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The Typical Day to Day, More of the Same?

Teeth upon my neck. Digging through flesh.


…This might well bring about the end to all?


Crimson decorating my surroundings.

“DAMN IT! Get up your alarm has been going off for the past five minutes”.

This wasn’t the normal way I awakened. Admittedly, I usually lay staring at the alarm clock for several minutes before flipping the switch to inactive. It takes me awhile to tell myself to get up and at em’. Everyday is pretty much the same.

This morning was slightly different. The night, or a large portion of it, was filled with lumbering monoliths sporting confused glances, children in tow. “I’m not sure? This is beginning to freak me out”. Then, the lunging and pressure upon my neck. For some reason I found myself giggling as this was transpiring with the words “Dawn of the Dead” upon my lips. Repeated, over and over until my head toppled from its fleshy perch to hit the floor. Can you see why I was glad to finally be able to escape sleeps lingering embrace.

On this particular day I rushed out of the door (it was normal I only usually gave myself enough time to gather my thoughts, make coffee and pack my lunchbox); not forgetting to kiss the wife, as I offered her the customary yet slurred “love you, have a great day” farewells. I watched as the garage door nestled into its closed position and checked my pockets one last time for all the necessary bits and pieces, I needed to ensure my morning went off without a hitch (whatever that in fact meant?) With coffee in hand I had the quiet drive to work to look forward to.

The next few moments brought little of significance (the neighbors children left their bike and scooter out in the street again) with the only major decision being the audio of choice. Should I listen to classical or blast that which my ears were otherwise accustomed? I choose the soothing movement of wind and brass over the chaotic riot inducing percussion coupled with the grunts, shrieks and groans I often chose to excitedly emulate.

Streets blurred into one other as my eyes roamed the landscape for eager officers of the law, hidden from view in plain sight their laps most probably powdered by the remnants of recently devoured baked treats. It was safe. Nevertheless, I found myself adhering to the frustrating whims of the holy light triad. One never knew when someone might greet one’s existence with abrupt flashing lights on account of the merest instant of not paying attention (“But Officer… it was yellow”).

One light in particular, I found, was in quite the fanciful mood. As I watched green turned to yellow, to red, to red again (wait what?) I became increasingly more frustrated. Three revolutions, close to five minutes. Seriously, who was taking the piss? Was there an individual in headquarters watching me, teasing my movements, readying to call out the authorities lest I cross an imaginary line in hopes I could trigger the sensor, a sensor, is there even a sensor? Does flicking your lights work? Just where was the left turn arrow, or even a green for those on “my side” to enable those to travel forward.

Amidst my frustrations and various hammering upon the steering wheel (movements I usually reserve for appreciation of the type of music I mentioned earlier), I noticed activity on the crosswalk across from me. My mind span, was this the individual responsible for the strange light activity? The more I paid attention the more I decided there was little, to zero chance, it could be. This person could hardly stand. Much like a new born deer it was as though they (singular tense) were learning, struggling in fact to keep their form from colliding with the dirt at an alarming rate of speed. I continued to watch, my sight occasionally switching to the stale red light (“change dammit!”) This was quickly deteriorating into fascinating entertainment. The person was jaywalking (do they even still give tickets for such an infraction, as many as unsolicited do you believe in God “argumentalists” who trespass to knock upon unsuspecting residences?) the light of the incoming traffic was green (Oh bliss, to have a light of such mesmerizing qualities). And yet still they paid zero heed.

Eventually the figure reached the median, tripped in fact, in a comical manner, which brought a childish smirk to my chops I’ll admit. (Please touch the button) I felt like jumping out of the car and proclaiming “For the love of all that is holy trigger the fn’ light”. But I resisted the urge and the figure managed, somehow, to not touch the area in which the button was located, every other part of the pole but that one location it seemed. Dammit!

However, I remained transfixed, at this point my frustrations had transformed from the get-away-from-that. That-will-scar-your-flesh boiling water on the stove type heat to more a controlled simmering. The figure weaved, a crazy dance where left meant right and up most probably meant down. One might easily ponder on whether in fact they existed in another dimension within the boundaries of our own (have you ever been that drunk?) But this person wasn’t drunk. In fact, on closer inspection (the light was still red) they appeared to be wearing the type of attire one might don to a special occasion.

Left leg, right leg…

I caught sight of a peculiarity. The folds of cloth shouldn’t bend in the way I was witnessing. Something was amiss. Was there an artificial limb in attendance perhaps? My gaze lifted and our eyes locked. Had he also been watching me this entire time?  The persons stare fell from my own, and…the light was still red, as they toppled. I swear I saw a placid expression turn to one of curiosity then depart from one of wonderment to something else entirely. The forms pace picked up. At this juncture he was crawling (the form appeared male though I know I shouldn’t assume). Scratch that. His hands were digging for purchase. Frantically. His eyes locked upon mine and I was swimming, drowning, in deep indecision waters. Should I take a picture (or a video? “Worldstar -”) or get out and help him or call the authorities (“wait you ran a red light and were driving one mile an hour over the limit?”)

I continued to watch, subconsciously my knuckles were tearing into the material of the steering wheel. I was stuck. I couldn’t move (the light was still red). Surprisingly I hadn’t seen a car since all of this had transpired. All of close to five minutes which seemed to have lasted a torturous lifetime.

An audible pop, quite unlike that of a champagne cork escaping its confines, broke the silence of the early morning stillness. And the figure moved with increasing vigor, a ferocity in its movements only matched by its formidable stare. With a start I noted the forms lower extremities. Devoid of movement, the combination of pants, socks and shoes amusing in their resting position (yea, we just thought we’d take a nap. Have you ever tried being a pair of legs? It’s exhausting!) The two portions now several inches apart, a fact which is strange in itself but it was then that I believed I saw a sight I’ve only ever seen in the movies; an uncoiling of that which should never see the light of day. Fuck me I was a character in a real-life zombie movie. Was my new regime of meds responsible? I wasn’t about to discuss it with the fellow who was getting ever closer. A leering look of I-hope-you-have-ketchup-in-your-car plastered across his features with shocking intent.

Fuck this, I was out of here. I looked up. The light was green. The fact that it might well have been green for several seconds of no importance to me now. My foot hit the gas with a viciousness reserved only for a downed opponent within the octagon. My tires squealed.  And I bid adieus to the form now mere inches away from the door beside which my form was seated.

The rest of my work day would in no way compare to this of that I was sure.


Abrasive Audio 2020 Part Twenty – A “Guest” Takes Over

Cult is away.  It’s hilarious as he’s on vacation, though still at the whim of someone, rather than doing absolutely bugger-all (which is much like anyone else would do). Like a puppy dog following around his master Cult is obediently following his wife’s every order. Poor sod. So, in his absence I’ve decided to keep the site afloat (as if anyone is paying attention anyhow?) What to tackle first? A movie? Nah, takes too long and depending on how decent it is I’d probably be doing something else by its finale. Metal, it seems, is where I’ll dip my malformed digits for the foreseeable future. And seems as I’m in charge, and Cult is elsewhere, looking confused, with tool in hand, cursing like an exasperated pirate, I’m going to mix things up a little, toss in a few elements which I believe have worked best. A few words, a few numbers, perhaps a smidgen of humor? What could go wrong? Seriously.

May I introduce my spin on Abrasive Audio

Starting with…

Amidst the Withering (USA) – Such Devils we Shame

Release- June 2020

Artwork- 68

A collection of gents wearing surgical masks, white suits (why am I thinking Akercocke?) and brandishing umbrellas in a desolate, desert, landscape. Far from the typical extreme audio cover. Do these fellas know something we aren’t privy too? Should we consult the Farmer’s Almanac? But what about the music? Onward…

Thoughts on the First Minute-

An instrumental introduction broken by huge riffs, Prog-esque rhythms and traditional singing. Hmm…I’m intrigued even though this isn’t at all (so far in) traditional of what the description promises.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 78

Vocals- 85

Infectiousness- 88

Genre- Symphonic Black Metal/Doom/Progressive/Avant Garde

Final Score- 88

Final Thoughts – There are ten tracks here to lose your senses in. Epic qualities abound with experimental elements scattered throughout. Surprisingly, however, this moves with a rhythm its description does not convey. Blast beats cavort with atmosphere, arrangements tip the hat to a variety of genres (even outside of the metal spectrum) and a wide array of vocal approaches make for a listen which is diverse and utterly enchanting. Those with patience, a penchant for Opeth, Amorphis, Cradle of Filth and appreciation of epic extreme audio which relies on more than brutality, gore and growls will find themselves with plenty to discover. Did I mention this runs close to, if not slightly more than, an hour in length? My digit wandering and jumbled thought vomit cannot do this justice.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Add this gem to the collection pronto!

Eshtadur (Columbia) – From the Abyss

Release- September 2020

Artwork- 78

I’m guessing with close to 100% certainly (huh?) that the artist responsible for this has seen “The Void”. Apparently, he/she liked it such they did their own rendition of the cover art with an upside-down triangle and an acolyte wearing crimson robes. Yes. It’s a fantastic flick if you have yet to see it.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Symphonic menace, bludgeoning dirge, snarling vokills and a distinct Dissection aura. This is taking no time to attract my attention and it’s using all the right moves to do so.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 84

Vocals- 88

Infectiousness 89

Genre- Blackened Death/Melodic Death

Final Score- 86

Final Thoughts -Two things; 1) This album slices, shreds and dices a damn sight more impressively than that “Slappy Chopper” TV guy! And 2) Track six. What the hell? I know Cult would say they “Graveworm-ed” it (in reference to a Bonnie Tyler cover found nestled within one of their albums). Seriously in this instance it’s enough to make one wonder if someone has jammed their frequency with a Boy Band hit. Suffice it to say it kinda takes one “out of it”. Nevertheless, one can always skip it and enjoy an album overflowing with Arch Enemy (Ammott Brothers sweeping rhythms, leads and outstanding passionate solo work) At the Gates, Heaven Shall Burn, The Haunted and Behemoth energy, perhaps even a touch of Dissection at times. The album commences with a grandiose nature and switches back and forth to more a melodic Death approach with a touch of Black.  Hey, both work and it’s clear from whom they borrow the influence from. But that one track. Argh-!

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Absolutely, but get that skip digit ready!

Repuked (Sweden)- Dawn of Reintoxication

Release – October 2020

Artwork- 77

Chemical waste, bile, chained individuals and a demonic entity with a whip. This is someone’s hell, not mine but it has the potential to steer a few away from the ‘hard stuff’ I’m sure.

If the audio is anything as alluring as this image is time to break out the boots, camp shorts and inhibitions.

Thoughts on First Minute-

I’m getting an Entombed meets Obituary vibe. Ominous nature abounds. As the first minute winds down a menacing whispering begins. I’m far beyond intrigued.

Remainder of Album;

Viciousness- 74

Vocals- 83

Infectiousness- 86

Genre- OSDM/Brutal Death/HM2/Crust

Final Score- 84

Final Thoughts – Somewhere between Hypocrisy and Grave lies Repuked. Part HM2, part Crust and all bloody sickness dripping in pus, shit and gastric juices. If this sounds familiar, it should. Repuked also bear a bounce, groove and thump to their style reminiscent of mid-era Pungent Stench, the lyrics certainly tell of the influence as well an undeniable Autopsy and, slightly less, Exhumed edge. As an added bonus a plethora of soundbites set the scene. “Shitfister” is perhaps one of my favorites in recent memory; showcasing activities slathered in goretastic undertones and delicious depravity (it actually sounds like Sloth from “The Goonies” might be having a spot of extra-curricular “fun”?) The album stays miles from stale territory in displaying a delightful array of vocal styles, all grunt and growl mind you, in one case it even appears that A Mr. Tardy might be present in the proceedings (but he probably isn’t). Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think going in, a few of the track titles suggest a juvenile mentality, but the album delivers, depicting the bands adoration of the scene and cult movies. The title track appears an instrumental homage to Goblins with a Carpenter-esque splash tossed in for shits n giggles. I can virtually smell the fear as the undead approach in their shambling manner. This is sure to set a multitude of arenas alight in frenetic movement when and if live events ever become a thing again.

Worth Tossing Coins At?

If OSDM with sick lyrics, soundbites and Groove is your thing this is great way to splurge your savings.

Savage Annihilation (France) – Soumises a la Procreation (EP)

Release – April 2020 (Xenocorp)

Artwork- 84

Debauchery, wickedness and bloodshed, all taking part in a party lit temple. Where can I sign up?

Thoughts on the First Minute-

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s something of a decidedly dark exotic nature going on here. But no body slamming, hair whipping, audio as of yet. What gives?

Remainder of the album;

Viciousness- 85

Vocals- 84

Infectiousness- 84

Genre- Brutal Death/Tech Death/OSDM

Final Score- 84

Final Thoughts – Three originals, a tribute to Slayer’s Jeff Hannemann and two ripping covers (by way of Helloween and Deicide). Their last album delivered, this makes me dripping and (need I mention?) rather moist for the next. In the meantime, this will suffice! Brutal Death with crunch, snap yer neck riffs, breakdowns bordering on Slam and a delicious OSDM vibe.

Worth Tossing Coins at?

A resounding “Hell Yes!”

In Chasms Deep (USA) – The Wind and her Lament

Release- August 2020 (Independent)

Artwork- 82

I’m getting an adult ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ vibe here. Anyone else? I’m envisioning a huge giant (a ruffian type with no care for others well-being who most probably owns every Pantera album even those from their ‘Glam’ phase) tumbling his way down the “stalk” to chomp on and ravish the nearby villagers (but not necessarily in that order)

Thoughts on the First Minute-

A lazy piano introduction drifts into acoustic guitar territory. Plenty of emotion here with an underlying ominous lurking nature ready to pounce. At this juncture though this could go anywhere. Ill stick with it, I’m in a patient mood.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 84

Vocals- 78


Genre- Black Metal/Doom/Post/Avant Garde

Final Score- 74

Final Thoughts – Chaotic and Dissonant. Bordering at times on apocalyptic noise with teasing melodic tendrils which wrap themselves sporadically around the audio’s distinct raw nature. A post element is also present and often appears to comfort the audio much like a patient parent placating a enraged bi-polar child mud – tantrum (aren’t all young children bi-polar?) The vocals are often freak force of nature intense adding to the release’s primitive aura, the flipside of which are the aforementioned post elements and plentiful melancholic laden atmosphere. This is a diverse release for sure. A delicate balance of brutality and atmosphere. A stellar one-person accomplishment if truth be told which will, most probably, demand a few listens to fully appreciate. This isn’t your parents Black Metal. It has a depth and intricacy which is uncommon though definitely intriguing to those with an open-mind and the time to invest.

Worth Tossing Coin At?

Yes. A delightful slab of multi- faceted BM to add to the collection.

Ingested (UK) – Where only God’s may Tread

Release- August 2020 (Unique Leader Records)

Artwork- 95

An underworld bakery of sorts? Everyone’s personal hell; falling asleep in a DMV with only the one person attending? Or something more nefarious and diabolical still? This image is certainly up for discussion for those with the time to impart. I’d rather just stare and slowly let my being fall into its allure.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

If you aren’t hooked, salivating and exhausted by the first sixty seconds, you’re probably in a lot better shape than I. But seriously, this offers the listener all they require going in. There are slams, wicked tempo changes, technicality and fury. Clear the room and get ready to move!

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 89

Vocals- 91

Infectiousness- 93

Genre- Brutal/Tech Death/Deathcore/Slam

Final Score- 92

Final Thoughts – Intricate, technical and tight (insert joke here*) but so much more. A seething, hot to the touch, cauldron of Slam, Brutal Death and a handful of blurred boundary sub-genres in between. Though thankfully minus the overboard fretboard and atmospheric gymnastics other acts wallow in. All this and tracks featuring special guests. The one with Kirk Windstein certainly mixes things up (but is that the music from 28 Days Later?) Ingested have done it again, be it mid-tempo menace, slamming riffs, the occasional touch upon atmospheric arenas or chaotic amorphous brutality this is a resounding success sure to please existing fans exhibiting a quality guaranteed to drag more into the fold.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Tip the couch, smash the neighbors piggy bank, break out the old clothes, a tin can and squat on a street corner. Do whatever you need to. This is a must own!

Law of Contagion (Portugal) – Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms

Release – August 2020 (Moribund Records)

Artwork- 76

“Feed me, Seymour”. A horned gent with a wicked tooth filled belly wades through, what I would deem, his ‘lunch’. A pair of winged waiters keep the (free range) treats in check. A crimson tinge makes this image pop.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

A raunchy and cavernous Old School vibe bolsters this audio. Blackened and mid-tempo this has me intrigued but not fully committed, quite yet.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 80

Vocals- 80

Infectiousness- 85

Genre- DeathDoom/Black Metal/Crust

Final Score- 82

Final Thoughts – Plentiful nods to a myriad of influence keeps the senses ticking and the synapses firing. The audio flows like a tempestuous (love that word, only a pity I can’t trademark it) river offering slower passages with an inkling of menace to swifter more dangerous territories which seem to initially tease then devour the senses in a feral manner. With atmosphere throughout, occasional frolicking within other genres, surprising groove and elements of Drone this hits the spot and is sure to leave any patient (for this really isn’t for those who demand instant gratification) listener nodding their head ferociously. Quite the feat for an act with only a single member. I have my ears pinned to the ground (ouch!) for word on future releases.

Worth Tossing Coins at?

Open that wallet, let the green fly!

Night (Sweden) – High Tides, Distant Skies

Release – September 2020 (The Sign Records)

Artwork- 65

If I’m not mistaken (which I probably am) this image is a depiction of a famous bridge in San Francisco. Really says nothing about the music but nevertheless has me intrigued. Weird, how a bridge does that. Hmm…

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Well, this is miles from my normal ‘ear food’. So far in, this sounds like Hard Rock with a tinge of Speed metal. An edge much like early Rainbow in their more energetic moments (with Dio). Needless to say Cult would lose his shit over this, at least based on the sixty seconds which have passed.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 36

Vocals- 92

Infectiousness- 94

Genre- Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Speed/Epic Metal

Final Score- 93

Final Thoughts – Fans of Old Man Wizard, King Gorm and Rainbow (Deep Purple, Scorpions and even Dire Straits in instances) with a great many “vintage” acts in between rejoice. Strangely, I’m finding myself entranced. Between the rhythms, this gentleman’s hypnotic voice and the music’s sublime nostalgic aspect, even with its often-varied approach, I’m stricken with an appreciation I never thought this album would, or could, produce. Seriously, this is audio both the new and older generation can agree upon. If not, I honestly don’t know what to say. Perhaps, clean those ears out and develop taste? This deserves attention and I can’t believe I’m saying that as, again, this is universes away from that which usually bounces around in my skull.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Your wallet might not thank you (I’m not sure what the postage is on this or where it even ships from), but your ears most certainly will!

Tribe of Pazuzu (Canada) – King of all Demons (EP)

Release – March/2020 (Vic Records)

Artwork- 90

Lots of murk, haze and ominous nature on display here. But just who is this menacing fellow? Have I been partaking of another’s “mate” or is it that I owe money to someone? Hah. Who am I kidding, it’s probably both? My cardio is schiite, it’s a good job I’m adept at hiding. Bring it on big fella! Here’s hoping his sense of smell isn’t up to scratch.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

A Thrash riff introduction slaughtered by a Slayer-esque guitar scream followed by more aggressive (tight) rhythms and a vocal approach any fan of the scene can appreciate. A definite malicious aura here slathered in a style one can appreciate without thought. If the rest of tracks on offer are as good as the initial sixty seconds the listener is in for a treat indeedy!

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 85

Vocals- 84

Infectiousness- 86

Genre- Blackened Death/Death/Tech Death/DeathDoom

Final Score- 87

Final Thoughts – Channeling both American and European influence this offers rhythms with intensity and the boisterous potential to snap a multitude of necks. Diabolical menace and wicked vocals paired with top-notch arrangements, undeniable know how, talent and a definite blackened presence make for a listen one will only want to repeat and praise aloud to complete strangers.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Beg, borrow or steal, for this is a must own!

And what would an Abrasive Audio be without a(t least one) Recc?

Recc via @UniqueHifi

Ambush (Sweden) – Infidel

Release – March 2020 (High Roller Records)

Artwork- 82

I’m not entirely sure if that’s a person, a cross or something else warming the surrounding small village. On closer inspection it’s a form upside down charred to a crisp.

I’d imagine there’s easier ways to remove that annoying hair from the taint, though I’d still much prefer this to waxing (ouch!)

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Heavy and Speed Metal collide with a rhythm which has me tumbling back (a sight which is none too pleasant) to the golden age of NWOBHM. Seriously if you aren’t hooked by the first minute with the stunning combination of vocals and audio you might wanna’ hang up your camo shorts, spikes and battle vest. This is killer. Nuff said!

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 64

Vocals- 94

Infectiousness- 93

Genre- Heavy/Speed/Power Metal

Final Score- 91

Final Thoughts – Lodged somewhere in the crevices between “Thundersteel” Riot, Dokken at their peak and Ozzy Rhodes era material is where this resides. Rhythms are sublime, arrangements spelt DAMN INFECTIOUS complemented by vocals which sport a range which is sure to convert even those, like myself, who don’t normally frequent this corner of the Metal realm. Occasionally its merely a hint of influence and era in other instances it’s like a neon sign, especially with the Grinder esque riffs of “Yperite”.

If you enjoy Speed, Power and melodic metal and have an audio library bursting at the seams with Priest, Maiden, Iced Earth, Halloween and the like you’re going to smirk like a loon. Don’t be surprised if you’re tempted to crank this up to 11 (Spinal Tap reference there).  Bring a cooler full of goodies as you’re gonna be here a while.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

It appears Mr. UniqueHifi delivered again! This is toe – tappingly distracting to the Nth degree.

So that’s a YES, for those who need it spelled out.

Recc via Void (and Plucked Screaming from Metal Past)

Thy Darkened Shade (Greece) – Liber Lvcifer I; Khem Sedjet

Release – October 2014 (World Terror Committee)

Artwork- 84

Is that a nun or an angel? Doesn’t matter, it’s the ectoplasm she’s pulling from her facial cavity which gets me hot and bothered. I’m thinking the two shadowy characters behind her are sporting rod too.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Gregorian chanting, or close to, and atmosphere. This has tribal leaning and it appears as if it’s about to “break” into something more sinister still. Quality this far in has me more curious than a fuzzy feline happening abruptly upon a mountain of catnip dangling precariously at the entrance to the dripping jaws of a pug.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 87

Vocals- 89

Infectiousness- 92

Genre- Melodic Black Metal/Blackened Speed

Final Score- 92

Final Thoughts – A 117-minute album which isn’t Doom. Hmmm… The kicker here is that this is all manner of unholy kinds of addictive and impressive. Be it passages of atmosphere-laden BM, intricate pace transformations or blistering Blackened Speed; this has a fluidness which is head- noddingly uncanny, though serpentine. A presence which rivals Rotting Christ (at their finest) and an air of quality which demands attention with a chorus of constant eardrum shattering applause. Did I mention “Epic”? Do I need to? Don’t let the word put you off, this is a must discover for fans of atmospheric/melodic BM. Whatcha’ waiting for? This should seriously be mentioned more when the best releases of the Black Metal genre (the whole, not merely the “Raw” material) is argued and fought over.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

This is another Recc from Void. It goes without even a modicum of discussion. He knows his audio.

Ambassador (USA) – Care Vale

Release – September 2020

Artwork- 74

An angry crimson sky over still water. OK. Where’s the Kraken, pissed off fantastical sea creature, zombies, demons, anything? Apparently, this isn’t one if those albums. Hitting play regardless.

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Post? Prog? I’m not even sure what to call this but its damn infectious. Strong vocals complement the audio. This appears to be radio friendly thus far in but remains, strangely, damn listenable.

Remainder of the album;

Viciousness- 44

Vocals- 89

Infectiousness- 85

Genre- Doom/Sludge/Alternate/Post/Progressive/Rock

Final Score- 83

Final Thoughts – Oddly relaxing and easily “consumable” by most this appears a wicked mashup of Somali Yacht Club, early Deftones (not the pent up aggression-laden “Adrenaline” album) and other acts who prefer atmosphere, slow-build and dissonant rhythms over viciousness and brutality.

Overflowing with emotion and passion this is a release which is certainly growing on me.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

If you have an open mind and willingness to discover this is a fantastic place to drop silver.

Wills Dissolve (USA) – Echoes

Release- August 2020 (Hypnotic Dirge)

Artwork- 76

I’d call this a “Black Hole” but it’s everything but. More rainbow in tone it reminds me to drag my ass outta the bath once the water has finished draining. Imagine being sucked into a vortex of hair and gunk. Where’s the scuba gear?

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Atmosphere, atmosphere and foreboding and yet more atmosphere. Just when is this puppy gonna get going?

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 45

Vocals- 88

Infectiousness- 86

Genre- Progressive/Doom/Black Metal/Avant Garde

Final Score- 89

Final Thoughts – There’s only the one track here. A whopping thirty- two minutes! Hey, Doom genre put that in your pipe and smoke it (whatever that means?) The build is going to be frustrating for those not accustomed to such but for all others it’s more than worth the anticipation and dragging the ears through a landscape which appears to be patching itself together as the audio plays out. The track tells a tale; weaving a narrative of an astronaut on a deep space mission it serves to effectively convey the myriad of emotion one would endure in the same situation; including but not limited to loneliness, madness, exhilaration and dread. Melancholy winds throughout the arrangements as well instances of plunging darkness, and rhythms both delicate, technical and bludgeoning.

In short, this is an album which warrants deep exploration, several spins and patience. It grabs ahold on the first listen, though begs for familiarity, more spins, only to devour the senses the more it’s permitted entry. Influence is far and wide for an experience which is multi-faceted and undeniably spellbinding. I’m gonna spin this a great deal more in the foreseeable future. Strangely, its aura has me in a coddling caress and I’m rather liking it.

Worth Tossing Coin At?

A resounding yes, for those with the patience and a penchant for the Prog.

Black Crown Initiate (USA) – Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape

Release- August 2020

Artwork- 65

A playing card of sorts, although of an unrecognizable suit. I’m honestly not sure what to say about this. Perhaps I should go to college get a slew of degrees then come back to dissect it?

Thoughts on the First Minute-

Folksy percussion with excellent vocals. Not really Metal as of yet but I’m of the mind there’s something seething under the surface about ready to break free.

Remainder of the Album;

Viciousness- 77

Vocals- 85

Infectiousness – 82

Genre – Progressive/Melodic Death/Folk/DeathDoom/Djent

Final Score- 85

Final Thoughts – This is all over the place but in a great and thoroughly entertaining way. The vocals, as well as the music itself, are delightfully varied ranging from throaty growls to clean singing. Arrangements are draped in atmosphere and presence often taking the listener to a calm place before devastating the brief hypnotic spell the listener might have otherwise been enjoying. Chaotic passages give those demanding intensity what they desire whilst calmer moments serve to showcase the bands composing talents, strengths and composition brilliance. I’m eager as to which direction another album might take them.

Worth Tossing Coin at?

Wonderfully diverse for those moments when something “else” is needed to complement the brutality on offer. So, that’s a a Yes!

And To Close Things Out

A Ravaging of the Senses in Hyper-Speed (aka: “a single listen, a few words, I’m out!”)

Carnation (Sweden) – Where Death Lies

Release – September 2020

This is criminally additive! Death Metal executed just the way Daddy likes it (wait, what?) showcasing melody, Old School tendencies, brutality and a slew of recognizable influence mashed together. This is the bands second release. Expect Carnation to be a household name within the next few years.


Reveler (US) – Disembodied Excursions (Demo)

Release – September 2020

Old school DeathDoom here with a side of sickness draped in catacomb-esque qualities. A great start to get their name on the map!


Inanimentum (Ukraine) – Incantations and Rites (Demo)

Release – 2019

Yet another one-person Black Metal outfit to digest. This one, however has hypnotic qualities and atmosphere to spare. Symphonic elements, its relaxed pace and a traditional vocal approach lend it an exquisite occult aura. This is release you can virtually sink into!


Gloriam Satanus (Argentina) – Spell of Possession (Demo

Release – September 2020

I knew South America is absolute fire for evil sounding Thrash but I wasn’t sure about BM. Well, you can now add BM the list. This is fury-laden audio with wicked vocals, exciting rhythms and complementing symphonic atmosphere which rather than detract, only add to the overall experience. With a Demo of this quality one has understandably high hopes for a full length. Can’t wait!


The Infernal Sea (UK) – Call of the Augur

Release- 2012 (Plucked Screaming from Metal Past)

I’ve been scouring Cult’s Twitter (how naughty of me). Saw a few words on the newest by these guys and decided I should dig deeper. And… this doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s damn impressive! Great production complements active rhythms and arrangements which are sure to surprise and delight. Far from raw this is melodic though strangely retains an extraordinary presence and menace which (most) fans demand. With this in mind I’m off to discover the rest of their catalogue.


And that’s it!

Until next I’m able to drop my rancid thoughts upon ye,


Scorching the Retinas – Zombieland 2; Double-Tap

Zombieland 2; Double Tap
Writer – Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Dave Callaham.
Director – Rubin Fleischer
Runtime – 99 minutes


Well, Cult has gone and done it again. That is, he’s done nothing! He’s really quite unable to. Poor bastid. In between his job, the crazy business of the current situation, and looking after his frenetic toddler he’s barely enough time to make use of his RedTube subscription. Those hands must be twitching!

As if you haven’t noticed this is another zombie film review and it doesn’t take but a few seconds and a creative spin on the lady holding the torch in the (Columbia Pictures) credits to realize the same. (Another zombie film, yet another zombie film) However, this seems different than most. I’m “primed”, and in record time.

(trailer courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Much like the first installment, in this series, the narrative plays an important part; “rules” are still important (but are they really? With rules comes complacency and boredom which more often than not leads to chaos). Types of zombies are given monikers; humor is prevalent and crimson is thankfully tossed around more liberally than ‘buzz words’ in a college debate.

(ZKotY courtesy of Fandango Movieclips)

Our old heroes, each named after a memorable city (in some instances a State), are back at it. But some are getting fed up and decide it’s high time to spice things up even though they’ve just spent a great deal of time trashing 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (aka The White House). The collective split into two factions and go their own merry ways. Enter an (hypothetical) esteemed trophy and the humor quotient of the film rockets into the stratosphere.  “Zombie Kill of the Week” (or even the Year) is awarded to the most inventive survivors with a thirst for that which spikes the adrenaline and ultimately keeps them alive; slaughtering the undead but in the most ingenious of ways.

zombieland 2 madison

It’s where strangers give other strangers a ride, but it’s not a Taxi service.

The film progresses. One-liners fly as often as disembodied limbs and the cast of characters (ones with a pulse) builds. “Shut the fuck up. I know what you’re about to say…she’s dating a musician.” Tensions soon become flared and opinions whiz around much like projectiles shot by drunken teenagers in a firing range. There’s even a business proposition tossed around which would make the flawed Taxi industry sit up and take note.

zombieland 2 I don't like you at all

Add in a few references to “The Brave Little Toaster” and a landmark book by Steinbeck with “Mice” and “Men” in the title and the movie keeps entertaining. But it gets better, our heroes meet their doppelgangers, come to the conclusion they are indeed annoying pricks and again are left to ponder what’s left to discover on the open road, decide it’s worth a shot and move on (drop that John Denver track here DJ).

Tallahasse Zombieland 2

Just what’s in it for me?

Include a monster truck, a Valleygirl who is rather easy to look upon, lifelong dreams of visiting Graceland, a Peace commune and the rest, as they say, is history. But let’s not forget the amazing FX (this movie has a budget), kills aplenty, Woody Harrelson and a zombie upgrade (these bastids don’t fuck around!)

I can only hope the current Covid situation doesn’t transform this planet into much the same predicament. As I for one will go back underground, wa-ay underground in fact and take my chances with quite possibly the worst boss ever (the horned bastid himself and his many minions who are most probably going to notice the undocumented time I’ve taken away from my post) and the ‘tide of stinky green’ often referred to as the amassed Goblin hordes.  Let’s face it, odds are Mr. Woody Harrelson isn’t about to leave his compound to save the world. And why would he want to? Seriously?

And that’s about it. It’s been brief for which I have many a factor to blame but most notably my penchant for gnawing on those delicious four-legged creatures known as cats.

zombieland 2 emma stone

Badass of the Zombie wastes

But in all seriousness the taste is worth all the time it takes to clean the fur from between the teeth. But back to the movie, as I’m sure Cult would wish me to come to some sort of a conclusion. By all means, check it out. It has more zombies than you can shake a stick at (literally) and Emma Stone. Did I mention this has Emma Stone  in it? (Yumm). Woody Harrelson is obviously another great reason to give this peek, but it isn’t just that. The movie has a great flow, is entertaining throughout, be it through humor or abundant grisliness and all of the characters (the main original characters) are the kind one would find it easy to root for. To too it off, for all those old school thrash fans out there it also features a Metallica classic. There’s admittedly little to complain about. Give this a spin!


zombieland bill murray


Whoops. Nearly forgot. Stick around for the credits to hear Bill Murrays reasonings as to why he tackled a third “Garfield” (he’s a tubby little thing, I wonder what he’d taste like?) film.

Who doesn’t hate Monday’s?

Scorching the Retinas – Tackling the Wrong Turn Franchise

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)
wrong turn 2 cover art
Writers – Turi Meyer, Alfredo Septien, Alan B McElroy
Director – Joe Lynch
Runtime – 97 minutes
20th Century Fox, Summit Entertainment, Constantin Film Production

Sure, why not start in the middle rather than at the beginning? Well, I did and here I am. Cult is away again, probably sleeping already. He’s on vacation and he’s stuck with his young un’ at home, and let me tell you, she’s a spirited one. If she ain’t singing “Let it Go” or “Into the Unknown” she’s storming around like a Princess, with an attitude to fit. But getting back on track; I’ve got the reins now with snippets of that Slayer Comp still ragin’ through my ears.
So what say we get started.

(trailer courtesy of Movie Clips Classic Trailers)

“Wrong Turn 2” was made back in 2007 and it doesn’t take long to realize this. Cell phones are flip things, and earpieces are akin to those unsightly slabs of metal worn on “Star Trek” (the early series with good old Shat not the newer ones).

wrong turn 2 opening kill

Breast or Thigh? …It doesn’t matter!

Anyhows,  this chick, in the opening scene, is belligerent, screaming at her agent about one thing or another then she plows this poor chap down.  and wouldn’t you know it the poor bugga’ scratched up her Stang. Now rather than being somewhat pissed, who wouldn’t he scratched up the Stang’, she’s unsure, hysterical. However, this doesn’t last long. Some logger type looking chap makes his way outta the woods and cuts her in Twain. Downwards (“Terrifier” style), not across and this movie is off to a great start with perhaps one of the finest kill scenes to open up a movie ever. And my popcorn has suddenly found itself with extra butter (or a liquid which looks strangely close).

Wrong turn 2 Henry Rollins

End scene. Enter Mr. Black Flag, Henry (motherfkn’) Rollins, and an introduction to a reality game show of sorts with six contestants (five now, or seven. All depending on how one looks at it) and a theme centered around the Apocalypse (at this point we should all be taking notes and making time to rewatch the “Mad Max” franchise). Naturally, all of the contestants are young, nubile, hot to trot and bursting with enthusiasm.
A quick look behind the scenes shows the competition heating up and a producer wearing a “Battle Royal” shirt which is rather fitting (if you haven’t seen it, drop whatcha’ doing and prepare to forget Hollywood’s take on it; which is often referred to as “The Hunger Games” franchise).

wrong turn 2 i wanna play

Peek a boo!

The games begin, the rules are explained and it’s clear from the get-go who’s present for the money and who for the prestige of competing. Mr. Rollins does a great job of emulating the drill Sergeant from “The Frighteners” and “Full Metal Jacket” (R. Lee Ermey) and there’s another stand out scene in the books. But it ain’t all fun and games. There’s something uninvited in the woods which wants to join in but with rules of it’s own choosing.

“Holy shit, the whole family’s deformed” about describes the way the remainder of the movie goes. Powered by “The Hills Have Eyes” and general Slasher movie mayhem on bathsalts the kills come fast and furious, unflinching, just like Daddy likes them and uncompromising to boot. Seriously folks, this has more guts in its first half than most reputable Cult Cannibal flicks and a shotgun which would put many cannons to shame.

wrong turn 2 Boom


The pace here is remarkable, fluid and feverish throughout, enough to spike anyone’s adrenaline and the characters varied enough to bring forth opinions ranging from instant I don’t care if you perish hatred to I wish you’re the one who survives to repopulate the world adoration. The acting isn’t horrid enough to deter from the story, which is somewhat minimal, but it matters not when the screen is drenched in this much grue.
The finale looms, there’s enough blood and body parts scattered to give Dahmer a boner and the cast is significantly smaller in size, but more widespread,(that’s a pun), than when the movie commenced. But the action remains slick and sticky (nope, this isn’t another filling every available orifice extravaganza flick) two teams face off and…
Well that’s where I’m going to leave my blow-by-blow (enough of the double entendres already) commentary.

wrong turn 2 lunch

This is strange. I can see my spleen.

To cut this short, for it’s about my bedtime, Joe Lynch has far surpassed himself here. A homage to a wide swath of slasher flicks doused with a generous dollop of dark humor and enough glorious FX to sate the most depraved of penchants I’m pleased to state that this brings to the table more crimson goodies than any “Friday the 13th” flick and an overall viewing experience I would somewhat liken to (one of Cults favorites) “Dead Alive”.


“Wrong Turn 2” is frenetic, unflinching, graphic, splattered with antagonists which appear immortal (though most certainly don’t live like it) and dotted with characters one wants to root for. The effects are abundant, grisly and executed with attention to detail (that explosion. Wow!) The directing is top notch, again huge props to the mind behind one of the sickest segments within “Chillerama”, and there’s seriously not a complaint here. Boobs, blood, guts, an inbred fellow who looks like he was plucked from a John Hughes film, tons of pitch humor and a final scene which puts Tobe Hoopers “The Mangler” to shame. This is my kind of film. Did I mention Henry Rollins is in this? I did, well shit I’ll say it again, cus’ he deserves another mention. Go get em’ Rambo (whoops!)
Do whatever you have to be able to set the eyes upon this. I much prefer this over any of the “Friday the 13th” films. Don’t @ me, I don’t care. I don’t have any allegiances, I like whatever puts a stoopid grin on my face. And now I’ve said my part. I’m out!
Shit. I Nearly forgot, Cult likes ‘ratings’ now. If it needs one, fuk, I guess a 9.5 will suffice.

The wrong turn collection

Here’s hoping I get the chance to lay words on the others in the franchise. If they’re anything like this I’m happy to oblige. Naturally I’ve plucked the wrong image from the internet to show the others in the series. This one shows the regular (British) versions, I’ll be diving into the uncut versions whenever I can find them, and the time, and access to Cult’s keyboard in order that I can diarrhea my thoughts all lover his site. Until then.

Attack of the Compilation – Fckn’ Slayer!

a tribute to Slayer Antichrist mag
Antichrist Magazine and Ground Sounds Promotion presents A Tribute to Slayer

Well, Well. Cult has apparently left his laptop open again. But this time rather than setting eyes upon all manner of naked flesh writhing in ecstasy the main screen displays a Bandcamp address with the words “Slayer” front and center. Suffice to say I can’t ignore such a sight. Apparently, he’s been struggling getting this off the ground. Family, work and assorted other things are warranting his attention at present. In actuality he struggles with a bunch of things. But that’s another story. And my penchant for chasing four-legged delicacies will have to wait. So, what is it exactly that we have here? In short; Twenty -six bands from around the world giving their audio tribute to tracks which have undoubtably formed the extreme world of audio as we know it today. Fair enough. I’m curious. What say we dive in?


Expect to see this word more than a few times in the near future

What grabs the attention first is the fact that there are twenty-six acts (and tracks) on offer here. That’s huge and so is this. This runs close to a whopping two hours in length. If it weren’t for the fact that Slayer is what’s on offer here, and there’s somewhat of a supposed Pandeamonic (yea, I know I spelt it wrong but it sounds infinitely better this way) spreading across the globe I‘d say sod this and go back to the mischievous activities I so love to take part in. But fck it, I’m curious and always up for a bit of Slayer. Perusing the track listing (which again “is huge”. Imagine a nubile youth saying that on her knees. Sorry, I got distracted) it appears that the material on offer is somewhat in chronological order, that is to say in the same order as the originals were released (I could be mistaken so don’t quote me). But enough of such details I’m imagining you’re as curious as I to get this thing started. However, Before I impart my thoughts, I’d like to drop the track listing along with the countries each act is from (this is truly a global affair much like the current Black Plague sweeping its way past Kanye West in Google searches. Notice how the majority of the acts are relatively unknown (is this just me? Do I have to swat up on my knowledge of the scene some before I continue?) With this in mind I’m considering this an ‘underground compilation’ a fact which only makes me more curious still.

tankist logo

1 – Tankist (Estonia) Evil Has no Boundaries

2 – Aeons Abyss (Australia) Die by the Sword

3 – Hateful Agony (Germany) Black Magic

4 – Serpents Kiss (United Kingdom) Tormentor

5 – Lone Hunter (Brazil) Crionics

Intrepid logo

6 – Intrepid (Estonia) Chemical Warfare

7 – Myrholt – (Norway) Kill Again

8 – Hamvak (Germany) At Dawn They Sleep

9 – Beltane (New Zealand) Angel of Death

10 – EigenstateZero (Sweden) Piece by Piece

11 – Grand Demise of Civilization (USA) Raining Blood

12 – Mindwars (International) Criminally Insane


13 – Frijgard (Switzerland) South of Heaven

14 – Unto the Wolves (USA) Silent Scream

15 – Hellming (Brazil) Mandatory Suicide

16 – Day 40 (United Kingdom) Ghosts of War

17 – Zvijer (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Cleanse the Soul

18 – SavageZ (Brazil) War Ensemble

19 – Macabre Decay (Sweden) Expendable Youth

20 – Hicsos (Brazil) Dead Skin Mask

Imminent Reaper

21 – Imminent Reaper (Mexico) Skeletons of Society

22 – Killrape (Brazil) Born of Fire

23 – Injector (Spain) Dittohead

24 – Domination Inc. (Greece) Disciple

25 – Jumpscare (Italy) Bloodline

26 – Outis (Ireland) Jihad

(Damn, it’s a long list, my digits are tired!)

Hitting play, it’s easy to decipher that each act has their own spin on the track they’ve chosen to ‘tackle’, some more so and often times even a little experimental in tone than others. Styles are diverse and range across the metal spectrum obviously Black, Death and Thrash take the lead (is this even a race?) whilst Power, Epic, Symphonic, Atmospheric and Speed are tossed in to show the transition in another genre (sometimes using a few in one track) can actually be pulled off to good effect. And boy can it, in some instances I’m literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. As is customary in times like these I have a ratings system designed for such this purpose (note that it’s a tad spicier than Cult’s attempt at the same);

confued Orc


Not in the good way. Toss this in the ocean and punch the nearest passerby to let out the frustration of spending money on schiite such as this. Jesus might like this. But I still believe it has the potential to do naught but line the birds cage. Jesus loves everything, which in my opinion is rather silly. Jesus you’re a prat!


Better, this shows potential. Much like, I’d imagine, your mother on a first date. But it still leaves me wanting. And she needs more training; those French fries weren’t free dammit!

The Goblin are going crazy!

Admittedly the annoying green bastid’ like most things and get excited at the drop of a turd but occasionally they have a suggestion which turns heads. And if the whole collective, much like an obnoxious stench-ridden green tide, agrees there must be something worth giving, at least, a cursory glance towards.

Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit!

Now this is worth sharing, break out the goblets, the fiery liquid, the unwilling, let’s break some limbs and party till the Dark Lord yells at us to get back to work!

All Mine!

I’m a selfish bastid’. And this is too fkn’ good to share. It’s all mine. Just try to take it!!

Slayer - Show No Mercy

Where it all began

To sate the curious types, those who have zero patience, I’d give this a “Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit“ rating. This collection shines with blistering pace, boils over with talent and offers a myriad of alternate visions of tracks which should already be ingrained upon the senses for those willing to open the mind. But for those who have yet to set ears upon the almighty Slayer (I can’t for the life of me wonder why this is the case) I seriously have no words. Before you continue please set your ears upon the classics, then if you wish to return please do so in order to discover a slew of acts with a great deal of passion on offer. Within such a compilation such as this they are naturally a number of tracks and acts (and styles) which garnered my attention to a dangerous degree, there are some which I could do without (but taking into account differing tastes… Nope not doing it! I’m not pandering to the easily offended, fuck this. This is my article and I won’t apologize for my preferences) and others which had such an effect on me that makes me wish I could bottle their very essence. Without further preamble and in order of appearance (as sometimes I’m OCD like that!)…

here are a few which especially perked my interests
Tankist – Evil Has no Boundaries

A fantastic start. Raw, blunt and thrashy. Slayer I believe would approve! This is Just what one needs to get into the mood. Surprisingly good production aids this in spiking the adrenaline levels.

Aeons Abyss – Die by the Sword

This track lends an early brutal edge to this compilation. Although the sound is a tad off (turn this track up for full effect) this still manages to deliver. Rasping vocals accompany a sludgy blackened feel bursting with subterranean groove elements. Heavy drums accentuate the allure of this one although it might take a few listens to fully appreciate.


EigenstateZero – Piece by Piece

This is one of those experimental tracks of which I was talking. A tad industrial, a little progressive and a whole lot different but it all somehow comes together and works. There’s enough atmosphere in here to make a fanatic of the fantasy realm sit up and take note. Buried in the mix it takes a little while to decipher but it there’s and adds another layer to a track which is beyond intriguing. Did I mention this was silly fast? Nope. Well it is. An odd track for sure with its fair fare of unique brutal but it grows on you like the most lovable of enigmatic fungi.

Grand Demise of Civilization- Raining Blood

A fantastic twist on a true classic. Adding significant Gothic elements, pitch darkness and varied tempo transformations works wonders. There’s just enough uniqueness here for it to become memorable though not an abundance as to make the track far from instantly recognizable as homage. The maniacal elements are top notch as well the atmospheric into and outro.


Mindwars – Criminally Insane

It’s hard to ignore this track. It isn’t far off the tone and feel of the original but with the added emphasis on the drums and a tad more oomph in the percussion its infectious to dangerous levels. I’m keeping an eye out for these guys in the future.

Day 40 – Ghosts of War

This is an excellent rendition of admittedly one of my fave Slayer tracks. An intriguing introduction, very Thrash metal circa late 80’s, leads into heavily accented vocals, head nodding Thrash with hints of Hardcore. Nuff said but simply put this is a banger!


Zvijer – Cleanse the Soul

Blistering, precise and often raw with a gravelly vocal approach which fits perfectly. This track seethes with a remarkable quality and gets to the point quick.

Savagez – War Ensemble

I’m a sucker for feral female vox (it appears Cult is too, which explains his recent obsession with Asarhaddon). Although this track takes liberties with the original’s arrangement, and wavers from brutal Thrash to more a more relaxed tone, it still manages to hit the spot. Admittedly not on its first try but it gets closer each time it’s played.

Imminent Reaper – Skeletons of Society

Another heavily accented Thrash attack. Not sure what it is about accents, they often add another level of viciousness to the accompanied percussion, in this case that’s the case (did I say “case” enough here?) There’s a little more passion here than in the original but it works. Another great addition to a collection which is fast becoming damn impressive!

Domination Inc.

Domination Inc. – Disciple

I’m not sure what it is about this track. At first it didn’t do a damn thing for me. Somehow that changed. This isn’t traditional Thrash, this isn’t traditional Hardcore, it isn’t truly Crossover but a mix of all three topped off with East Coast angst (which is strange as this isn’t from New York, rather Greece better known for its Black and Thrash).

And the following are those which had me twitching spastically, like one possessed.
Intrepid – Chemical Warfare

Old school groove, old school brutality, growls of the variety to entice a smirk to alight across the chops and a production tone to match. Clear the floor, if this doesn’t make you want to bounce from one wall to the next there’s something certainly amiss. I could play this all day and not get bored of it, reminds me of the good ole days I used to attend concerts in dank cavernous dive bars.


Myrholt – Kill Again

Vocals with venomous spite, an archaic rawness, but also effective atmosphere tossed in to mess with how one might assume this will play out. The aura fits, what more can I say this has me nodding my head and thinking of all manner of glorious diabolical acts.

Hamvak – At Dawn They Sleep

This has a Speckmann/Master vibe thing going for it. A primitive nature combined with a thick dirge quality which is highly effective. Huge bass adds a tribal feel of sorts and it works!


Beltane – Angel of Death

What can I say about this track? It’s another example of if it wasn’t executed to a certain degree, I would have tossed this whole comp no matter the remainder of the quality on offer admittedly. Seriously, Slayer’s most infamous track. It has to be treated with respect and given justice. In this case. Fuck! Be prepared. The percussion is tight, on point. The tracks maniacal nature is added to with a wicked somewhat psychedelic twist. But it’s the vocals which tear the flesh from the bone. Feral female vox are my weakness (I’ve said that before) but this is ridiculous! It’s as if the owner of the throat in this instance is possessed. Like openly urinating whilst explaining the virtues of good parenting at church type behavior. I’m adding seeing a rendition of this in a live setting to my bucket list. Who am I kidding, making it to the land of Peter Jackson (New Zealand) is high up there too. One day, one day. I only wonder if they’d mind if I took along a four-legged friend as a travelling companion?  I hate peanuts and pretzels only make me wish I had mustard.

Frijgard – South of Heaven

There’s a strangeness to this track. Much like the original it has an undeniable sinister tone, though in this case the percussion has an added eeriness and the vocals an edge as if a Viking is in cahoots with a band tinkering with Post properties. This is a little different and I’m of the belief this is a controversial take but I’m loving the shit outta it. It could well perhaps be my choice for the ‘pallet cleanser’ of this collection.


Unto the Wolves – Silent Scream

Define industrial vibes on display here. Machine gun riffs coupled with inhumanely tight drums. But it has a wickedness which is hard to pinpoint and I’m liking the chaos which abruptly breaks the precise nature. Turn this up and introduce the neighbors to the pleasures of Slayer!

Killrape – Born of Fire

Raw and blistering. This is straight for the jugular, no nonsense, Thrash with production values which add to its malicious intent. Need I say more? Nope, this is a winner, crank it!


Injector – Dittohead

I’m incredibly thankful that someone did this track justice. Admittedly, it’s a riot starter and I would’ve left pissed if it was included and not up to standards. Thankfully it is and it appears I have to complain elsewhere. Kudos Injector for pulling this off!

And this is cut and pasted from the article which accompanies the audio on YouTube, it seems appropriate.

Prepared and released by Antichrist magazine.

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Antichrist mag tribute to Slayer

And that’s it. This is a fantastic slab of worship which demands ears upon it (though I can’t say I’m not disappointed that “Necrophiliac” wasn’t covered). Perhaps one day this collection will appear on Bandcamp? Until then flood the YouTube channel in which it appears and be sure to thank the minds and talent behind it.

Support the artists, support the genre and hell, why not support me? I’m always up for spending money on crap.

Your loyal misshapen acolyte of most things extreme,


Abrasive Audio – Attack of the Compilation

Attack of the Compilation – Extreme Metal Attack XVII

exterem metal fest #2

Well, here I am again. It’s been a while. Admittedly I’ve been busy spreading chaos, strife and depravity across that which many call “The Heartlands”. But seriously, I’m having a grand ole time there’s no shortage of four-legged furry things to curb my appetite and the attitudes and people in this area put most Wal-mart parody websites to shame. My adventures have not been without strife however. The weather can put a damper on many things though from what I’ve heard this winter has been comparatively mild compared to ones before. But it doesn’t matter, there’s snow and I’m not used to the stuff. Seriously what the fuck is it anyway? And why does it have to impede upon all my fun? On the bright side there’s plenty to see following its aftermath. Comical scenes including sportscars and spinning wheels. Multi vehicle Pileups on that which most drive across at insane speeds. Highways, Interstates I’m confused. I’ll avoid traversing them at all costs. Though they do provide quite the entertainment.

syncronized headbangin

Not quite what my former duties entailed but I wish they would in the future

Now, where was I? Cult’s house, yes, I’m here! And surprise, surprise, his email is delivering quite the feast for the eyes and ears. Tons of promos to sift through. I’d say this fellow is drowning in promotional materials, but what do I know I’m merely a former denizen of the Underworld enjoying a prolonged vacation until the ether opens up and I’m yanked back to my former duties.


Now this, this is interesting indeed, and brings back a few memories of when my mishapen digits alighted upon Cults keyboard for the first time (actually the first time was when I pondered upon a single by Bewitcher. But who’s being counting?) What say we take another audio foray into a compilation which promotes yet another Extreme Metal Fest taking part in Portugal? This isn’t a question, and I don’t wish for your opinion. For I’m taking the plunge…

Extreme Metal Attack XVII

HelldProd Records


etreme metalfest die hard pack

(The event itself is scheduled for March 20/21 (2020) in Metalpoint Porto and promises a grand time for all those wishing to bathe themselves in a festival atmosphere with like-minded individuals driven by the glory of underground metal)

And for those wishing to know the bands involved in both the fest and this compilation I’m happy to oblige (and they’re actually in order of appearance on the tape, for nothing screams Kvlt like a cassette, for those interested)

Ungod – Down to Tartaros

Alcoholocaut – Speed Metal Tornado

Supremative – Omnipresent Morbid Excitement

Rapture – Thriving on Atrocity

Fabulous Desaster – Faster Than Light

Deathwomb – Moonless Night Sacraments

Aggressive Perfector – Turbo-Evil

Vectis – No Mercy for the Weak

Necro Chaos – Infernal Flood

Now if this promises to be anything like the last ‘Extreme Fest’ outing the fleshy audio catchers are in for an old school party drenched in darkness, speed and evil.

Naturally I’ve devised a ratings system, which has a tad more flavor than that which Cult employs, for this very purpose (why do I sound like the bloke from Taken?) and here it is in all of its depraved glory;

confued Orc

Wait. I’m still confused


Not in the good way. Toss this in the ocean and punch the nearest passerby to let out the frustration of spending money on schiite such as this. Jesus might like this. But I still believe it has the potential to do naught but line the birds cage. Jesus loves everything, which in my opinion is rather silly. Jesus you’re a prat!


Better, this shows potential. Much like, I’d imagine, your mother on a first date. But it still leaves me wanting. And she needs more training; those French fries weren’t free dammit!

The Goblin are going crazy!

Admittedly the annoying green bastid’ like most things and get excited at the drop of a turd but occasionally they have a suggestion which turns heads. And if the whole collective, much like an obnoxious stench-ridden green tide, agrees there must be something worth giving, at least, a cursory glance towards.

Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit!

Now this is worth sharing, break out the goblets, the fiery liquid, the unwilling, let’s break some limbs and party till the Dark Lord yells at us to get back to work!

All Mine!

I’m a selfish bastid’. And this is too fkn’ good to share, it’s all mine. Just try to take it!!

Well there it is and I still have the compilation playing betwix my mishappen ears as I’m typing this (correcting a varied assortment of typos as I go) so it seriously can’t be all that bad. Unlike last year’s compilation this provides more a smorgasbord (I like this word I’ll have to use it more often!) of styles. Ranging from old school bleak cavernous drenched in evil black metal to more a heavy metal approach with “singy” vocals (as if plucked from the eighties) and a plethora of speed laden head bangin’ tracks between. There’s honesty plenty here to delight. However, I have my favorites and I’d like to bore whoever is still reading this with the tracks which left an impression. But before that and to sate those who are ravenous, eagerly yearning, salivating in fact for my conclusion, for my rating… I’ll gladly stamp this with a “Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit”. Onward, in no particular order) to that which left my earholes dripping in excitable liquids (just me?)

necro chaos

Necro Chaos – Infernal Flood

First off, great name. This track recalls old school melody-laden death (older Obituary and a slew of others Cult is probably more familiar with than I). Peppered with twin styled vocals, head bobbin’ evil rhythms and a strange sounding bass (?) it is certainly familiar, but different and serves as a fantastic finale to this compilation (see, I said this wasn’t in order).

Rapture – Thriving on Atrocity

Speaking of familiarity this is another track which puts me in mind of an artist whose name frustratingly escapes me. Driving thrash/death riffs and a vocal style/cadence which garners instant appreciation with added sinister elements. Admittedly it’s difficult not to ponder upon other artists in the collection when listening to this, with that in mind however this seethes with an aura of freshness, a touch of homage (think I’ve said that before now) and a style which will leave the listener wanting more.

deathwomb demo

Deathwomb – Moonless Night Sacrament

Bleak, raw and dripping in atmosphere this is black metal with a touch of melody. And there’s also backwards messages in its finale to leave fans of vintage Judas Priest salivating (that was a joke for all those taking notes). Bleak production values and throaty vocals add to this tracks appeal, but it probably isn’t for everyone, a fact I couldn’t care less about as I quite like it!

Aggressive Perfector – Turbo-Evil

I believe Cult has covered an album by these guys in the past but I’ve yet to lay ears upon their output, until now. Think heavy metal with speed metal tendencies ad to the concoction dramatic vocals and an aura which screams vintage cult horror and you might be close. But I could be continents off, best just to discover the band for yourself and make your own conclusions. This is a tad different. It grows on you much like a Goblin baby its damn ugly at first but somehow perks your mothering instinct (wait what!?) That’s not at all what I meant. Moving on…

Now, onto a few tracks which left me in exhausted disarray and Cults house in a sorry state indeed.


Vectis – No Mercy for the Weak

I must be getting old! This bears only slight smidgens of a black nature but boy does it make me wanna’ move. The rhythms here are dangerously infectious it might in fact make your torso move of its own accord (hide the fragile things lest they multiply into worthless shards). A wicked mix of thrash and black with awesome (did I just say that word? what am I a surfer now?) riffs which cannot be ignored, a tad repetitive in its lyrics but who cares this leaves a dent, and it has I’m hurting, the contact with that wall was hard!

Fabulous Desaster – Faster Than Light

To be Frank (why do I have to be ‘Frank’? Can’t I be ‘Steve’?) I’m not an Exodus fan. Sure there’s a few tracks which grab my attention but I can’t say that any full album of theirs have ever warranted purchase or even pilfering. With that in mind however their newer material is more to my liking. Strangely this sees me recalling their older output, and it’s hard not to as both the rhythms and vocals match perfectly that which most long-time Exodus fans have come to adore about the band (shit, their moniker is the same as one of the bands albums). Odd then that I’m liking this as much as I am. Its “Toxic Waltz” but different and I’m all over it! Just try not to move to this!


Alcoholocaust – Speed Metal Tornado

Yet another act Cult has covered, and there’s little argument as to why that might have been the case. This is blistering fast and the vocals wicked in tone although I believe all but a few words are in Brazilian/Portuguese it matters not. This “rips” and my neck hurts! This could well be an anthem for both the act and the Portuguese metal scene, it has that kind of undeniable vibe about it.

And that brings this to its conclusion. Weird that I’ve been drawn more towards the speed rather than the darkness within this release but there you have it. It’s been fun folks, but I’m hungry and there’s a sassy looking feline sneaking its way across the neighbor’s fence line with a smirk on her face (yes, I can tell such things even from this distance) as if to say “You can’t catch me”. Can I say that I am salivating? I’m certainly up for the challenge. Now where’s my fur removing tool?


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