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Attack of the Compilation – Fckn’ Slayer!

a tribute to Slayer Antichrist mag
Antichrist Magazine and Ground Sounds Promotion presents A Tribute to Slayer

Well, Well. Cult has apparently left his laptop open again. But this time rather than setting eyes upon all manner of naked flesh writhing in ecstasy the main screen displays a Bandcamp address with the words “Slayer” front and center. Suffice to say I can’t ignore such a sight. Apparently, he’s been struggling getting this off the ground. Family, work and assorted other things are warranting his attention at present. In actuality he struggles with a bunch of things. But that’s another story. And my penchant for chasing four-legged delicacies will have to wait. So, what is it exactly that we have here? In short; Twenty -six bands from around the world giving their audio tribute to tracks which have undoubtably formed the extreme world of audio as we know it today. Fair enough. I’m curious. What say we dive in?


Expect to see this word more than a few times in the near future

What grabs the attention first is the fact that there are twenty-six acts (and tracks) on offer here. That’s huge and so is this. This runs close to a whopping two hours in length. If it weren’t for the fact that Slayer is what’s on offer here, and there’s somewhat of a supposed Pandeamonic (yea, I know I spelt it wrong but it sounds infinitely better this way) spreading across the globe I‘d say sod this and go back to the mischievous activities I so love to take part in. But fck it, I’m curious and always up for a bit of Slayer. Perusing the track listing (which again “is huge”. Imagine a nubile youth saying that on her knees. Sorry, I got distracted) it appears that the material on offer is somewhat in chronological order, that is to say in the same order as the originals were released (I could be mistaken so don’t quote me). But enough of such details I’m imagining you’re as curious as I to get this thing started. However, Before I impart my thoughts, I’d like to drop the track listing along with the countries each act is from (this is truly a global affair much like the current Black Plague sweeping its way past Kanye West in Google searches. Notice how the majority of the acts are relatively unknown (is this just me? Do I have to swat up on my knowledge of the scene some before I continue?) With this in mind I’m considering this an ‘underground compilation’ a fact which only makes me more curious still.

tankist logo

1 – Tankist (Estonia) Evil Has no Boundaries

2 – Aeons Abyss (Australia) Die by the Sword

3 – Hateful Agony (Germany) Black Magic

4 – Serpents Kiss (United Kingdom) Tormentor

5 – Lone Hunter (Brazil) Crionics

Intrepid logo

6 – Intrepid (Estonia) Chemical Warfare

7 – Myrholt – (Norway) Kill Again

8 – Hamvak (Germany) At Dawn They Sleep

9 – Beltane (New Zealand) Angel of Death

10 – EigenstateZero (Sweden) Piece by Piece

11 – Grand Demise of Civilization (USA) Raining Blood

12 – Mindwars (International) Criminally Insane


13 – Frijgard (Switzerland) South of Heaven

14 – Unto the Wolves (USA) Silent Scream

15 – Hellming (Brazil) Mandatory Suicide

16 – Day 40 (United Kingdom) Ghosts of War

17 – Zvijer (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Cleanse the Soul

18 – SavageZ (Brazil) War Ensemble

19 – Macabre Decay (Sweden) Expendable Youth

20 – Hicsos (Brazil) Dead Skin Mask

Imminent Reaper

21 – Imminent Reaper (Mexico) Skeletons of Society

22 – Killrape (Brazil) Born of Fire

23 – Injector (Spain) Dittohead

24 – Domination Inc. (Greece) Disciple

25 – Jumpscare (Italy) Bloodline

26 – Outis (Ireland) Jihad

(Damn, it’s a long list, my digits are tired!)

Hitting play, it’s easy to decipher that each act has their own spin on the track they’ve chosen to ‘tackle’, some more so and often times even a little experimental in tone than others. Styles are diverse and range across the metal spectrum obviously Black, Death and Thrash take the lead (is this even a race?) whilst Power, Epic, Symphonic, Atmospheric and Speed are tossed in to show the transition in another genre (sometimes using a few in one track) can actually be pulled off to good effect. And boy can it, in some instances I’m literally bouncing off the walls with excitement. As is customary in times like these I have a ratings system designed for such this purpose (note that it’s a tad spicier than Cult’s attempt at the same);

confued Orc


Not in the good way. Toss this in the ocean and punch the nearest passerby to let out the frustration of spending money on schiite such as this. Jesus might like this. But I still believe it has the potential to do naught but line the birds cage. Jesus loves everything, which in my opinion is rather silly. Jesus you’re a prat!


Better, this shows potential. Much like, I’d imagine, your mother on a first date. But it still leaves me wanting. And she needs more training; those French fries weren’t free dammit!

The Goblin are going crazy!

Admittedly the annoying green bastid’ like most things and get excited at the drop of a turd but occasionally they have a suggestion which turns heads. And if the whole collective, much like an obnoxious stench-ridden green tide, agrees there must be something worth giving, at least, a cursory glance towards.

Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit!

Now this is worth sharing, break out the goblets, the fiery liquid, the unwilling, let’s break some limbs and party till the Dark Lord yells at us to get back to work!

All Mine!

I’m a selfish bastid’. And this is too fkn’ good to share. It’s all mine. Just try to take it!!

Slayer - Show No Mercy

Where it all began

To sate the curious types, those who have zero patience, I’d give this a “Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit“ rating. This collection shines with blistering pace, boils over with talent and offers a myriad of alternate visions of tracks which should already be ingrained upon the senses for those willing to open the mind. But for those who have yet to set ears upon the almighty Slayer (I can’t for the life of me wonder why this is the case) I seriously have no words. Before you continue please set your ears upon the classics, then if you wish to return please do so in order to discover a slew of acts with a great deal of passion on offer. Within such a compilation such as this they are naturally a number of tracks and acts (and styles) which garnered my attention to a dangerous degree, there are some which I could do without (but taking into account differing tastes… Nope not doing it! I’m not pandering to the easily offended, fuck this. This is my article and I won’t apologize for my preferences) and others which had such an effect on me that makes me wish I could bottle their very essence. Without further preamble and in order of appearance (as sometimes I’m OCD like that!)…

here are a few which especially perked my interests
Tankist – Evil Has no Boundaries

A fantastic start. Raw, blunt and thrashy. Slayer I believe would approve! This is Just what one needs to get into the mood. Surprisingly good production aids this in spiking the adrenaline levels.

Aeons Abyss – Die by the Sword

This track lends an early brutal edge to this compilation. Although the sound is a tad off (turn this track up for full effect) this still manages to deliver. Rasping vocals accompany a sludgy blackened feel bursting with subterranean groove elements. Heavy drums accentuate the allure of this one although it might take a few listens to fully appreciate.


EigenstateZero – Piece by Piece

This is one of those experimental tracks of which I was talking. A tad industrial, a little progressive and a whole lot different but it all somehow comes together and works. There’s enough atmosphere in here to make a fanatic of the fantasy realm sit up and take note. Buried in the mix it takes a little while to decipher but it there’s and adds another layer to a track which is beyond intriguing. Did I mention this was silly fast? Nope. Well it is. An odd track for sure with its fair fare of unique brutal but it grows on you like the most lovable of enigmatic fungi.

Grand Demise of Civilization- Raining Blood

A fantastic twist on a true classic. Adding significant Gothic elements, pitch darkness and varied tempo transformations works wonders. There’s just enough uniqueness here for it to become memorable though not an abundance as to make the track far from instantly recognizable as homage. The maniacal elements are top notch as well the atmospheric into and outro.


Mindwars – Criminally Insane

It’s hard to ignore this track. It isn’t far off the tone and feel of the original but with the added emphasis on the drums and a tad more oomph in the percussion its infectious to dangerous levels. I’m keeping an eye out for these guys in the future.

Day 40 – Ghosts of War

This is an excellent rendition of admittedly one of my fave Slayer tracks. An intriguing introduction, very Thrash metal circa late 80’s, leads into heavily accented vocals, head nodding Thrash with hints of Hardcore. Nuff said but simply put this is a banger!


Zvijer – Cleanse the Soul

Blistering, precise and often raw with a gravelly vocal approach which fits perfectly. This track seethes with a remarkable quality and gets to the point quick.

Savagez – War Ensemble

I’m a sucker for feral female vox (it appears Cult is too, which explains his recent obsession with Asarhaddon). Although this track takes liberties with the original’s arrangement, and wavers from brutal Thrash to more a more relaxed tone, it still manages to hit the spot. Admittedly not on its first try but it gets closer each time it’s played.

Imminent Reaper – Skeletons of Society

Another heavily accented Thrash attack. Not sure what it is about accents, they often add another level of viciousness to the accompanied percussion, in this case that’s the case (did I say “case” enough here?) There’s a little more passion here than in the original but it works. Another great addition to a collection which is fast becoming damn impressive!

Domination Inc.

Domination Inc. – Disciple

I’m not sure what it is about this track. At first it didn’t do a damn thing for me. Somehow that changed. This isn’t traditional Thrash, this isn’t traditional Hardcore, it isn’t truly Crossover but a mix of all three topped off with East Coast angst (which is strange as this isn’t from New York, rather Greece better known for its Black and Thrash).

And the following are those which had me twitching spastically, like one possessed.
Intrepid – Chemical Warfare

Old school groove, old school brutality, growls of the variety to entice a smirk to alight across the chops and a production tone to match. Clear the floor, if this doesn’t make you want to bounce from one wall to the next there’s something certainly amiss. I could play this all day and not get bored of it, reminds me of the good ole days I used to attend concerts in dank cavernous dive bars.


Myrholt – Kill Again

Vocals with venomous spite, an archaic rawness, but also effective atmosphere tossed in to mess with how one might assume this will play out. The aura fits, what more can I say this has me nodding my head and thinking of all manner of glorious diabolical acts.

Hamvak – At Dawn They Sleep

This has a Speckmann/Master vibe thing going for it. A primitive nature combined with a thick dirge quality which is highly effective. Huge bass adds a tribal feel of sorts and it works!


Beltane – Angel of Death

What can I say about this track? It’s another example of if it wasn’t executed to a certain degree, I would have tossed this whole comp no matter the remainder of the quality on offer admittedly. Seriously, Slayer’s most infamous track. It has to be treated with respect and given justice. In this case. Fuck! Be prepared. The percussion is tight, on point. The tracks maniacal nature is added to with a wicked somewhat psychedelic twist. But it’s the vocals which tear the flesh from the bone. Feral female vox are my weakness (I’ve said that before) but this is ridiculous! It’s as if the owner of the throat in this instance is possessed. Like openly urinating whilst explaining the virtues of good parenting at church type behavior. I’m adding seeing a rendition of this in a live setting to my bucket list. Who am I kidding, making it to the land of Peter Jackson (New Zealand) is high up there too. One day, one day. I only wonder if they’d mind if I took along a four-legged friend as a travelling companion?  I hate peanuts and pretzels only make me wish I had mustard.

Frijgard – South of Heaven

There’s a strangeness to this track. Much like the original it has an undeniable sinister tone, though in this case the percussion has an added eeriness and the vocals an edge as if a Viking is in cahoots with a band tinkering with Post properties. This is a little different and I’m of the belief this is a controversial take but I’m loving the shit outta it. It could well perhaps be my choice for the ‘pallet cleanser’ of this collection.


Unto the Wolves – Silent Scream

Define industrial vibes on display here. Machine gun riffs coupled with inhumanely tight drums. But it has a wickedness which is hard to pinpoint and I’m liking the chaos which abruptly breaks the precise nature. Turn this up and introduce the neighbors to the pleasures of Slayer!

Killrape – Born of Fire

Raw and blistering. This is straight for the jugular, no nonsense, Thrash with production values which add to its malicious intent. Need I say more? Nope, this is a winner, crank it!


Injector – Dittohead

I’m incredibly thankful that someone did this track justice. Admittedly, it’s a riot starter and I would’ve left pissed if it was included and not up to standards. Thankfully it is and it appears I have to complain elsewhere. Kudos Injector for pulling this off!

And this is cut and pasted from the article which accompanies the audio on YouTube, it seems appropriate.

Prepared and released by Antichrist magazine.

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Antichrist mag tribute to Slayer

And that’s it. This is a fantastic slab of worship which demands ears upon it (though I can’t say I’m not disappointed that “Necrophiliac” wasn’t covered). Perhaps one day this collection will appear on Bandcamp? Until then flood the YouTube channel in which it appears and be sure to thank the minds and talent behind it.

Support the artists, support the genre and hell, why not support me? I’m always up for spending money on crap.

Your loyal misshapen acolyte of most things extreme,


Attack of the Compilation #9


Speed Freaks

Release – January/31/2019
Legion Music Malaysia

speed freaks comp

When one thinks of Malaysia, what first comes to mind? It’s certainly not a bursting at the seams metal scene. Honestly, before discovering this compilation I would have been hard pressed to name a single band from the area regardless of the genre. Legion Music Malaysia are thankfully here to change that. Compiling a collection of tracks from nine separate bands they have managed to formulate a compilation showcasing nineteen thrash cuts. Rather than opt for merely one track from each band (Athotorgh are the exception) they have decided to utilize two, a fantastic idea in my opinion and one that better shows the bands style rather than perhaps their finest hour and not the truest representation of their form and or style. This has been done before and I vividly remember hearing Slayer, Exodus and another couple of bands (‘The Ultimate Revenge’) in the same format when tapes were all the rage and my foray into the wonderful world of metal had just begun.

When it comes to this release there’s no doubt from even the quickest glance at the art what the listener is letting themselves in for. There’s menace center stage, zombies and perhaps a little violence is in the cards. No shit Sherlock! There’s a studded baseball ball and a phallic looking smoking looking nuclear device close at hand (or is it a bong?) Regardless of what the featured scamps are up to there’s no question as to fact that this is a thrash metal compilation, and from the albums comical imagery I might not be far fetched if I stated that a little old school worship might be in the offering too.

Without further ado…

The track listing is as follows;

EXOTHERMIX – Exothermix Reaction

EXOTHERMIX – Chromatic Kill

VERMINATOR – Death Population

VERMINATOR – Sadistic Souls

HEREAFTER – Command Centre

HEREAFTER – The Signs of The End



SARJAN HASSAN – Death Means Not the End

SARJAN HASSAN – Thrash for All

ATOMICDEATH – Warfare in The Night

ATOMICDEATH – Hell Reign on Earth

THRASHIT – Thrashing and Slaughter

THRASHIT – 666 Days in Hell

TORMENTOR – Kelibat Bangsat

TORMENTOR – Hybrid Children

ANTACID – No Turning Back

ANTACID – Nuclear Inversion

ATHOTORGH – Necromass Abandon

exothermix #2


The compilation commences with Exothermix and sets the tone right from the starting gate. Its blistering pace and vocal style will immediately tug at the corners of the mouth removing any tentative digit far from the stop button. If this is any indication of what’s to follow the listener is in for one hell of a vertebrae workout.


The compilation rolls, on sans ballads (thank the Dark Lord), to display what can only be described as an exceptional variety of aggressive thrash showcasing influence aplenty, a myriad of styles and a slew of talent which cannot be ignored.

As per usual I’m going to implement a rating system I’ve designed especially for this exact purpose;

I skipped all the way to the end – I’d rather hear my significant other grunt behind a closed door which isn’t the bathroom.

Skipped a few tracks – spend your money on “Scratchers” tickets instead.

Didn’t skip any tracks, but the thought was there – I may or may not revisit again, anytime soon.

Skip, what skip? – this shows definite promise (thanks go out to Lawnmower Deth for the ‘feel’ of this one).

Perk my interest much? – (obviously, a little sarcasm here) this had me searching for a reliable internet connection, so I could do some invaluable research on where to spend my pennies next.

Dammit, I can’t concentrate – break out the lube. Does this come in a format I can insert myself into?


But it’s self explanatory’ seriously

I’m glad to report that this has a Perk my Interest Much rating bordering on Dammit, I can’t Concentrate. Although at times the Influence found herein is at times burning neon bright this compilation offers rhythms, riffs and pace which could well incite movement into the most passive of form.  Obvious nods to (vintage ‘Bonded by Blood’) Exodus are plentiful (Exothermix’ ‘Chromatic Kill’ is an early prime example), as well various tips of the hat to Overkill, Suicidal Tendencies, Forbidden and Acid Reign to name but a few. Stylistically, the crossover approach is featured a few times, gang vocals are frequent, and there are a few instances in which the vintage South American scene comes to mind as well faster than balls European standout acts from the late eighties (Kreator, Sodom and Vendetta) there’s even a few tracks which border on Thrash/Death realms.


Overall this is a collection which demands attention, not only for the fact that it promotes metal talent from a region where one might believe there is any but also because it’s damn impressive. Did I mention this is close to eighty minutes long, that spells value for money and extended periods of audio enjoyment.


Naturally, I have my favorites, tracks which I believe propel this into another level of enjoyment entirely. In no particular order;


Exothermix – ‘Chromatic Kill’

The first track to tell of the region’s love for vintage Exodus, obviously a nod to Chemi-Kill regardless this is damn good thrash.

Sarjan Hassan – ‘Death Means not the End’ and ‘Thrash for All’.

Simplistic yet shot through with a crossover/punk vibe these tracks are hard not to appreciate especially since their rhythms are so damn infectious.


Tormentor – ‘Hybrid Children’

This track overflows with a vibe which just makes one want to move, part folk, part punk, part traditional heavy metal. Those drums and those rasping vocals what a fantastic combination.

Antacid – ‘No Turning Back’

The feel of this track is of the old school, end of story. And it’s Overkill all the way toss in a little mid-tempo and you have a track one will want to listen to again and again.


Atomic Death – ‘Hell Reigns on Earth’

The raw vibe only adds to the head bangin’ enjoyment of this one. Think vintage Slayer meets Exodus and you might be close.


Hereafter – ‘Command Center’

The vocals hit falsetto values in this one but it matters not as the rhythms are inventive and intriguing and the melodies unexpected yet soothing (?!) (around the twenty – one-minute mark it’s damn familiar too. But I can’t place it, anyone?)

Verminator – ‘Sadistic Souls’

Melt the flesh from your bones pace, wicked vocals and unrelenting all the way through, its hard not to appreciate this one!

There were however, a handful of tracks which stole the show. These in no particular order;
Exothermix – ‘Exothermix Reaction’

What a way to start a compilation! Obvious Exodus worship, tight riffs and plenty of them, but I’ll let it pass as this is just so damn infectious!

Hereafter band

Hereafter – ‘The Signs of the End’

Another example of a faster than balls track which has the power to raise the recently deceased. Naturally, it helps that this this has vintage Slayer-esque riffage.

Tormentor – ‘Kelibat Bangsat’

This one borders on blackened realms perhaps it’s because of the lyrics sang in a native tongue? Either way it has a vicious vibe and groove. This might sound strange but I’m digging the hell outta’ it.


Verminator – ‘Death Population’

This tosses me back to my love for German thrash, namely Violent Force and Vendetta and a time where I believed the riffs were inhumanely fast (‘Go and Live Stay and Die’ is a prime example and then there’s ‘Under the Guillotine’ by Kreator, yes I understand they’re Italian not German) and those playing it were in some way imbued with superpowers of a kind.


AtomicDeath – ‘Warfare in the Night’

This tosses me back to the reason why the thrash genre appealed to me so when I was first getting into metal. Raw with wicked rhythms and menacing vocals. Lovin this!

Athotorgh – ‘Necromass Abandon’

This is thrash on another level. A great introduction and vocals with a somewhat of a hardcore edge and a style which nudges at the borders of death metal. IN effect this is a fantastic climax to a compilation which thrash fans, especially those of the old school variety, will need to make room in their collections for.



Abrasive Audio…to Soothe the Senses – Attack of the Compilation #8

Cult of Osiris DSBM Comp

Release date – April/1/2019

dsbm comp

Based out of Leeds, United Kingdom, Cult of Osiris is a relatively new label dedicated to the adoration of Black Metal in all of its many forms. Following up from the success of the labels first compilation entitled ‘One’ which comprised of thirteen tracks of varied styles within the same arena (released January/14/2019) and featured a number of ‘heavyweights’ within the realm. The mind behind the label only thought it prudent to release another compilation. A collection of tracks dedicated to the darker side of the black metal spectrum.

‘DSBM’ (an abbreviation for Depressive, Suicidal, Black Metal) comprises, again of acts from around the globe, and of thirteen tracks;

Uten Håp (Svalbard) – Painful Memories 08:30

Le Délire des Négations (Brazil/Equador) – Nostalgie 04:40

Starving for Death (China) – Winter Wolves 06:03

Aversion to Mankind (Spain) – Anhedonia 12:55

Montosse (Brazil) – Prólogo a Angústia 03:04

Psychonaut 4 (Georgia) – Have A Nice Trip 09:00

Consider the Following; Suicide (United States) – Lie Down, and Die Alone 05:44

Hovert (Russia) – The Ascetic 07:15

V/H/S (Brazil) – Deltree 05:31

Potemtum And Solitude (Columbia) – Nightmare 05:52

Spleen (Canada) – Remember That This Life is Wind 07:53

Déception (France) – Lueur 10:18

Sadness (United States) – In the Distant Travels 08:27

Boasting striking cover art, from around the Victorian era, depicting the exodus of the soul (and subsequent collection by a trumpeting angel, of sorts) there’s little doubt what this collection of audio offers. The question remains, however, how varied is the audio and is this compilation one that deserves purchase and recognition.

Barring a few one can immediately tell that the tracks here run into epic lengths (this compilation is over ninety-five minutes in length), promising, one can only imagine, depth, emotion and quite the varied (extreme) experience for the senses.


“Black”…huh? Wha-?

Scanning the acts on offer here I’ll openly admit that not a single one is familiar. So, this is in effect is going to be quite the audio discovery. Which is obviously the whole point of diving into the compilation/collection format. Rather than blindly purchase I’ve always thought it best to stumble into a wilderness which offers a vast array of fresh audio content. Before I continue, I’d like to thank Cult of Osiris for this opportunity.

Without further ado…

‘DSBM’ commences with a track by Uten Håp. A classical piano introduction of sorts opens the proceedings and stirs the emotions evoking melancholic reminiscence. Within no time a shrieking vocal assault crashes the renaissance aura and the tone of the track and (perhaps) the compilation itself is set.

As per usual I’m going to employ a ratings system I’ve designed especially for this exact purpose;

I skipped all the way to the end – I’d rather hear my significant other grunt behind a closed door which isn’t the bathroom.

Skipped a few tracks – spend your money on “Scratchers” tickets instead.

Didn’t skip any tracks, but the thought was there – I may or may not revisit again, anytime soon.

Skip, what skip? – this shows definite promise.

Perk my interest much? – (obviously, a little sarcasm here) this had me searching for a reliable internet connection, so I could do some invaluable research on where to spend my pennies next.

Dammit, I can’t concentrate – break out the lube. Does this come in a format I can insert myself into?


(These rating are rather self-explanatory; I hope you’ll agree.)



I’m glad to report that I give this collection a “Perk my Interest Much” rating. Admittedly this audio arena is not an area I usually frequent, although I have happened upon a few tracks which have succeeded in gravitating my curiosities, intriguing me to the point of tackling an article such as this. Of the tracks on offer here several grasped my interest more so than others. In no particular order;

 Uten Håp – Painful Memories

uten hap

The amazing, quite mesmeric, introduction is a brilliant touch to open this compilation. While the majestic, riffing crescendo, audio assault is a great way to introduce the listener to this genre in not such an abrupt fashion. An applaud-able opener.

Aversion to Mankind – Anhedonia

The longest track featured here; Anhedonia occasionally runs into drone realms while also offering rhythms traditional to the black arena. Chaotic audio landscapes as well rainy-day atmospherics, the beeping of a life support machine, swatches of conversation leading to breakdown and progressive elements add to the tracks unfathomable depth and evoke a mixture of emotions. An epic experience which I’m likely to repeat again and again.  

Montosse – Prologo a Augustina

The initial and oft-repeated metronome-like beat of this track is enthralling. A ‘fading’ vocal approach complements the feel and lends the track an otherworldly/ghostly aura. Although this is the shortest track, nestled amidst others of epic proportions, it still manages to hold the attention throughout and immediately.

Potemtum and S

Potemtum and Solitude – Nightmare

Several styles and rhythmic transformations make this intriguing. There’s a slightly detectable punkish vibe making the occasional appearance as too the introduction of frenzied riffing with a decidedly Latino descent reminiscent of an early Robert Rodriguez film (Desperado).’ Nightmare’ about describes this track to a tee based on its frequent transitions from a state of blissful calm to nerve shattering, anxiety-laden, chaos.  

Déception – Lueur

A haunting aura surrounds this track. Whispered wails and howls make up the vocal approach with a rhythm suggestive of funeral doom/death. Also noticeable is a synth tone and atmosphere which suggests worship of the grindhouse cinematic era, just me, Perhaps…? But this remains another example of how enthralling tracks in this genre can be.

The compilation, however, had several tracks which resulted in my picking my jaw from the dirt, in essence “Show Stealers” (in my opinion, need I still state this?) In no particular order;

psychonuat 4

Psyconaut 4 – Have a Nice Trip

A diverse vocal attack featuring howling and wails aids an unexpected up-beat tempo. A beat which veers toward at times, dare I say, towards realms decidedly un-black in tone but rather similar to an approach ‘Moonspell’ have utilized to great effect. Audio of the type which demands that one move, whether it be of their own volition or not. ‘Have a Nice Trip’ sports an instant effect, a brilliance, the likes of which is rare, especially in an audio arena that’s unfamiliar at best.      

Hovert – The Ascetic

Epic acoustic brilliance opens this track before it transpires into doom-esque realms accompanied by folksey rhythms. This combination is curiously stunning and to be honest quite unexpected. The whole affair is shrouded by shrieking vocals and black sensibilities making for an experience that at first might seem odd though has an undeniable transfixing quality and demands repeating in order that it be appreciated to the fullest.

sadness bandcamp

Sadness – In the Distant Travels

Boasting an audio landscape akin to drifting through the tempestuous cosmos this track bursts with atmosphere, strangely bearing a somewhat relaxing nature (depending, of course, on your ‘poison’ of choice). A varied vocal approach (male and female, I believe) adds to the tracks weight and nature. A stunning example of how varied, contrary to popular belief, the genre can be, and is.

And, what a way to end a compilation. A collection of tracks which has successfully drawn me inexorably more towards the “Dark side”.

Bravo Sir, bravo.

cult of osiris logo

In the words of Cult of Osiris’ “Please download this (from Bandcamp) and give generously. The bands are all paid for their work. Tell all your friends and fans of this misunderstood genre.

…Thanks for supporting REAL underground Black Metal”.

Please do so, for I could not agree more. Keep an eye on this label for, if this is any indication of what’s to come, I predict mind-numbing greatness in the near future.

Until next time our paths of audio interest meet, I have a great deal research and fresh audio to submerge myself into.


Attack of the Compilation – Extreme Metal Attack (anno XVI)


Extreme Metal Attack (anno XVI)
HelldProd Records
Release – March/22/2019

(Celebrating the 16th event of its kind in Portugal scheduled for March 22/23, 2019)

Release date March/22/2019

extreme metal attack 2019

Well hello again.

Cult’s house is empty.

It’s quiet. Which is strange as the spawn of Cult usually leaves a tornado of destruction in her wake, she isn’t shy about letting loose amplified power from her infantile pipes either, the words “I’m a princess!!” Never fails to leave a smirk on my gnarly visage.

I’m discovering new stuff every day. Like where Cult secretes his sugary goods in order that his lips are the only ones to taste them (clever bastid!). I believe I’ve found his weakness however, if it even comes down to it all I’ll ever need do is hold one of his beloved Funkos hostage and he’ll be like putty in my grasp.

Now, where was I? I got distracted.

Ah, there’s his computer. One nudge of the table on which it’s perched and the screen flashes into life. It appears Cult has left me a template (what a nice fellow), either that or he didn’t get around to finishing this. Ha! I’ll make his day and do it for him.

Now what do we have here? An underground metal compilation supporting a festival in Portugal. I’ve visited numerous times. The people are tasty (though there’s no ketchup in sight) and the language is like the exquisite howling of a tortured soul to my ears.

Hmm-! My interest is perked, my nipples are hard, I’ll spare you the description of my aroused genitals. Let’s take a listen, shall we?

Well, would ya look at that. It seems as though, on visual contact anyway, this compilation seems right up my alley (there’s a ‘double-entendre’ if ever I visualized one, yuck!)

The track title is enough to raise the hackles of a hell hound with a hankering for audio extreme.


Wait. I smell audio extreme. I’ll save you for later!

‘Fire’, ‘Daemons’, ‘Abominations’, ‘Deathchant’ and ‘Unholy Semen’ (full of salty protein nutrition, no doubt, at least that’s how I’d spin it on a first date) all words which I’m intimately familiar with though which still never fail to grab my attention. Now, where was I? A tray full of snacks, Chef mix, donuts? I jest, I have the attention of a flea. But, strangely, where metal is concerned, I’m hyper-vigilant, if only I had the memory to match.

Perusing articles of a similar nature I can see that Cult has devised a rating system especially for the purpose of releases such as this. I like it, but it won’t work in this instance, I need my own flavor.

Let’s try this instead.


Not in the good way. Toss this in the ocean and punch the nearest passerby to let out the frustration of spending money on schiite such as this. Jesus might like this. But I still believe it has the potential to do naught but line the birds cage. Jesus loves everything, which in my opinion is rather silly. Jesus you’re a prat!



Better, this shows potential. Much like, I’d imagine, your mother on a first date. But it still leaves me wanting.

The Goblin are going crazy!

Admittedly the annoying green bastid like most things and get excited at the drop of a turd but occasionally they have a suggestion which turns heads. And if the whole collective, much like an obnoxious stench-ridden green tide, agrees there must be something worth giving, at least, a cursory glance towards.

Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit!

Now this is worth sharing, break out the goblets, the fiery liquid, the unwilling, let’s break some limbs and party till the Dark Lord yells at us to get back to work!

All Mine!

I’m a selfish bastid. And this is too fkn’ good to share, it’s all mine!!

confued Orc

I’m confused, still!


That’s better, get the point? I don’t care, let’s continue.

Nine tracks in all, and I’ll be if each one of them doesn’t excite in their own way.

Nocturnal are to first to rip into the senses, the track appears oddly ironic. I’m bouncing around like a primate with its a lit firecracker in its anus. Let’s just say Cult is going to return home to find shit all outta’ whack. The place is destroyed, his coffee is on the carpet (not to fret it’s in a spill proof type container thing) one of the legs of his side table is reduced to splinters, several (of the various) notebooks from his desks is confetti and the picture of the smiling green guy above his desk is slightly askew. I need to calm down. But what a start. Damn!

The audio continues. There’s no frilly crap to be found here folks I can make that out within no time at all. Blackened speed/thrash, black metal and black every-goddamn-thing else is on the menu, venomous vocals which would strip primer from a myriad of vehicles in a gangsters paradise (whatever that means) complement rhythms inciteful enough to raise the Dead (keep the ‘toilet water’ handy, corpses have a stench to cut through even the most wicked of sinus blockage).

After a solitary listen, I’ll grant this a rating of Time for a Crimson Splattered Moshpit within spitting distance of the All Mine! rating.

Overall this collection is one I’d gladly take a few lashings for, my boss is a split-tongued, pitch fork wielding, demanding cock-nugget, what can I say?

Within the collection there are a handful of tracks I lost total control of my body over whilst listening, tracks I’d gladly place on an infernal playlist and irreparably damage my misshapen torso to.

In order…


Nocturnal – Rising Daemons

Fast as unholy fuck with rhythms to match and wicked vocals and a nod to vintage speed metal. An amazing introduction to this, or any compilation. My neck is broken, again, from the vigorous head bangin’, I’ll have to reset it (but it was worth it!)

Dethronation – Deathchant Assyria

Try as hard as I might I can’t help but bounce from one wall to the next with this between my ears. Old-school blackened speed and attitude with a South American feel. What’s not to like?

Did I mention this has an epic length and passages of doom tinged atmosphere, nope? Well I apologize. Great track!


Blackevil – Between Fire and Fire

What is it about “speed” that gets to me so?

This question might never be answered, in much the same way human males have a fascination of over-sized mounds of chest fat fit to bursting.

Blackevil have somehow fused NWOBHM with blackened speed with a familiar vocal style I can’t for the infernal life of me place (there’s that shit memory again). Regardless this fkn’ rips!!

Nefastu – Belica Neblina

Blistering black metal similar to Tatgren’s scorching Abyss output. Need I say more, probably not, but I will.

Alcoholocaust – Supreme Heavy Metal Negro

Chainsaws and machine guns and there’s the N word in the title. One of these three things is enough to incite a riot in the liberal mind, the other two are used to exhaustion every night in the suburbs of Chicago. Take your pick, I’ll be busy acting like a frenzied force of nature as I prance around without a care in the world.


Martyrium – Abominations

Easily the most polished sounding track here. This boasts epic values and sports black, death and doom, albeit pitch in tone, elements.

It’s the sacrificial aura that does it for me, however. Gteat stuff!

Necromutilator – Unholy Semen of Doom

I swear if this track sucked especially with the words ‘unholy semen’ in its title I’d hurt a Mfer’. Thankfully it doesn’t! Groove aplenty.

toxik attack

Toxik Attack – Loucos Pelo Old School

I can’t for the life of me make out what they are saying but I’m loving this. It has a folk/heavy metal/speed metal vibe which I’m finding irresistible.

That’s about it, this compilation made me jizz all over the damn place, several times in fact, caused me a concussion from slipping in the mess and resulted in an unfathomable amount of broken bones. Not to worry they’ll knit together again, and I’ll become infinitely uglier.  This is par for the course and I’ve become accustomed to it.

Fuk, I hear footsteps, I’ve no time to clean up. Perhaps a note will suffice…?

There, I’ve placed it where it will be easily spotted.

Oh, what does it say?

Sorry Daddy, it was me.

Love M.

No one will ever know.

Now to secreting myself where no one will find me. Wait a minute. She’s barely two, do you think she even knows how to brandish a crayon, or use punctuation?

extreme metal attack banner


Attack of the Compilation #6


Dewar PR Winter Compilation 19’

dewar comp 19

More often than not it’s the label that releases compilations. In this case however, a Public Relations firm has chosen to do so (job security, right?). And this isn’t the first time. Dewar PR (a Public relations and marketing agency specializing in effective hard rock and metal promotion) has been in operation for over five years, based out of Cambridge, Ontario (Canada) they’ve been releasing compilations on and of since 2014, including a 2015 benefit release.

This release sees seventeen tracks by seventeen different acts.

Says Curtis Dewar, the Canadian with all the answers and knowledge behind the scenes,

“I’m pleased to release the latest in our series of compilations! This is the fifth year of Dewar PR being in operation and I’m excited to have the chance to work with great new bands.  Download the compilation and support (with money) any of the bands that you enjoy!

If you’d like more information on promoting your next release with Dewar PR, please email me at!”

Track listing;

False Gods-They Who Speak to the Lost

Owl Maker-Witches

Tommy Concrete-Leith Punk Flat

Her Despair-Blaspheme with Me

GORM-Beyond Black Rainbow

Chaos Synopsis-Sixteen Scourges

Aliceissleeping-Scary Mary

Ritual Earth-Solar Ecstasy

Death on Fire-Witch Hunter (Remix)

Vessel-The Dreaming

Blessed Black-Stormbringer

Stump Tail Dolly-Regret

Allfather-By Sword, By Famine, By Plague

Dust Prophet-The Big Lie


Rift-Lift to Ash

Desert Kingdom-Unleash All Hell

Release date February/12/2019

 As per usual I’m going to employ a ratings system I’ve designed especially for this purpose;

I skipped all the way to the end – I’d rather hear my significant other grunt behind a closed door which isn’t the bathroom.

Skipped a few tracks – spend your money on “Scratchers” tickets instead.

Didn’t skip any tracks, but the thought was there – I may or may not revisit again, anytime soon.

Skip, what skip? – this shows promise.

Perk my interest much? – (a little sarcasm here) this had me searching for a reliable internet connection, so I could do some invaluable research on where to spend my pennies next.

Dammit, I can’t concentrate – break out the lube. Does this come in a format I can insert myself into?

(These rating are rather self-explanatory, I hope you’ll agree.)


Nope. I’m still confused

I’ll admit a few of the acts displayed in the track listing (above) are familiar. Some however, I have little to no knowledge upon, so this was to be quite the discovery of an audio experience.

The collection opens with a track by False Gods a hardcore-esque doom-laden affair then progresses to boast a myriad of styles that which virtually covers the whole genre spectrum of metal, but not quite. For those interested in the more extreme arena there isn’t much on offer, although with that being said, there are two tracks which might perk your interest (unless you have an open mind in which case this entire line up might) Chaos Synopsis bring a melodic death/ groove laden addition to the compilation whereas Stump Tail Dolly present their chaotic audio fury, an amalgamation of a number of styles some of which polar opposites so you can well imagine how this track might play out (keep an open mind!)

I’m pleased to report that the quality of the tracks here is high, although there are many avenues covered which I normally don’t frequent and obviously need more time to explore.

I’d gladly label this collection of tunes with a Skip, what skip? rating. I’ll admit I was close to skipping on a few tracks though came to like them more as I let them caress my ears for a second time around. Of the tracks on offer several garnered my attention above all others. Some for reasons which are plain to see based on my listening habits and others for reasons that made even me raise an eyebrow (well, this is different. But I’m, liking it!)

Listed below are the tracks I thought ‘stole the show’ (though this obviously differs based on personal tastes. A statement which really doesn’t bear mentioning anymore, does it?)

Owl MakerWitches

This is a little different than what I expected based on my experiences with the band. But, with its rhythms, melody and moments of aggression it makes for an intriguing track that has a unique aura leading me to veer towards a spat of research to be partaken upon in the very near future.

her despair

Her Despair Blaspheme with Me

There’s no denying that this track has a style that’s highly reminiscent of acts from the 90’s, namely The Cult and sports a Gothic edge which could well help bring back the style to the forefront of the hard rock/metal scene, again. Highly addictive, this is a track both me and the wife can agree upon adding to the playlist (we have vastly differing tastes).

GORMBeyond Black Rainbows

Anyone familiar with Old Man Wizard might recognize the vocalist (if not immediately rectify this fact) the style is similar in that its miles from brutal and steeped in melody and NWOBHM stylings as well an acoustic spacey godliness, as well a style that harkens back decades before then. This is audio to drown yourself in accompanied by your “poison” of choice. Infectious doesn’t even come close to covering this!

Chaos Synopsis – Sixteen Scourges

Pummeling, hardcore infused, death tinged with groove and a diverse mixture of melodies which incite uncontrollable movements. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

death on fire

Ouch! that looks like it smarts!

Death on FireWitch Hunter (remix)

Mixing thrash and melodic death stylings this track offers melody and brutality in equal measure whilst also sporting a ‘muddiness’ which might appeal to fans of sludge. In effect a great mixture and a great track to lose your shit to!

Vessel – The Dreaming

Doom slathered in distortion, basted in old school groove and complete with a sci-fi edge. I’m intrigued, as should you be.

Blessed BlackStormbringer

Huge riffs, epic vocals, tribalistic drums and head swaying melodies. I’ve read comment that this is akin to older Sword material, a statement I’d have to agree with.

stump tail dolly

Well, that’s different!

Stump Tail DollyRegret

Unique doesn’t quite cover the audio here. Think if country, folk and black metal forgot their vast differences and had a shindig, got shit faced, dropped acid then decided to jam. This might be the result. And it’s a damn sight more interesting than it sounds!

AllfatherBy Sword, By Famine, By Plague

An angst vocal assault and mammoth riffs which could well sheer the flesh from the bones.

desert kingdom

But…it’s a dry heat!

Desert Kingdom – Unleash all Hell

Stunning doom, thrash hybrid from Down Under. And here I was thinking all that’s on offer there is leaping mammals, furry mammals sleeping in trees and the occasional badass zombie flick, boy was I ever wrong!


That’s about it for another installment. There’s plenty here to spark the interest no matter where they lie. Kudos to Curtis for compiling and tossing this out into the W.W.W. for all to enjoy.


Be sure to take time to plug this between the ears, support your favorite PR firm, your favorite acts and the scene. But most of all don’t be afraid to discover audio that’s not usually in your comfort zone.



Attack of the Compilation #4

Alternative Control presents

Volume Doom

VolumeDoom logo

I want this schweet image on a shirt

Something a little different this time around readers, it’s not often that a compilation gets released via the fans, unless you count labels as fans (which, obviously, they are). Alternative Control are a Connecticut-based music blog and are presenting this installments compilation via Bandcamp (and limited physical copy run) aiming the spotlight on up-and-coming and established acts in the Doom genre with funds going towards Alternative Control’s website maintenance costs (which aren’t free – contrary to public belief!).

Says Alternative Control editor and Owl Maker bassist Jessie May, “I’m excited to put together a tangible showcase of bands the blog has featured. In recent years, as my own musical tastes have gravitated towards stoner metal and related genres, the blog’s coverage has drifted that way as well. (It’s a labor of love, after all!) I want this comp to introduce listeners to bands they haven’t heard before…

I also hope that Volume Doom creates connections between music scenes in different geographic areas…”

Track Listing;

Year of the Cobra (Seattle, WA) — The Descent

Howling Giant (Nashville, TN) — The Pioneer

Mourn the Light (Norwich, CT) — Embrace the Darkness

Owl Maker (Milford, CT) — Sky Road

Gorge (Tariffville, CT) — The Great Dying

Witching (Philadelphia, PA) — False Martyr

Pinto Graham (New Haven, CT) — High Flyer

Eye of Nix (Seattle, WA) — Lull *

1476 (Salem, MA) — Winter of Winds*

Dust Prophet (Manchester, NH) — Revolutionary Suicide

Low Moments (Norwich, CT) — Plague, Take Me

Kurokuma (Sheffield, UK) — Dope Rider Pt. 1

(* courtesy of Prophecy Productions)

Release date February/22/2019

As per usual I’m going to employ a ratings system I’ve designed especially for this purpose;

I skipped all the way to the end – I’d rather hear my significant other grunt behind a closed door which isn’t the bathroom.

Skipped a few tracks – spend your money on “Scratchers” tickets instead.

Didn’t skip any tracks, but the thought was there – I may or may not revisit again, anytime soon.

Skip, what skip? – this shows promise.

Perk my interest much? – (a little sarcasm here) this had me searching for a reliable internet connection, so I could do some invaluable research on where to spend my pennies next.

Dammit, I can’t concentrate – break out the lube. Does this come in a format I can insert myself into?

(These rating are rather self-explanatory, I hope you’ll agree.)


Nope, I’m still confused.

When first experiencing this collection one thing becomes instantly apparent, Volume Control boasts a wide cross section of the doom genre though chooses to not encroach upon the arena which many familiar with my scribbles are accustomed to me covering. Fear not, however, I won’t let this put me off, I’m always down for new and exciting audio avenues to drag my senses down. Volume Control concentrates its attentions on stoner, psyche, sludge and the better-known, more traditional approach with the exception being the more aggressive track, ‘False Martyr’, from Witching.

I’m pleased to report that the quality of all the tracks on offer is high, even though many avenues covered here are those which I’m not typically a visitor to and obviously need more time to explore.  I’ll gladly label this collection with a Skip, what skip? rating as it showed definite promise containing several acts, I honestly believe will take up a great deal of my spare time in the coming days, weeks and months, be it either with research or audio consumption. Several tracks captured my attention more so than others, some immediately, and often for reasons that surprised even me!

Year of the Cobra – The Descent

Sludge combined with melodies you can find yourself involuntarily swaying to.  But it’s the excellent haunting vocals that make this a winner! An excellent way to start the proceedings!


A recent Howling Giant release.

Howling Giant – The Pioneer

Boasting an epic stoner and psyche vibe, not normally a track or style that would yank my senses into submission, its intriguing lyrics and shifting melodies captured my attention. A fantastic pallet cleanser for those evenings when you require audio to ease the stresses of the day alongside a beverage of choice and a chair you can just sink into and float away upon.

Owl MakerSky Road

This track has both a vintage rock and Southern-fried feel, and for some reason reminds me of the earliest of Judas Priest material. Suffice it to say this became an instant favorite!


That’s one angry looking chicken(?)

WitchingFalse Martyr

Overflowing with emotion, a vocal range akin to a force of nature of the howling windy variety and dreamy melodies which abruptly transform into something altogether opposite this track is one that makes an instant impression and leaves a mark. Test the stereos volume levels before you play this!

Eye of Nix – Lull

Folksey rhythms, tribal drumming and a chant-like/classical vocal style grabs the attention here but it’s what this track changes into as it progresses which really leaves a mark. Shades of Nuerosis and something altogether unpredictable, makes for a listen that’s wholly deserved of instantly repeating.

1476 – Winter of Winds

Wicked melody and an intriguing Morrison-esque vocal vibe take center stage here. A weird combination obviously though one that strangely complements itself making for a track that’s quite unique, dramatic and absolutely unforgettable. Think British alternative rock/emo colliding head in an intersection draped in doom sensibilities. Sounds odd but it works, and I can’t enough.


Whoa! That’s a little ‘trippy’.

Kurokuma – Dope Rider Pt.1

Massive riffs, dissonant vocals, plenty of distortion added to with sprinkles with psychedelia. A monolith of a composition to bring this collection to its climax.

That’s about it folks, all that’s left is my recommendation. Seriously, if you’re a fan of the genre there’s plenty here to whet your whistle, and if you aren’t perhaps this collection will serve to spark an interest? Regardless of where you stand, I had fun. Huge kudos to Alternative Control for creating, compiling and putting this together.

alternative control logo

Support a good cause, share the wealth of metal in all its forms and spread the word.