothic symphonic backdrops, an occasional splash of war metal, vicious vocals a presence which is superb throughout all the ingredients for another unconventional black metal release which has me doing a double take, and I’m not even known to like ‘black metal’.


Xoth – Interdimensional Invocations*

The shredding quotient in this is damn impressive the style dynamic yet diverse, infectious melodies, technical intricacies and progressive passages combine with a soundscape that’s part brutal death, part technical and slightly traditional metal in tone add to this lyrical content slathered in cosmic elements and a little levity and the result is a release which you cannot ignore!


abigail williams

Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond the Dark *

Hypnotizing from beginning to end this utilizes both traditional and non-traditional means to attain the heights which it transports its gob-stricken listeners. Beauty cavorts with viciousness and black metal sensibilities frolic with folk, doom, progressive and even the occasional traditional heavy metal element to form an ocean of atmosphere which like the nature of water itself is harrowing, melancholic and ferocious. The whole is utterly palpable in its effectiveness.

blood incantation

Blood Incantation – The Hidden History of the Human Race

Intoxicating passages are plentiful alongside melodies, which invoke wonderment and awe transporting the listener to unfathomably vast cosmic landscapes. Menacing, enveloping yet drenched in melancholia coupled with transcendental qualities (strangely wallowing in David Bowie and Devon Townsend pools in instances) which demand exploration this is an album which only blossoms the more it’s allowed the dominate the senses.

Byzantian Neckbeard – Minaton*

This collective pound out a style which is heavily doom/sludge infused though tainted with an undeniable thrash/death aura courtesy of the blackened vocal approach an occult Gothic vibe binds the whole together. Blanket the package in irresistible groove, a bluesy black and roll passion and you have a winner. Forget the recent connotations which come with the term ‘neckbeard’ and jump in. But be warned, you might not want to leave the catacombs anytime soon

cattle decapitation
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas

Prog/tech/grind/brutal death you can call this what you will but there’s no argument that this is inhumanely crafted with both precision and intelligence. Progressive passages meld with technical prowess and a pace which varies dramatically throughout both the album and every track making for a listening experience to please those with discernible tastes and those with open minds. No matter one’s opinion of what the band preaches, though it getting easier and easier to see their point of view, there’s no argument that this is a release which will carve a great many grins across the vast extreme audio landscape.

chained to the dead.jpg
Chained to the Dead – A Gruesome Encounter*

Overall, crimson, guts, stabbings, slicing’s, creepy soundbites and an infectiously groove laden percussion with an emphasis on melody and rhythm rather than blistering O.T.T brutality this is an album which decimates unsuspecting earholes without falling into repetitive realms, alights furious fanboy cinematic horror/cult research and demands attention. There is a fair few in the same vein as this with soundbites aplenty abetted by a similar audio style but Chained to the Dead have managed, somehow, to combine the usual elements (grindcore, death, crust) and then included a certain something to elevate the final result from the pack. This is criminally infectious!

Crusadist – The Unholy Grail

It’s hard to fathom that this is a debut. This reeks of experience and screams of a quality which comes from trial and error. Rare is it that an album digs its claws in, deep, from an initial listen. This is one of those rare examples and I pleased to impart that the same sensation lingers even following a third, fourth and fifth visit. The partnership of the guitars, bass and drums combine for an undeniably amazing effect (a dynamic structure which will prompt movement, riffs for days, menacing and ominous auras par excellence) Varied solo work which will leave one wondering what the hell is in the water in Chicago.

Depressed – Beyond the Putrid Fiction

Hardly audio to take the scene into fresh undiscovered territories this is however incredibly solid from start to finish. Injected with a groove infused dirge tone and varied rhythms to give even the most hardened of death fan a sore neck following a listen.

Fleshcrawl – Into the Catacombs of Flesh

Channeling “Massive Killing Capacity” era Dismember and a dirge which brings to mind the best of Bolt Thrower while boasting more pronounced D-beat, Crust elements and less ‘clean’ melodies the band have carved an album sporting stellar production (heavy on the drums giving it that desired oomph) which is instantly welcomed with eager ears. A Fleshcrawl for the coming decade offering up the classic Swedish MK2 sound with a freshness for the next generation to cherish as their parents did before them

Galaxy – Lost from the Start*

Channeling NWOBHM, Power, speed and thrash metal elements Galaxy have created a release that’s dynamic, infectious and draped in a cosmic narrative. And all in a way which reeks of homage yet breathes with exuberance and youthful energy, a package which is sure to stand out.

Iapetus - The Body Cosmic
Iapetus – The Body Cosmic

For those who have the patience, time and willingness to allow this to seep into the system the rewards are immeasurable. I’ll mention that this flows with an uncommon and undeniable brilliance throughout. Showcasing a love of the genre which is unquestionable and a talent for composition which is awe- inspiring Iapetus have formulated an audio collective which is both epic, intricate, diverse, unfathomably distracting and mesmerizing to the Nth degree. In effect, an album one might want to tether themselves to reality to before embarking upon.


Immanifest – Macrobial*

Draped in cinematic values and drenched in an epic celestial narrative “Microbial” does much more than merely entertain like the run of the mill/normal tech-death affair. Chaotic, enthralling, epic and enigmatic there’s plenty to lose yourself within on display here and Immanifest have captured the full attention. It’s been an amazing year for metal and thus is sure to be an album discussed come years end. Don’t miss it!

mortuary new release 19
Mortuary – The Autophagous Reign*

After thirty years most have slowed, perhaps even changed styles completely to appeal to larger audience (I think we all know who I’m talking about). Mortuary however have shattered the ‘over the hill’ adage; if there ever was a hill, they’ve blasted their way through it! Pulverizing, unrelenting, riff assault part grinding death/thrash (with just enough technicality thrown in) part South American aggressive thrash. Complemented by a precise Misery Index-esque drum barrage but all ungodly infectious. Likely to be treated like a box of Pringles (you can’t play this just once!) this is an album which’ll make you wish you were fit; a single track is likely to leave you sweaty and tired. Awesome audio with incredible allure.

mix tape action

Keep it up you maniac, you’re nearly done!

Don’t fret, I’m still here. As I mentioned earlier this theses three months are divided into two installments based on the sheer amount of releases (and the level of quality) unleashed. The final installment is on its way. Until then don’t fear the discovery of audio which might normally seem foreign to the senses.


Abrasive Audio – Part Thirty -One

headbangin gif

Like an ever-flowing stream the onslaught of metal flows ever onward, caressing the ears, delighting the senses and making even the shittiest of day that much better. Did I mention I’m drowning in promos?

Forget it. I don’t need your pity, though a helping hand would certainly be appreciated at this point (reach out if you’ve a dark sense of humor, a disdain for politics and have ever felt the urge to compose).


ectoplasma white eyed.jpg

Ectoplasma- White-Eyed Trance
Release – October/31/2019
Memento Mori/Repulsive Echo/Caligari Records

If you go out into the woods tonight (…”you’re in for a big surprise”. Wait wha-!) take a flashlight, a knife and a hooded cloak then, and only then (perhaps), can you join the party. I hear there’s plenty of fun to he had; ritual sacrifice, an orgy with a plethora of enthusiastic octogenarian kultists, a petting zoo (of sorts), Kool-Aid and cookies…with chocolate chips (yum).


A topically themed introduction that comes complete with cawing crows and howling winds quickly transforms into a riotous avalanche of sound; chaotic drums and riffing. An old school aura with groove and a vocal style which will please most with brutal death penchants.


Groove, atmosphere and brutality combine to forge an album draped in familiarity. A death/doom affair, emphasis on death, which overflows with chuggery, melody, riffs which will incite instantaneous grins and an impressive ominous nature rather than all-out brutality. A fantastic introduction to another band who deserve attention within a genre overcrowded with a lack of originality.

Favorite Tracks; Pyschomanteum Immolation, White-Eyed Trance: Choronzonic Covenant, The Oak Spewed Foul Whispers, White-Eyed Trance: Ensnared in Devilry, Souls of Sacrifice (Devastation cover)

FFO; Deicide, Morgoth, Pestilence, Vomitory, Benediction, Asphyx.

hot breath

Hot Breath s/t
The Sign Records
Release – October/18/2019
Dewar PR

This screams retro, a photo of what I can only assume is the band, and could well have embellished the cover of an album from thirty years previous.


A whirlwind of synth clears the air for a guitar salvo with an unmistakable air of retro about it. And I’m sold! This is definite rock n roll 70’s worship and as a fan of a plethora of NWOBHM acts the grin plastered across my chops couldn’t possibly be any wider.


Hailing from Sweden one might initially think of the HM -2 sound rather than traditional rock n’ roll (thanks to Entombed, Carnage and the like) but all that might be about to change. This is an obvious palette cleanser for those whose interests primarily reside in the extreme but for those who dip their senses in metals roots this delivers all that one could wish. Powerful attitude-laden vocals complement galloping melodies and riffs which harken to an age where denim was king and tassels were an addition one could not be without (Insert memories of finding my parents jackets in the closet when I was but a young lad).

Hardly a copycat act this collective are slated to bear the standard of the revival into an age where more of the same (seemingly on repeat) needs to be eradicated at all costs. For most this might qualify as a guilty pleasure, in my case however, I’m proud to support and praise an act who’s worthy of such. Give this a listen but be warned, it’s dangerously and instantaneously addictive.

Favorite Tracks; Still not Dead, Maniac, What you Reap.

FFO; AC/DC, White Spirit, Girlschool, Heart, Screamer, Di’anno fronted Iron Maiden, Jet.

An impromptu Interruption to take a peek at an official single premiere

being of entropy

Being of Entropy -Thumos
Release -October/24/2019
Thoughts –

The art depicting a heart fashioned from a myriad of twisting serpents leaves me inquisitive. Heavily drenched in Djent, Slam and Deathcore vibes (from the get go), “Thumos” is also undeniably shrouded in atmosphere. Progressive elements appear as if out if nowhere (showcasing a softer vocal approach) and weave in and around the dripping barrage of bludgeoning riffs. As the track progresses mid-tempo riffs become faster, shifting into hyper speed then back again. A background howling vocal effect becomes part of the background and adds an undeniable aura to (what many might consider) typical deathcore elements towards the track’s finale making for a climax which leaves me curious, especially since I normally don’t traverse genre waters of this type too often, and eager for any surprises an upcoming full-length might provide.


Back to the Regularly Scheduled Programming

gevaudan iter

Gévaudan – ITER
(United Kingdom)
Release – October/4/2019

Black and white imagery depicts a two-headed bird against a stark full moon. A closer look, however, and one can see the bird has a certain duality about it; half flesh and half bone. A clever touch which only makes me ponder upon the nature of the music itself.


Hypnotic, traditional, acoustic melodies ease the listener into the album. Combined with a soothing vocal approach the effect is mesmerizing. Even when the style suddenly shifts (drenched in distortion and ominous qualities) the tracks allure strangely remains captivating. The lyrics (as well their delivery) combined with the coalescing mood, spanning various doom landscapes, make for an experience one will want to explore again and again.


Much like the fabled French beast the band has named themselves after this also has the inane ability the consume. In this case however, it’s the listener, and not the unfortunate who has stumbled upon the beasts hunting grounds, and they aren’t cowering in fear but rather in absolute awe as the audio here washes over their unprepared senses. Channeling a myriad of styles from as far afield as stoner rock, folk and Gothic rock with a varied landscape of doom in-between Gévaudan have meticulously crafted a collection of songs boasting undeniable fluidity which possess the power to cast a spell, a unfathomably huge web of appeal, upon all who choose to lay ears upon it. Whether your listening habits lay in retro 70’s doom or the more update showcasing a mixture of death and doom or the melancholic and/or atmospheric this holds a vast trove of treasures to be excited about. Soaring, sweeping, riffs, a plethora of textures to whisk the listener away, distorted soundscapes, a narrative which warrants opening the lyric booklet alongside a spot of research and a diverse vocal delivery which hits then obliterates ‘the spot’. This about has it all and I can’t for the life of me wonder why it isn’t spoken about often and loudly, perhaps the end of year lists will change that. Mine will!

Favorite Tracks; This is another example of an album with zero filler. This dominates the attention from start to finish with its utter unmitigated brilliance.

FFO; My Dying Bride, Spirit Adrift, Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Lord Weird Slough Feg.


Vultur – Drowned in Gangrenous Blood
Release – October/31/2019
Memento Mori (note; this isn’t the release under scrutiny, as of this publication I could not locate it on Bandcamp)

It’s not the sharks you have to keep an eye for in this body of water…It’s the bodies!


A surging bulldozer approach sporting dirge quality, old school leanings, groove passages and atmosphere. A good start to get the attention.


One would only have to look at the track titles to get an idea of what they’re about to jump into. And this presumption isn’t that far off; this channels Cannibal Corpse qualities throughout. Rhythms are pummeling, bludgeoning, even at times mischievous and the overall quality doesn’t disappoint for those demanding ‘more of the same’. For those yearning audio that’s draped in technical and progressive elements this is a location offering sparse elements of each but for those needing something between melody and brutality this will hit the spot.

Favorite Tracks; Drowned in Gangrenous Blood, Crushing the Ribcage, Postmortem Lividity.

FFO; Deeds of Flesh, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse.

Interrupting the Flow of the regular Broadcast to take a Peek at a “Split”

treasonist y-incision split

Treasonist/ Y-Incision (Split) – Mechanical Perdition
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Release – November/22/2019
Clawhammer PR

An intricate black and white image (old school European thrash in aura) vividly depicts the suffering that most post-a-selfie-a-minute millennials are worthy.

Treasonist (USA) – (tracks 7 – 13)

Punishing grindcore sensibilities are accentuated by ever-evolving and amorphic, technical, brutal death, rhythm passages. The vocal approach is varied and successfully tops off an assault which fans of Napalm Death, Misery Index and Terrorizer are sure to salivate over.


Favorite Tracks; Chemically Silenced, Spiteful Tongues Condemn, A Moment is the Most you can Expect from Perfection.

Y-Incision (USA) – (tracks 1 – 6)

The sense of humor is undeniable here as too a style which incorporates all manner of extreme “cores” (thankfully not death, emo or math) in their titles starting with Grind with the addition of other elements to keep the listener at odds with what to mention as influence. Frenetic and frenzied leaving barely a second to catch a breather this is stylistically chaotic though tighter than a Nuns nether region. Sure, to place a smile on the face of fans whose penchants are firmly rooted in audio which is akin to watching television at a considerably faster pace than is normal and/or recommended.


Favorite Tracks; Lunaticus; A Vitruvian’s Tale Signifying Nothing, Snowflake Tears as Lube, Leech of Pity.

Overall – 79

Note: a spin on the traditional split. Each band here does a cover of one of the others tracks not heard here.

Back to the Regular Broadcast…

tempole ov perversion.jpg

Temple ov Perversion s/t (EP)
Release – October/18/2019
Clavis Secretorvm

Thanks fellas, now I have what many might consider the first pornographic image on the site. Although jaded this boasts certain vintage qualities, as well underworld qualities (as seen by the imps in attendance and creatures which warrant closer inspection to define). And the fact that I’ve just noticed that the one ‘impaled’ is sans arms and that the perpetrators face is malformed means that my attention is juvenile and drawn to the obvious before all else.


The introduction is an instrumental which more than hints at an album draped in a myriad of styles. A traditional heavy metal vibe here is strong as well elements of thrash/speed and an underlying dark atmosphere with a medieval vibe.


This is not what I’d expected based on the introduction, admittedly it’s closer to the albums accompanying art. Herein is a style which is draped in rhythm (damn catchy rhythms at that, sporting surprising groove passages) albeit slathered in black values. Accompanied by a vocal style which is decidedly black in tone (traditional) the whole affair is draped in a menacing aura and atmosphere occasionally shot through with shrieks and howls (which hint at Avant Garde influence). Riff breaks, far from the normal unrelenting assault, are a welcome addition and show an act who aren’t afraid to stray from the traditional genre template. Black metal with elements of speed metal, although to be sure it’s fast enough as it is, the occasional nod to tradition metal with moments of dramatic vocal gymnastics this is far from the norm but is wholly consumable without complaint. Surprise your senses and toss this between the ears it’s a damn sight more impressive than you might think.

Favorite Tracks; Arrival ov the Horns, Temple ov Perversion.

FFO; My apologies, I’m at a loss for whom to mention here. Step outside of the comfort zone and give this a listen, dammit!

hour of penance

Hour of Penance – Misotheism
Release – October/25/2019
Agonia Records

This is dark, Gothic and ominous indeed. Great colors and details. Are there tendrils/tentacles surging from the cathedral? Are the amassed crowds drenched in offal and crimson? Something is certainly stirring in the distance above the monstrous construct. Best grab a brolly, and best not to forget the tank. Prepare to put that bitch into four-wheel drive we be about to trample some unfortunates!


Technical, yet not overly so, unrelenting yet not so much as to be suffocating and accompanied by an inhuman drum salvo. This is a fantastic combination; did I mention the vocals are top notch? Nope, they are and this is an ultra-impressive commencement.


Unmerciful in its approach and unrelenting in its salvo; this is what death metal is all about (there are all manner of sub genres, the list expands by the day, but I believe this to be the purist strain). Boasting zero progressive passages and sporting unerring brutality; intricate in its composition from start to finish. Drenched in speed, but not merely for speeds sake, and an atmosphere complemented by undeniable majesty which places it perilously close to the darker side of the metal spectrum. I can honestly say this grabbed me from the get-go and caressed the space between my ears with loving punishment whilst creating a visage splitting smirk from ear to ear (I could probably star as the next Joker if I didn’t suffer from the curse of being absolute crap at most everything I try my hands at) until its finale.

I hate to admit that this is the first Hour of Penance album to really grab me. With that in mind I’m sure there are others and with the quality of this in mind I’ll make it a point of exploring their discography until I can decide I should probably go back to work, or family duties. I’ve heard word that most are excellent, perhaps I just wasn’t in the right mood at the time? Don’t be like me, give this a listen and dwell in absolute audio brilliance. Add this to your collection and support an act who are worthy of such. Suffice it to say this delivers and demands praise, here’s hoping I’m helping it along that path.

Favorite Tracks; Blight and Conquer, Lamb of the Seven Sins, Flames of Merciless Gods, Iudex,

FFO; Origin, Suffocation, Nile, Deeds of Flesh, Abysmal Dawn, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hideous Divinity.

Time for an Old Favorite; “RECC’d by”


Recc’d by RYCHUSSYN @gregorywjkelly on Twitter
Paladin – Purification du Mal
Release – September/20/2019 (note: the Bandcamp page mentions both July/20 and September/20)
PRC Music
Thoughts –

With art which depicts Seraphim obliterating serpents I’m left wondering what manner of audio I’m about to lay my ears upon. Is this power metal, epic or otherwise? Does it have religious connotations? Only one way to find out…

paladin OSDM

For starters, this certainly isn’t power, epic or even close to traditional heavy metal and I don’t believe it has anything to do with religion (one-way or another) though I could be mistaken, this is in a language I’m unfamiliar with much to the chagrin of my high school French teacher. It is however, mired in a gutter nature, catacomb values and an old school influence so cloying you can virtually smell it. Not to be confused with the Prosthetic act with the same name this Quebecian (am I saying that correctly?) collective stray far from thrash waters, also progressive and technical landscapes, much preferring to camp out in a terrain which is unmistakably treacherous and drenched in an ominous aura. Theirs is a style whose influence is familiar yet varied, from past (the old school here is strong young Padawan) and from more recent acts who have chosen to resurrect that which is tried and true and have added their own flair for an unarguable degree of success and acclaim. The pace showcased here is sluggish, and only occasionally treads into faster currents. The groove permeates throughout, is wickedly strong and one wouldn’t be remiss in wanting to prance around like one possessed whilst this slithers its way through the brain. Surprising are moments when the vocalist adds grunts and enunciation perhaps in homage to Celtic Frost. But, hey, it works and although one might be left scrambling for acts who sound like this (I know I am, my memory is schiite at the best of times) there’s no doubt that Paladin know how to compose to grab the attention of those yearning for a spot of putrid old school with a fresh twist. Check this out and support an act who more than worthy of your attention.

Recc’d by Void @voidhanger2 on Twitter


Verdugo – Altar Del Rencor
Release – July/16/2017
No Mercy Reks
Thoughts –

Recently my knowledgeable pal Void tossed me a Recc which I couldn’t find in its entirety, so I chose to tackle an earlier release by the same band instead. Much to my surprise and excitement the original Recc is now up and in full. With the quality of the last in mind I couldn’t wait to take the plunge so without further preamble…

verdugo altar of

First off, I must mention that this sports some of the finest black and white art I’ve seen in recent months. The stone altar, the skulls, the details on all of which are superb. And the depth of texture to the surrounding walls. Just brilliance.

The music itself is raw. But don’t let this fool you. It lends an edge to the style, as in this case I believe polished would feel out if place. The order of the day here is thrash, not just that but undeniable blackened values too. And it works! The concoction is criminally infectious in fact. Combined with vocals which sound as if they were recorded in a cavernous surrounding the effect is one which drips venom (not the band, nor ‘Spidey’s’ most infamous of foe), an air of underworld which the word macabre doesn’t quite touch. Naturally, lyrics sang in the bands native tongue help the music’s archaic qualities and the composition certainly aids in the same regard. Mischievous and galloping melodies are often part of the assault and serve to break up the unrelenting speed laden salvos. Bearing a decidedly South American aggressive thrash aura set against darkened values this is an album fans of the scene need to make time for. Toss them a few bucks in support to ensure they can continue to delight the senses; I’ve heard rumor something new is in the works. Fingers crossed.

exhausted animal

This is more tiring than you might imagine

Well, that’s about it for this shorter than normal installment, I’ve attempted to make this more diverse than most on account of its length hoping there was something for most everyone. Until our audio paths of interest cross again, don’t fear discovery of that which would normally be foreign to the senses.