Scorching the Retinas – Another Avalanche of Indy entry; Devils Acid

Posted: October 17, 2019 in Scorching the Retinas - Film Review, Supporting the Indy scene
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Scorching the Retinas – Another Avlanche of Indy entry

Devils Acid (2017)

devils acid movie.jpg

Writer – Eric Gibson, Garrett Kruithof, Finch Nissen
Director – Garrett Kruithof
Runtime – 89 minutes
Gorilla Tree Film Company
Dale Beasley Products
Neon Bridge Films
High Octane Pictures

Facing his child’s ability to sneak around like a ninja and inability to sleep, a parent is asked to tell a scary story.

“You want me to tell you a scary story? I’m trying to watch the game.”


And thus, it begins…

“Once upon a time there was a guy named Johnny…Johnny is an asshole!”

(trailer courtesy of YouTubeMovies)

And, he really is. He’s about the most demanding, entitled, racist character you are likely to ever meet. It doesn’t help that he lives alone and oozes cash. He has a plan, it isn’t as extravagant as taking over the world, he likes to party and hopes an abandoned prison will suffice for his “requirements” The “Haunted Hot Girl (and one black bitch) Challenge”. The narration is brought to a halt (bringing to mind an obvious nod to the timeless classic The Princess Bride) to explain that it’s OK, as Johnny is an asshole!

the Princess Bride

A timeless classic

Another child joins the fray and numerous beers are consumed by all (Insert shaking head antics here). Back to the prison…

This year is different than the last Johnny has brought “treats”; the Devils Acid and combined with the normal rules the evening’s festivities are about to begin. A small collective gather in hopes to ease the vertically challenged douche bag of some of his funds. Some have understandable reservations but after seeing the prize (wads of cash) they’re quickly forgotten. After they all go on their merry way, separate rooms they’re instructed to spend the night in, Johnny encounters a slight hiccup, a mutiny of sorts and a gun he believed wasn’t loaded.

Meanwhile. Brittany who likes to spout her inner stream of consciousness aloud, with a Valley girl twang, has started to prep her room for the night. She’s brought sheets (“How thoughtful of you Brittany”) but no instructions. How will she ever manage?

brittany - devils acid

Hi. I’m Brittany and I act exactly as my name might suggest.

Delilah is having a great time (it appears she’s done this type of thing before) but she has a secret. The revealing of which only makes Johnny’s evening that much better (think a successful ad campaign ran in years past by Wrigley’s Spearmint gum and you’ll be close).

An uninvited guest makes a sudden appearance suggesting to the participants (in turn) that a change in this year’s rules was his idea and that the game itself isn’t Johnny’s, but his. This understandably mixes things up.

Hidden cameras throughout the facility are a nice touch in showing each participants reaction to that which makes this game unfathomably more interesting than the last. The films various psychedelic touches are well-crafted and thankfully don’t veer deep into silly realms, as I’m they might have if Troma were at the helm. Humor elements are decidedly dark in tone, especially jaded and won’t be to everyone’s liking (snowflakes be prepared to be offended!!) but they are surprisingly well executed, especially for a film of this caliber, it’s budgetary restrictions and the genre in which it resides.

devils acid the father.jpg

The inappropriate Father figure/narrator

The Princess Bride vibe is surprisingly well done, cuts away at opportune moments, even adds alternate scenarios to fit the audience’s fantasy, showcasing a parent’s inability to use a filter or common sense in toning down a story for his audience.

Standout scenes are plentiful (my favorite is a quazi-birth scene. Remember, all the participants are ‘trippin balls’) and although the gore quotient is low (there’s plenty of blood, if nothing else) and nudity is nil, both staples of the B movie genre I might add, the film plays out with an unexpected quality which keeps the attention throughout. Some great song choices including an instrumental rehash of The Eagles “Hotel California” are well placed and add a certain class to the whole proceedings. Of the characters on screen the father figure, who is uncredited, although I have a hunch it’s Garrett Kruithof (also the narrator, one of three responsible for the writing of this feature and the director) stands out as he attempts to entertain his offspring, through various sidebars and interruptions, as well Johnny (played by Drew Rin Varick) who exemplifies a douche excellently. Brittany, Ashley Dulaney, is unforgettable portraying a character who one can’t help but like but would love to dislike (hate is too strong a word) for all the wrong reasons.

misty and kim-ormiston

Misty and Kim Ormiston in their natural habitat

Misty and Kim Ormiston (The Hunger Games) play a stunning pair of twins, both Delilah (which doesn’t make sense to the audience in attendance either) yin and yang, opposites; carefree and dominant personalities exemplified. And their appearance towards the films finale truly warrants inclusion in a sword and sorcery epic.


The film ends, eventually, as the Father intended (I won’t spoil it) and…shit. I said I wouldn’t spoil it and I won’t. Suffice to say it ends and the viewing experience was unexpectedly entertaining. With that in mind this isn’t a huge budgeted Hollywood affair, it isn’t an Oscar contender and it probably won’t make it to Redbox or even garner a spin off series. But it was hugely entertaining and prompted me to put digit to keyboard in appreciation.

Devils Acid its Johnny

And this… is Johnny!

If you have a soft spot for lower budget movies and enjoy laughing at content you probably shouldn’t, this is a feature you do not want to pass up.

Support the scene and let’s hope the crew response for this decide to do another, in a similar genre. I’ll be waiting.




  1. Thanks for the review and yes your hunch was correct that was me indeed.

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