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Taste be Damned – Another End of Year List

(this one courtesy of He11fir3)

Derek gets straight to the point with this one; few words complementing a list which will have the ever-curious running in search of a reliable internet connection.

He11fir3’s top 20 of 2020 (plus a few). Hardly the “best of the year”, just my personal favorites.

20. Faustian Pact – Outojen Tornien Varjoissa:

Mystical Melodic Symphonic and Majestic. Prominent and bombastic keyboards without taking over and being overbearing, giving the riffs a chance to muscle through.

19. Lamp of Murmuur – Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism:

Hitting all the soft spots for the black metal nerds. Just flying underneath the bar of “too perfect”

18. Porta Nigra – Schopfungswut:

Kudos to this classy stylish black metal. With every listen I found something new to appreciate about it. It has a sophisticated melodic sound while remaining full speed and dripping with blast beats.

17. Drengskapur – Was Der Morast Verschlang:

An album I wish I spent more time dissecting. It’s everything I need and love with hints of surprises. I know I’m still going to be pondering this one, putting it in and finding something fresh for years to come.

16. Maleficentt – Night of Eternal Darkness:

An album that is a go-to when I want to hear good shimmery perfect black metal. When I’m not sure what I want to listen to I can always come to this. It’s black metal comfort to me.

15. Ebony pendant – Incantation of Eschantological Mysticism:

This is that super cold dead of winter stuff that puts a fine layer of frost on my bones. Always a necessity.

14. Witchtower – Witches’ Domain:

A powerhouse of everything that is right with heavy metal. A dash of Scorpions sleaze and squeeze of Mercyful Fate into the cauldron.

13. Frigoris – In Stille..:

Though the mood has to fit for it to hit right, this is one of the most beautiful post atmospheric black metal albums I’ve heard. This was the first thing I put in on many mornings.

12. Ergholae Somptator – Eau Ardente:

A volcanic blast of misanthropic riffs that fits perfect with the stained-glass imagery. Uncontrollable and well-constructed.

11. Dammerfarben – Des Herbstes Trauerhymnen:

The sounds of the sun rising, setting and casting glorious light on everything below but in epic black folk metal form.

10. Maquahuitl – At the Altar of Mictlampa:

Puts the battle-ready fire in your veins. This band always delivers some of the best NABM. Catchy, Pounding, Raw, Enlightening, and full of engaging spirit. Each song is like an anthem of praise for the land and sky.

9. Wolves in Exile – Frost and Ruin:

This is “At the Heart of Winter” from another kingdom across the planet. Cold Majestic Black Metal with Heavy Metal influence.

8. Begotten – If All You Have Known is Winter:

DSBM for Melodic Atmospheric BM fans. Amazing Canadian band putting out top notch heart wrecking turmoil.

7. Hellraiders – Fighting Hard:

My beer drinkin’ album of the year. Heavy Speed Rock from Italy, undeniably fun. People tend to skip this kind of stuff but fun albums are important, they pull you out of a funk, and they get more spins than you pretend to notice.

6. Spirit Possession – Self Titled:

The old school black thrash attitude played with the modern elements of creativity and chaos. Puts off the atmosphere of being haunted by an out of focus headless banshee that shrieks out of its neck hole. Time to move.

5. Forgjord – Laulu Kuolemasta:

Harrowing songs of the death worshiping dread that dissolves my mental health and will to live and it’s really catchy.

4. Grimah – Intricacies of Bowed Wisdom:

Monumental cascading black metal, spiritually epic like communicating with the mountains and valleys.

3. Oldowan Gash – Hubris Unchained:

Blistering High Tone black metal that sounds messy but it’s done to perfection. Breaks the Chains.

2. Goats of Doom – Tie on Hanen Omilleen:

My introduction to a band that I’ve done my damnedest to pick up their whole discography. Fast Harsh Melodic Finnish Black Metal. Every track is an utmost banger.

  1. Leiru – Ido:

A unique blend of heavy / post black / cosmic / goth that never gives up on the riffs.

Honorable mentions or 5 albums that could easily be switched out with most of these given the kind of day it’s been

Rebel Wizard – Magickal Mystical Indifference

Mongrels Cross – Arcana, Scrying, and Revelation

Ymir – Ymir

Stormkeep – Galdrum

Weald and Woe – the Fate of Kings and Men

Thanks for the list Sir (A huge thanks for the links and the order) as is typical I believe I’ve heard only a few of those listed. Suffice it to mention this fellow rarely ceases to amaze me with his choices. Get those digits to keyboard, there’s a great deal to explore here, especially if your audio penchants run to the less traversed, darker arena of the Metal universe.

Funfact; whenever I type any of He11fir3’s lists my spellchecker goes absolutely bonkers.


Supporting (Underground) Metal in the “Interweb” Part the Second

supporting underground metal

Occasionally I ponder upon what I can do help out those who take time out to toss me a few words. This sees the sites second collaboration with The Foehammer Podcast and yet another with its creator Derek C (otherwise known as @He11fire on Twitter). Without further ado and possible grammatical stumbling down a path which might lead many astray here are Derek’s words and the breakdown of The Foehammer Metal Podcast Take 60 (which apparently has somewhat of a theme).

Happy Thursday, Eternal Hails and the Utmost Thanks to CultMetalFlix for once again featuring Foehammer Metal Podcast in Abrasive Audio!

foehammer metal podcast

This week’s episode must have been a subconscious nudge made by the “drinky” thought tank that most people keep their smart thinking cells in. All 3 album reviews and intro song were something I had sitting in the “someday” pile just waiting for the right time to ramble about them. Thus, by the secret magics of black metal, they aligned to reign upon my inspiration.

These were albums I had binged and put back on the shelf, and through a swarm of new releases and recent purchases I was currently spinning, this was the stuff I needed more of. I had to sever from one of my only convictions with the podcast. “Try to talk about stuff other than just black metal”. Well, bad news Bitch, this is an “Oops, all Black Metals” episode and it just felt right.

oops black paint spill

Oops. there’s Darkness everywhere!

That’s not to say it went smoothly by any means. In fact, I messed up the first segment so many times the beer you hear me crack open in the beginning is actually my 10th, and yet I powered through the night leaving wreck and ruination for “Tomorrow Derek”.

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This week’s opening band:

thy dying light

But does “X” really mark the spot?

Thy Dying Light – Cold in Death EP

A raw and melodic Black Metal band from the UK that just released their first full length.

This week’s featured albums:

Elegiac – Vampyric Odinism

A high energy release from one of my favorite heathen/pagan black metal bands.

Bihargam – Castaka

Grim Black Metal that makes some interesting riff choices.

Steingrab - Mystik

It even comes in a handy dandy case

Steingrab – Mystik

Bleak Sorrowful Black Metal that still sounds like it’s got some muscle.

You can hear the episode here:

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here:

And that’s about it until Derek decodes to delight our ears again.                                              Cult

Supporting (underground) Metal on the “Interweb”

supporting underground metal

Occasionally I ponder upon what I can do to help out those who take time out to toss me a few words. He11fire is one such fellow and our “partnership” dates back to (a Year End list posting to be technical) when I first starting taking this whole posting on WordPress thing seriously. Since then He11fire has always been up to BS on all manner of things metal as well toss an occasional opinion on an album I believe he’ll enjoy (most recently on a band called Imipolex within the first Abrasive Audio Special Edition piece). Without further detours and inane ramblings, I’d like to present an ongoing “something” he is especially proud of.

– Cult

foehammer metal podcast

The Foehammer Metal Podcast is a hard drinking interweb radio disaster that has seen many forms in the last 5 years, before calling it quits in 2017. Recently I (He11fir3: Host) decided to start the podcast back up after a year+ hiatus and deliver it in the simplest most humble of styles: I’m going to pound beers and praise albums I love. Since Episode 51: Drunksal, the goal has been to release fun, down to earth, blurry, slurry album recommendations, not from a critic, but from a fan and fellow metal nerd. Each “review” is accompanied with a song from the album, which gives me time to drink beer and air guitar between segments.

In the upcoming months F.M.P (that’s an abbreviation for those not paying attention – Cult) is also going to incorporating talking segments with my favorite like -minded maniacs, band interviews, wicked dumb video content, stickers featuring the “Wicked WereRiff” from Rottenhead Artworks, endless brain numbing memes, and hopefully some collaboration projects with any other metal freaks that want to put something out there.

foehammer podcast ep 59

This week with Episode 59: And Canbeers From Empty to Dust, I decided to cover albums that stuck to the traditional styles of their sub genres and completely nailed it. Not to say any of these albums aren’t original or creative, but that they focus on these genres unique strengths and how they deliver the comfort we love to come home too.

cult of Eibon

Cor Blimey -That’s a nice looking package!

The only twist is the opening band, Cult of Eibon, who combine the stylistic darkness of Black Metal with the guitar tone and power chord driven riffage of 80’s metal.

The featured albums this week are:

Speedclaw – “Beast in the Mist”, playing Mighty Speed Metal like they did “Back Then”


Stutthof – “And Cosmos from Ashes to Dust”. Atmospheric Black Metal to be played at the twilight of the end times. As the sky swallows all existence.

And Norns – “In Fog They Appear”. Pure Raw Finnish Black Metal Demo From 2005


You can listen to the episode here:

You can follow F.M.P on twitter or Instagram @FoehammerMetal. Check it out on Facebook and definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out next week for a special episode #60! It sucks less than past episodes! (that sounds like a promise – Cult) Thank you CultMetalFlix and all the listeners, readers, creators and supporters of the Immortal Metal Underground.

– He11fir3