Abrasive Audio – Musing for a Minute on Metal (part three)

Posted: September 15, 2019 in Abrasive Audio, Musing for a Minute on Metal, Reviews of the Metal Variety, Supporting the Indy scene
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Abrasive Audio – Musing for a Minute on Metal (part the third)


 Musing for a Minute on Metal (part three)

 What say we try this again? Yet another foray, an experiment of sorts, which might, or might not, prove that one can base an opinion on an album upon a single minute of immersing oneself in the audio it offers. But it’s not quite as simple as all that! In this instance we, I say “we” as I have a co-conspirator in this exciting endeavor, will dissect not only the initial track (only the first minute, that’s what makes this so exciting) but also two others (there’s seriously no science to this) deeper within the release. That and differing opinions, as there are two of us and we aren’t joined at the waist (or any other appendage, to set the record straight) or have any reason to venomously agree on everything, should give more a complete impression of what an initial listen (or the first minute of a trio of tracks) will offer.

Without further ado I’d like to introduce this segments third entrant (or that which I commonly refer to as “victim”).

Jig-Ai – Entrails Tsunami



Release – July/3/2019

Bizarre Leprous Production

Jig -Ai

 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to the realization that this release could have been designed especially for this exact purpose. The first track runs roughly a minute in length (as do a number of others if one is taking notes) so what say we place this intriguingly titled release between the ears.

But not before, however, a customary few words on that which adorns the audio package itself.

The image is exactly that which might come to mind if hearing the term ‘entrails tsunami’. Gruesome, but of course, and exquisitely depicted the imagery includes many a form writhing in agony as the suffocating crimson wave crashes against an undisclosed Japanese shoreline. But the question remains is this anything compared to what Godzilla must secrete daily. Have you ever wondered where that ends up? Do you ever purchase spring water from Japan? I would think twice before doing so again.

“Hey shopkeep, this has floaties in it. They glow a violent green and they’re winking at me.”

I have designed an especially devious rating system, somewhat like that seen in the Attack of the Compilation series but different, for occasions such as this;

the one minute review confused header


Worst/Avoid this like the proverbial plague – I’d rather spin a vintage Judas Priest album backwards in an insane asylum but not before letting the inmates loose and arming them with bendy straws and plastic sporks.

Ugh – This is like that one jug of milk in the fridge which you can’t for the life of you decide whether it has an odor or not (the date is indecipherable), it’s best not to drink it and you won’t if you have an alternate nearby.

Has Potential – There’s a certain something which elevates this above ignorable. It’s not great but, with a little work, future efforts could well be. “Mmm, suck you do not. Potential you have” in my finest Yoda voice (which isn’t that good).

Impressive – There’s no doubt about it, like a train full of hardened criminals (rapists, murderers, politicians) careening off the tracks into the gaping maw of a smoldering volcano, this is going places (whatever that means!)

Fuck me, this is Good! – Like finding a $50 note on the ground, stop what you’re doing and grab that shit, before it’s gone!

 The First Track; “Fujiculate”

drew infared avi

Drew’s Thoughts – The first thing to grab me in this offering is the cover. From a quick “scroll glance” it almost looks some twisted pile of SpaghettiOs. “Is this one of the rejected covers from The Spaghetti Incident?” I ask myself.  On further (and much closer) inspection, I quickly realize those are bodies and entrails. And lots of them. Almost a “Tsunami” of them, if you will. Say what you want about this cover, but the band certainly delivers on a promise.  And with an album titled “Entrails Tsunmai” I’m left only to speculate on what musical adventure awaits. Will it be a mix of country love ballads? Or perhaps some Jay-Z/Kardashian side project? Or will this be straight up metal brutality? I’m leaning heavily towards the latter.

Let me say in the interest of full disclosure that I am not the biggest grindcore fan. But I can appreciate the effort dedicated to such speed and tempo changes and will be judging solely on those premises. And the opening track “Fujiculate” comes at you and comes at you hard (pun kind of intended.)

Normally with this “one minute” endeavor, you find yourself struggling to get a real grasp of what’s in store.  By the time your average metal opener is done with the howling wind effects and slow-building guitar crunches, a minute is long gone leaving you with no clue what kind of actual music awaits. This certainly isn’t the case here. In fact, in a new twist that almost spits in the face of this effort, the opening track is actually less than a minute. In true and brutal grindcore form, this tops out at a nice 55 seconds. 55 seconds of pure, unadulterated speed. Definitely something that “Has Potential”.

 Cult’s Thoughts – As one might assume the audio gets right down to business. The drumbeat is akin to a ninja slicing up an enemy in wicked fast fashion and the vocals are varied; a hybrid of what sounds an abruptly awakened bear might make if poked in the rectum by a sharp stick accompanied by howls, shrieks and burps. However, with that in mind there are actual lyrics one might/will most definitely struggle to make out (one might comment this is a trademark of the genre to which I’d agree). Rhythm shifts, surges and an unrelenting inhumanely precise skin-pounding tattoo approach drive the track and its raw production values keep it from the ain’t I cool/poser “I like grindcore” territory. An undeniable injection of groove ups the intrigue ante some. In short, this is brutal, unforgiving and blunt much the same as a cement block to the forehead. I’m stamping this with “Has Potential”.

Drew’s pick – Boobzilla (track six)

I picked “Boobzilla” because it has the word “Boob” and I’m perpetually 12.

It’s fast. It starts out fast and then gets faster. This style of music is generally great if you just want to punch the shit out of a wall or kick your neighbor, and “Boobzilla” well definitely help in that regard. As for the lyrics? No clue. There could be a reference to tits. There could also be a recipe for peanut butter blondies for all I know. This kind of music isn’t exactly world-renowned for its discernible vocals and it doesn’t really need to be. It’s about energy and aggression and you won’t have trouble finding any of that here.

I stick with my same rating of “Has Potential” only with my previously stated disclaimer that it’s not my preferred genre of sound. Don’t love it but don’t hate it. But if you’re the type that can’t get enough grind, then there’s plenty to be had here and I have a feeling based on these last two minutes that you won’t be disappointed.

 Cult’s pick – Certificate of Perversity (track sixteen)

This track opens boasting much the same effect as placing one’s face into a blast furnace (an action which obviously isn’t recommended, even in the most excitable of circumstances). As it progresses it’s pace builds to become reminiscent of vintage Napalm Death output (though not quite back as far as the Lee Dorrian era) with numerous tempo and timing shifts albeit still showcasing the grindcore motif and pissed off (just awakened by a sharp stick in the rectum) formidable woodland creature vocals. In short this is grindcore which is both ‘abrasive’ and humorous though wouldn’t appeal to one whom has little knowledge/experience of the genre.

As I’m submerging myself more and more (this reviewing one minute of audio lark isn’t quite as easy as one might assume) it’s becoming more and more pleasing to the senses (“tolerable” probably isn’t the right word!) With this in mind I’m stamping this with the “Has Potential” label leaning heavily towards Impressive, which I’m sure it will be once I lift these one-minute parameters.

excited animal gif

Grindcore, grindcore, GRINDCORE!!!!

Well, there you have it. Another exercise in futility. We might not arrive tat concrete conclusions with these short and sweet assessments, but this is fun and I’m sure another will grace this space in the near future. My thanks go out to Drew for his patience and willingness to open, or even read, my constant badgering emails and for his humoring me by even replying.

Until next my inane scribbles grace your retinas.


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