Introducing the Foehammer Metal Podcast (part the Second)

Posted: February 29, 2020 in Reviews of the Metal Variety, Supporting the Foehammer Podcast
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Supporting (Underground) Metal in the “Interweb” Part the Second

supporting underground metal

Occasionally I ponder upon what I can do help out those who take time out to toss me a few words. This sees the sites second collaboration with The Foehammer Podcast and yet another with its creator Derek C (otherwise known as @He11fire on Twitter). Without further ado and possible grammatical stumbling down a path which might lead many astray here are Derek’s words and the breakdown of The Foehammer Metal Podcast Take 60 (which apparently has somewhat of a theme).

Happy Thursday, Eternal Hails and the Utmost Thanks to CultMetalFlix for once again featuring Foehammer Metal Podcast in Abrasive Audio!

foehammer metal podcast

This week’s episode must have been a subconscious nudge made by the “drinky” thought tank that most people keep their smart thinking cells in. All 3 album reviews and intro song were something I had sitting in the “someday” pile just waiting for the right time to ramble about them. Thus, by the secret magics of black metal, they aligned to reign upon my inspiration.

These were albums I had binged and put back on the shelf, and through a swarm of new releases and recent purchases I was currently spinning, this was the stuff I needed more of. I had to sever from one of my only convictions with the podcast. “Try to talk about stuff other than just black metal”. Well, bad news Bitch, this is an “Oops, all Black Metals” episode and it just felt right.

oops black paint spill

Oops. there’s Darkness everywhere!

That’s not to say it went smoothly by any means. In fact, I messed up the first segment so many times the beer you hear me crack open in the beginning is actually my 10th, and yet I powered through the night leaving wreck and ruination for “Tomorrow Derek”.

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This week’s opening band:

thy dying light

But does “X” really mark the spot?

Thy Dying Light – Cold in Death EP

A raw and melodic Black Metal band from the UK that just released their first full length.

This week’s featured albums:

Elegiac – Vampyric Odinism

A high energy release from one of my favorite heathen/pagan black metal bands.

Bihargam – Castaka

Grim Black Metal that makes some interesting riff choices.

Steingrab - Mystik

It even comes in a handy dandy case

Steingrab – Mystik

Bleak Sorrowful Black Metal that still sounds like it’s got some muscle.

You can hear the episode here:

Subscribe to the YouTube channel here:

And that’s about it until Derek decodes to delight our ears again.                                              Cult

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