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Abrasive Audio 2020 – The First Entry

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It’s been a while folks. And although I promised myself that I won’t get caught up in the typical End of List Bullshit, I invariably did. And it was all-consuming (my thanks again to all involved) taking up a huge chunk of the first month of the year. Now I’m behind. But not to worry, a few sleepiness nights will and have rectified that. May I present the very first entry of the year. You may notice I’m starting off by commenting on a few releases I somehow missed. (Be warned this might last till well into the year.) I’m also trying something a little different, I’m intrigued to see if anyone notices.

Without further dragging one into “donkey nodding” depths…

Slipping Through the Cracks
Releases from 19′ I’m only now laying ears upon (but deem worthy of scribbling upon).

Crafting the Conspiracy

Crafting the Conspiracy (USA) – The Cosmic Key (Part One)

Release- March/9/19

Chugcore Records


This guy looks pissed as if he’s about to perform some Dragon Ball Z type shit upon me. What did I do seriously? Where can I hide?


No fkn’ around with intros here this drops one straight into intricate hyper speed drumming and riffs. The unmerciful vocal barrage is reminiscent of both Goatwhore, Soilent Green and Black Dahlia Murder. An impressive start to quench the hunger of those demanding top quality deathcore/tech death.


Whirling dervish arrangements, intricate rhythms, tight musicianship and an unrelenting vocal narrative approach. Oftentimes this can be messy and uncomfortable to listen to, especially if it’s not created in a cohesive manner. But not in this instance. This yanks the listener around from the very start, uncontrollable, involuntary movements are going to be par for the course when this invades the senses, and doesn’t let up until the final track (let it ‘play out’, trust me here) comes to its eventual climax. Irritating and irrational is that Crafting the Conspiracy haven’t been detected on my radar before now. But thankfully that has changed now and I’m here to suggest you do the same.

Favorite Tracks – The whole EP ripz, no ‘filler’ found here!

FFO; Black Dahlia Murder, Origin, Obscura.


Agnosy (UK) – When Daylight Reveals the Torture

Release – May/9/19

Profane Existence


Gritty, dark, foreboding, grimy. Pick a word. This is fantastic black and white imagery telling of dusk and the atrocities about to be discovered therein. In a pinch I would say this is suggestive of cavernous audio. But that remains to be heard and I’ve been led astray before.


Crust, D-beat with more an emphasis on punk then the run of the mill Crust release. This delivers groove by the truckload and grime, a fantastic combination. Hints of influence make themselves known but remain to be fully realized. An impressive start!


A far cry from the usual Crust fodder this incorporates tracks with individual identities, a spot of stepping outside of what’s expected (a traipse into sludge and Nuerosis depths) and more than enough groove and dirty rhythms to send one crawling, battered, in the direction of the muscle relaxers. A fantastic way for fans of Crust and D-beat to start the New Year, this does not disappoint and is hardly predictable!

Toss this in the “pit” for incendiary action!

Favorite Tracks; Spit out the Lies, When Daylight Reveals the Torture, No Friends but the Mountains, War, Death, Famine, Plague.

FFO; Bolt Thrower, Wolf Brigade, Disrupt.

And… The New Year Brings Us


Diabology – Nobody Believes Me


Release- January/1/20


I’m of the mind that the book in this image holds more than merely recipes for Brownies which will blow the mind. ‘Cosmic Brownies’ perhaps. Strangely it also puts me in mind of “The Devils Rain” (film) and that accursed tome from “The Evil Dead”. A fantastic vivid color palette here is sure to grab the initial attention.


This seethes with definite punk influence and something altogether darker. Spittle flying vocals accompany background whispering and a percussion that’s both familiar and somewhat sinister. An intriguing opener that’s undeniably thrash, punk with lesser black and melodic death elements.


This album offers an intriguing mix of thrash, punk and death influences. A dip into nu-metal/alternate waters, even submergence into crust/grindcore murkiness. A vocal style which sounds part South American aggression accompanied by punk attitude couples with rhythms which are catchy yet all too familiar. A good starting point for a dynamic, talented, young act this shows promise (a few tracks are deliciously ‘different’ against the rest of the albums grain) yet lacks the sense of fluidity and identity which more seasoned acts exhibit. Give this a listen and keep an eye out for the bands progress.

Favorite Tracks; Nobody Believes me (the Voices), Seas of Eternity, Lost Viking, Lazarus Falling.

FFO; Vintage Megadeth, early Voivod.

War Dogs

War Dogs (Spain)- Die by my Sword

Fighter Records

Release- January/9/20


Some unfortunate fellow is being utilized as a skishkabob against a landscape sporting a myriad of crimson, groans, bludgeoning and an ominous feral four-legged presence who appears slightly amused.


Screaming NWOBHM injected with playful speed sensibilities this jumps from the proverbial starting blocks. Boasting fluid rhythms, hooks and a vocal approach thankfully sans falsetto elements this makes an instant impression leaving me eager for what’s to follow.


With a silly looking smirk plastered across my face I’m willingly allowing War Dogs to transport me back a few decades to a time when melody was king, singing rather than guttural prowess was in vogue, rhythms bordered on head-bobbingly hypnotic and rock was criminally infectious. This checks all the boxes, and then some! I honestly can’t see a reason why this doesn’t propel the act to showcasing venue heights. Impressive doesn’t even come close, and this is a debut (full length too) which makes it that much more stunning. Jump on this at your earliest convenience!

Favorite Tracks; Die by my Sword, Wings of Fire, Kill the Past, Ready to Strike, Gorgon Eyes.

FFO; Vintage Iron Maiden, vintage Rainbow, Riot, Visigoth, Manilla Road.

Blood and Brutality

Blood and Brutality (USA) – Fatal

Release- January/17/20

Blood and Brutality Records


Quite the chamber of horrors on display here. And I might be mistaken but it looks as though Seagrave might have had a hand in the image. It bears the same tone, aura and intricacy in detail.


Grinding death which has me nodding my head like a maniac. How is it this is the first I’m hearing of these guys?


Wicked limb twitching rhythms, variety in pace which doesn’t appear out of place, excellent atmosphere and a vocal style which is part hardcore, part crust. I’m finding it very difficult to write anything negative about this. Honestly, this isn’t anything ground- breaking (does every album need to be?) but it hits the spot via thrashy and grinding death avenues and demands discovery. Wrap yer ears around this pronto!

Favorite Tracks; Witness to Slaughter, Torturous, Black Horizon, Bloodshed of Man.

FFO; Vomitory, Master, Bolt Thrower, Memoriam, The Haunted, early Gorguts.

Cult of Horror

Cult of Horror (Brazil) – Hermetik Heretik

Release- January/13/20

Bestial Invasion Records


An interesting image with obvious nods to Egyptian mythology. Fantastic color-play depicts a frustrated individual who only wants to be loved by the suns warm caress.


Short and inciteful this bears undeniably wicked blackened speed tendencies and an unmistakable raw air one might expect from the region. A great start to get one in the mood.


With a varied style which kicks in after an initial impression (based on the first two tracks) one can tell this is neither 100% this or that this, but an amalgamation of a few styles, offering a variety of pace and rhythms within a collection of tracks which explores and channels several corners of the metal universe. Ranging from psych doom, speed metal, blackened speed, death n roll, through traditional heavy metal in not quite so equal measure with a plethora of nods to South American aggression (ala raw thrash) this has a great deal to offer. Although this is hard to categorize there’s no doubt it delivers a catchy nature by the barrelful showcasing an undeniably beefy drum foundation and a vocal style which will please the majority of traditional black fans.

Favorite Tracks; Heretik, Philosophy of the Knife, Murder by Witchcraft, Hellfire Convent.

FFO; Witchery, Celtic Frost, Pungent Stench.

Blessed Black

Blessed Black (USA) – Beyond the Crimson Throne

Release- January/17/20



Heavy in a fantastical cosmic vibe this makes me ponder upon what the Grim Resper might do for fun. Does he cosplay? Does he reside in a cloud and own a big-fuck-off-I’ll-cleave-you-in-two blade? A bunch of unanswered questions to stew upon here. Best to just relax and give this a listen before I burst something.


Instrumental and hypnotic, undeniably a tad cosmic with a middle Eastern vibe this leaves me curious indeed!


Doom, stoner rock and Southern rock collide with a vocal accompaniment which is very difficult not to instantly appreciate (Fun fact; the vocalist is also in the thrash band WarCurse and works with a few better-known acts). Huge riffs cavort with dangerously infectious hooks, a smidgen of fuzz and groove sensibilities which would make the manufacturers of toilet paper envious (huh, what?). In all seriousness though this seethes with an air of brilliance from start to finish. It flows seamlessly and tips the hat to a variety of genre troupes whilst still displaying an identity and a remarkable passion all its own. It isn’t without rollicking (some might call them galloping) rhythms either for those taking notes. Fans of doom mixed with stoner rock and heavy metal values take note this is a fantastic way to start the New Year and is sure to feature in my playlist for months to come.

Favorite Tracks; Heavy is the Crown, Ariochs Bargain, Stormbringer.

FFO; The Sword, High on Fire, Baroness.

Odious Mortem

Odious Mortem (USA) – Synesthesia

Release – January/17/20

Willowtip Records


With the description of the music in mind this image fits perfectly. Though I’m not honestly sure what the image depicts. Guess it’s time to break out the microscope and scalpel.


This wastes no time whatsoever in getting to the crux of the issue. This is technical brutal death metal (with splashes of a progressive nature) and shines immediately. Chaotic, intricate but insanely precise, this is just what the doctor ordered (if the doctor were to prescribe this type of thing).


I can’t fathom how it is that I haven’t heard of these guys before now with a quality on offer such as exhibited here. And although this is new it bears an eerie familiar tone and style. A brutality based in rapidly transforming controlled chaos, a myriad of amorphic shifting rhythms as opposed to chuggery or anything which brings to mind diabolical underworld shenanigans and a vocal approach which might well include burps, squeals, grunts. An intricacy and exactness paired with mischievous varied pacing and a wicked drum salvo in short which is difficult not to appreciate instantly.  After a spot of research, I can see the reasoning; most of the members constitute Decrepit Birth.

Favorite Tracks; Stunningly jaw-dropping from start to finish, it’s extremely difficult to pick out any clear winners at a quality such as this.

FFO; (later) Death, Atheist, Decrepit Birth, Severed Savior, Spawn of Possession.

Butcher 666 goats

BÜTCHER (Belgium) – 666 Goats Carry my Chariot

Release – January/31/20

Osmose Productions


Goats instead of horses. This is an interesting spin and to say I’m curious is an understatement indeed. Though I would imagine that the amount in question would surely be calamitous overkill. Seriously, have you ever tried to train a goat to do anything but run at a pal like a battering ram? Try it, you won’t be friends when those hospital bill’s start rolling in.


A synth seething with 80’s influence intro with narration opens the album. But, I’m still curious. And then…blown away! An initial impression is that Venom, Judas Priest and Van Halen are jamming following a night of heavy drinking. Sounds unappealing but this is wickedly good and overflows with attitude, riffs…and did I say attitude?


Some albums are good, some are better, some even leave a lasting impression and then there’s this. This album virtually writes its own review! It grabs ahold, sinks its talons in then proceeds to unapologetically molest the pleasure sensors from start to finish (huh-?) yanking at reminiscence along the way whilst pulling strings to puppeteer the listener into uncontrollable spasms of movement. Utilizing face-melting speed, a blackened style which has become fashionable as of late (no complaints here), something akin to what many call Pagan metal, as well instances dripping in atmosphere Bütcher have somehow created a style which nods to a plethora of arenas and even early pioneers (King Diamond among them) though remains undeniably unique and wholly consumable by ravenous fans eager for audio veering slightly off the beaten path. In essence this is traditional yet not and familiar yet fresh. Hopefully my scribbles have given this justice for it is deserved of such! Suffice it to say this will have many scrambling for a map to locate a place they’ve probably never heard of; mark my words this will place Belgium on the extreme audio map. Don’t be the last to let this (and “666 goats”) invade your senses!

Favorite Tracks; Rips, tears, shreds from start to finish. I can’t pick any clear sinners!

FFO; Whipstriker, Whiplash, Exciter, vintage Venom, Wraith, Inculter, Hellripper, Mercyful Fate.


Pyre (USA) – Come Home

Release- January/10/20



This boasts Tolkien-esque and mythical qualities. A boy, his dog and an ominous looking skull in the background. What say we proceed and dive right into a fantastical landscape?


An energetic sludge drenched; fuzz-laden stoner rock/doom instrumental opens the proceedings. And dissolves into a cosmic type ooze. Thrash, slightly crossover, rhythms take up the slack complemented by a sprinkle of psychedelia. The mood shifts and leaves a lasting impression; this is not going to be the typical run of the mill type release. Color me curious.


It doesn’t take long to realize this album is something that’s unmistakably diverse and… special. Although each of the tracks are relatively short, they each leave a little something to ‘chew’ upon, much like a taste in the mouth which lingers but one doesn’t want to leave. Unpredictable, exciting, dynamic and infectiously catchy this release sports an allure that’s hard to argue and an amorphous style that’s hard to accurately describe. Terms like post-black metal, punk and thrash are tossed around but this doesn’t fit any of those or even a number of other parameters comfortably. Fear not however, for it does, and will, slide unassumingly into a playlist that’s sure to be burned into the cortex as the year rolls on. For those with an open mind, a soft spot for catchy rhythms and carefully constructed stylistic chaos this demands attention. And to be honest it came out of nowhere to send me reelin’. I am beyond impressed. I can see myself preaching the brilliance of this well into the year. Do not let this pass you by unnoticed!!

Favorite Tracks; Head noddingly fantastic from start to finish.

FFO; The Sword, (early) Faith no More, Mastodon, Baroness, Old Man Wizard, Devon Townsend, Wizard Rifle.

mix tape action

Spread the Word of metal Old Man. Keep it up!

And that concludes the first entry of the New Year. My apologies for the wait. As always feel free to comment, share, suggest, laugh or cry.  Your slave to Audio extreme in all of its many guises,