Abrasive Audio…to Soothe the Senses – End of Year Lists (#1)

heavy metal santa

 It’s that time of the year again. The trees are skeletons of their former selves, the malls are packed and wouldn’t you know it ever damn commercial on the television is advertising a product which your child doesn’t need but naturally, wants anyway. It’s Christmas. Fat blokes the world over have a sudden hankering for wriggling adolescent flesh upon their knees and all depending upon one’s penchant for the ludicrous some even attempt to clamber down a chimney. “Dad, why does it smell when I turn the fire on?” And then there’s Hallmark, for this is the ideal time to fill the wife’s head of ideas about how married bliss is supposed to be. But enough about my life, there’s more important things at hand. The best of the year according to whomever scribbled this (obviously). Obviously tastes vary, opinions are vastly varied but fantastic extreme tunage is meant to be shared. So, with that in mind I’ve enlisted the help of a few like-minded friends (fear not, for we aren’t that similar in tastes) to help spread the word.

atomic heartbeep on twitter

To start things off; this list heading from ten towards the years absolute mind-melting finest is courtesy of Atomic Heartbeep 🖤🤖 (@Drachensturm711 on Twitter)

Elephant Watchtower-The Church Is at Fault


Elephant Watchtower


Hypnotic Progressive Death Metal that often branches into long, almost ambient passages.

Iapetus-The Body Cosmic



Truly epic Progressive Death, patience is a must, as several songs are over 12 minutes in length. Absolutely worth the effort.

Rage of Light-Imploder

(Napalm Records)


Trance metallers from Switzerland, featuring the incredibly talented vocals of Melissa Bonny. “Mechanicals” is one of the greatest anthems you’ll never hear in a stadium

Cognizance-Malignant Dominion

(Prosthetic Records)



Clinical, merciless Tech-Death. After several excellent singles and EPs, they finally deliver a full length and it does not disappoint. A fantastic sound lets the brutality shine through

Godeater-All Flesh Is Grass



The finest album to come out of Scotland since Korpse’s “Pull the Flood”, a dizzying display of Technical Death Metal

Freedom of Fear-Nocturnal Gates

(EVP Recordings)

freedom of fear


The spirit of Schuldiner lives on in the riffs and solos of these Aussie Prog Death Metallers

Warforged-I: Voice

(The Artisan Era)


Wonderfully varied and composed unpredictable Prog Death. Can be as peaceful as it is utterly demolishing

Hath of rot n ruin

Hath-Of Rot and Ruin

(Willowtip Records)


Progressive Death Metal that takes the Opeth template and twists it into something much darker and more violent



An extraordinary gathering of musicians combined to put out an extraordinary album of Progressive/Technical Death Metal. Solos to die for and plenty of them!

And..drum roll please…





A genuine force to be reckoned with, exemplary performances from all involved to make the most exhilarating display of Tech Death I’ve heard in a very long time. Phenomenal musicianship, flamboyant songwriting and a creepy atmosphere make this the one I held aloft in an incredibly strong year.


Editor’s Note; Huge thanks go out to Atomic for putting this list together. I believe I’ve heard only about a third of this list. It appears I have a little catching-up to do and a slew of audio which is deserved of discovering. But it’s going to have to it until the New Year I have a mountain of audio I need to sift through if I want to formulate a list of my own.

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