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Scorching the Retinas – Dollar Store Movies; Ultimate Justice

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It’s Dollar Movie Time! Up for discussion this week is another I’ve picked up at an ungodly cheap price at one of my many favorite establishments.

Ultimate Justice (2017) Germany

ultimate justice movie

Writers – Marcos Theiss, Mike Leeder, Nicola Nauen.
Director – Martin Christopher Bode
Runtime – 94 minutes
Vision Films
International Film Partners
Silent Partners

Heavily dubbed and channeling the success and interest sparked from the Expendable films this features the talents of Mark – yes, I am the same; the Iron Chef – Decascos and a motley crew of assorted action film star look-alikes. There’s a fellow who looks like Dolph Lundgren and several others who will most definitely get those wheels a spinning. Ironically though this was produced in Germany, not the Eastern bloc (typically Bulgaria) where prices are significantly lower to shot than in Hollywood.


Nope, not “The Expendables”

Money, mercenaries and bad guys are what gets this feature rolling from the get go. Naturally, there are explosions aplenty, firepower to spare and sufficient gunshot wounds to make any emergency room attendee at New York General (yes, I’m sure that’s not the name. But you get the idea) wince. What isn’t expected however is the early on made for television emotion and suitable (piano tinkering) soundtrack to match.

(Trailer courtesy of Fantastic Movie Trailers Universe)

Following the cordite smoke high energy introduction and the feely/touchy bits the film transforms (again) into more a social get together to settle a revenge score. Cue a montage in which several larger than life characters are introduced (in their own environments) righting specific social wrongs via their special attributes and skills (it all sounds a bit cliché, it’s been done before but it highlights the films choreographers skill and some of the casts talent in swinging their limbs about wildly with maximum effect). Now the team is assembled, within no time seriously, the research begins. So just who deserves the stern ‘talking off’?

ultimate justice fkn ouch

Dammit, sorry I ate the last one. Forgive me FFS!

Apparently, the collective’s leader has been robbed, his wife has been touched more than just a little inappropriately and his pride as well the majority of his torso has been bruised significantly.  If only it were as easy as all that though. With money and hired “killers” being involved there’s bound to be the highest bidder gets ‘the action’ scenario, and there is. But enough about possible spoilers. The film features enough fight scenes to please the casual viewer probably not the hardened martial arts fan to be honest, the action isn’t bad (it introduces up and comer Mike Möller for all those wishing that on screen heroes weren’t so […um] larger than life), better than most in fact, certainly better than the majority of features bearing the same budget and sports a somewhat family friendly over the top Jackie Chan feel most certainly not the crimson, bone crunching kind witnessed within “The Raid Redemption”, “The Iron Protector” or “The Night Comes for Us”. The fighters exchange damage rather than merely dishing it out one sided, to give this a relatable everyday person edge rather than a superhero type nothing can touch me vibe.

ultimate justice you don't have to break

You shouldn’t have to twist many arms to watch this!

The accompanying soundtrack is of the type most commonly heard within RPG platform games, a bit of a cop out if truth be told. At times the approach fits, in others it appears a tad cliché. With all that being said however the film flows well. Sure, the acting isn’t terrific, it appears some ‘actors’ have been chosen more for their athletic abilities rather than acting chops but “Ultimate Justice” manages to hold the attention. Honestly, it gets to be a mite predictable towards the end but it’s pretty much mindless fun overall if truth be told and worth a watch if lower budget over flowing with beat-em’-up action, with minimal story line, non-Hollywood affairs are your penchant.


I’ll give this a 6


For other Mark Decascos treats try tracking down (1997) “Drive” directed by Steve Wang and the cult hit “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2001) which, you guessed it, features both Mark’s martial arts skills, subtitles and a four legged, fanged, creature also intent on a career in genre cinema. He also starred in the most recent “John Wick” installment (part 3).