Scorching the Retinas; Dollar Store Movies – 2307 Winter’s Dream

Posted: May 14, 2020 in Dollar Movies, Scorching the Retinas - Film Review, Supporting the Indy scene
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Scorching the Retinas; Dollar Store Movies

Dollar Movies Header
2307 – Winter’s Dream aka The Winter Soldier
Writer/Director – Joey Curtis
Runtime -102 Minutes

2307 movie
In the not so distant future snow and ice everywhere is a thing. Damn cold reigns supreme. It’s so frigid in fact that Phoenix (this film is set in Arizona) is an arctic wasteland.  Humanity resides underground in small pockets destined to soon become extinct. Scientists however have created a humanoid counterpart, a race, to aid in man’s survival. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures (again, it’s cold, damn cold) and be able to outlast its human masters it should come as no surprise that many, one in particular, has grown tired of servitude. A special team. Spartan Seven, has been called in to take out said individual, lest his presence further stir up an existing resistance and challenge to the status quo many have come to accept as the norm.

2307 spartans

We are..Spartan(s)

Spartan Seven is a motley crew. Highly trained soldiers each with their own idiosyncrasies. The commander has a back story, as luck would have it’s  intertwined with his mission (but I won’t ruin it).  The team’s mission takes them deep into the Deadlands, rendering their “equipment” useless.
Personalities collide and frustrations rise as their numbers dwindle. But there’s something beneath the surface, another story, a conspiracy. Has the Spartan Leader, Bishop, been lead astray, used as a pawn or is their another factor which is more important?

(Trailer courtesy of Sandrew Metronome Movies)

Channeling Blade Runner, Mad Max and a myriad of other post apocalyptic features 2407 has a surprising amount to offer its audience; a story which boasts more than one might imagine,  based on its initial premise, and a “message” which is timeless. Although this feature suffers from a myriad of cliches, plentiful nods to Pop Culture (mostly film based) and predictable dialogue exchanges it still manages to keep the attention.

2307 boy what a barell

Low budget doesn’t always mean smaller in “stature’

Apart from a few small qualms the acting is surprisingly decent, the films pace exciting and the cinematography remains one of it’s stand out features. The films score/soundtrack fits perfectly and serves to add sufficient depth to a story which might surprise those hoping for merely a run of the mill action/adventure.

2307 humanoid

Nope. I’m not Rutger Hauer

Save for its undeniable similarities to another feature, in which a manufactured race also strives for independence. 2307 stands as a worth while distraction from that which plagues our current existence. An independent, low- budget, affair which delivers (for those willing to turn away from the garish allure of huge blockbuster Hollywood features) and bodes well for the future of both the writing and directing teams involved (incidentally one and the same person in this case). And to think I paid only a single dollar for this, what a deal!

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