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Posted: May 15, 2019 in Abrasive Audio, Attack of the Compilation, Reviews of the Metal Variety
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Attack of the Compilation #10

Vulgar Display of Purring Presents; New York

Vulgar display of purring-New York


Release – May/31/2018

What. Huh-?

Cult has left me with a title, no header and an address to plonk my ears upon. So, what exactly am I about to place inside my earholes?

A compilation to send cats wild; akin to audio catnip? An array of music made by angst felines (Aren’t our four-legged friend always pissed off at something, the look they often give is enough to give that impression) in homage to a well-known Texas act whose merchandise you can’t visit the mall without seeing a plethora of, is this a collection of covers set to meows, yelps and shrieks and all manner of other noises nocturnal ‘familiars’ are known to make? It’s none of those things, thank the Dark Lord. This is, however, an assortment of tunage which is different from the traditional, even in relation to what charities usually sprout up in order to  support… (quoting from Bandcamp) “…All proceeds will benefit City Critters, a NYC based organization that places stray and abandoned cats with homes and works with members of the community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals”. So, there you have it. I’ll admit I can’t decide between either of the two more traditional domesticated species of quadruped. Both taste fantastic between two slices of bread accompanied with mayo, cheese and an array of condiments of my choice although obviously one of the two is a little trickier to trick into getting into the mayo bucket (gotta’ love those big box stores) and then relaxing between a delicious pillow of lettuce and tomato. Enough of my mindless twattle (what’s a “twattle”? It’s honestly probably not even a word, it isn’t thanks to a quick check of the dictionary, but it fits how words run from my mouth and dribble from my deformed digits). I can hear a whispered chorus; But, shut up already with the diatribe of an introduction, what of this laundry list of tunes?

Honestly, it’s a damn sight better than I had expected. Cats and Metal right, what should one expect? As it happens, apparently, the two go together quite well. Have you not heard of Black Metal Kitten? Yea, probably not, me neither? But I’m sure it’s a thing, right?

catmetal black of course

Seriously, no one brought a map! I don’t want to get lost in this forsaken forest again!

The immense track list to this dander loving fest is as follows;

Imperial Triumphant – Breath of Innocence (06:54)           

Pyrolatrous – Obeisance and Unrequited Adulation (06:59)           

Artificial Brain – Spacid (Demo) (03:37)  

Tombs – Mother of Mercy (Samhain Cover) (03:19)           

Car Bomb – Bra_C_Ket (02:55)  

Unearthly Trance – Lion Strength (07:48)               

Woe – Drown Us with Greatness (05:17)

Anicon – Tarnish on The Emblems of Ardor (06:41)             

Mutilation Rites – Pierced Larynx (06:50)               

Belus – Avarice (06:18)   

Containor – Asshole 2 (01:17)     

Godmaker – Over (Portishead Cover) (04:47)       

Dead Empires – Ergot (06:29)      

Wreath of Tongues – Reprobate (02:27)

Moon Tooth – Belt Squeezer (05:18)        

Blackout – Crusher Malone (03:38)           

Meek Is Murder – A Prison, A Life Raft (02:07)     

Husbandry – Hierba Mala Nunca Muere (03:47)  

Beast Modulus – Everything’s Shocking (03:50)   

Skullshitter – Struggle to Die (01:50)        

Syndromes – …And Structures Crumble (02:41)   

Bangladeafy – Termites (02:56)

With over twenty tracks on offer with many breaking the six-minute mark this runs close to two hours in length (perhaps more I was never great at Math!) Negating the ratings system (which was designed especially for this purpose in mind… blah, blah, blah) as this stands for a damn sight more than merely promotional purposes I will gladly state for five dollars, or five hundred little copper bastids, you can do a lot worse. In fact, I’ll go one further; surprisingly, and thankfully, this is far from what I had assumed, based on the misleading title, was going to be a Pantera homage and turned out to be a stellar example of the New York extreme metal scene. There’s black, death, experimental noise, alternative, doom, sludge, progressive, punk and a damn sight more with most everything in between to please every crevice of the inner caverns of the skull. This is a veritable smorgasbord (gotta’ love that word!) of blistering audio.


Naturally I have my favorites (I didn’t skip once). Admittedly there are more than a few, more than half of the tracks on offer which had me twitching as if from a seizure in full effect, complete with a Tourettes accompaniment (and I didn’t even know I knew that much French!) In no particular order, because this compilation and the bands therein deserve support and praise for their generosity, talent and unnerving ability to toss me around the room like a marionette under the control of someone with an itch which goes ‘far beyond’, ‘fucking hostile’(ha, there’s a few ‘nods’ for anyone paying attention).

Artificial brain

Artificial BrainSpacid (Demo)

Thrash with growling, technical rhythms and a beat that’s impossible to sit still to, enuf said!

Unearthly Trance – Lion Strength

Epic death/doom ala Neurosis with fantastic ‘build up’, surprising melody, atmosphere and huge speaker-shredding riffs.

woe band

Woe – Drown Us with Greatness

Majestic black metal with hints of doom, the pace, energy and rhythms in this make an immediate face carving impression!

Anicon – Tarnish on The Emblems of Ardor

Unrelenting, crest laden riffs and a traditional black metal stance. I’m not usually one that spends much time in the genre, but this rips, and holds the attention throughout.

Moon Tooth – Belt Squeezer

Slightly different (rather undefinable actually), a palette cleanser if you will, but this still tugs at the frenetic movement bone.


Belus – Avarice

Expertly crafted cavernous death with a strangle hold that reeks of black as well doom sensibilities.

Beast Modulus – Everything’s Shocking

Hardcore with breakdowns, groove and a criminally infectious inciteful nature. Need I say more?


Skullshitter – Struggle to Die

Grindcore; who doesn’t love well-crafted angst dripping chaos?

Syndromes – …And Structures Crumble

Exquisitely crafted grindcore (of sorts) featuring excellent vox which could jolt the dead from their rest.

A few even excelled these very high standards resulting in my plucking my jaw from the dirt in appreciation, in no particular order;

Pyrolatrus – Obeisance and Unrequited Adulation

Blackened death with blistering and abrupt pace transformations, a raw vibe and smatterings of a traditional metal influence tainted with melody.


GodmakerOver (Portishead Cover)

Who knew I liked Portishead? Ominous and chilling, somewhat reminiscent of South of Heaven era Slayer in part (riff wise) and Kyuss but altogether shockingly effective and enthralling, I could spin this little ditty all day!

Dead Empires – Ergot

Technical, progressive, black, death, alternative. I’m not entirely sure where I would place this if I worked in a retail audio establishment, suffice it to say it has energy to spare, enough rhythm to fill a fleet of dump trucks and displays a rainbow diversity of styles, minus the little green fellow hoarding the bucket of shiny coins at its base. It even sports a little spoken word psychology too; how’s that for unexpected?

meek is murder

Meek Is Murder – A Prison, A Life Raft

I’ll be damned (again!?) if this didn’t jerk me from my seat, wish me a happy to-do before slamming me unceremoniously against the nearest wall much as if it had just walked in to find me balls deep in its respective partner. It even climaxes without so much as a warning. (I’ll not add a comment here, it’s too easy!)

Naturally, tastes vary. These are merely the tracks which have had an instantaneous devastating effect on my frail form.

This varied assortment costs five dollars, (They even boast enamel pins and embroidered patches for sale if you are so inclined) or you can offer more (I’m sure they wouldn’t complain) and “…All proceeds will benefit City Critters, a NYC based organization that places stray and abandoned cats with homes and works with members of the community to find humane solutions to problems involving homeless animals” (www.citycritters.org)

confused bear

What’s next?

This only leaves me pondering. Will a slew of other compilations be issued based on the needs of other animals in need? ‘The Great Southern Roadkill’ perhaps to aid frustrated beasts in the wild, primarily bears, who aren’t able to procure picnic leftovers due to those infernal ‘slanted’ dumpsters. Or another dedicated to Tigers and Lions who aren’t allowed to munch on those who laugh and point from behind fences as they go about their business in glassed off enclosures. How about ‘Foul Taste of Feces’ (Pro Pain instead of Pantera, anyone?) honoring the plight of the primate unable to toss his/her waste past the confines of the arenas in which they’re housed. The mind boggles with the possibilities. But for now, enjoy this. It’s damn tasty, will satisfy the needs of the most discerning of metal head and warrants attention much like a hemorrhaging skull wound from which grey matter pokes through. And all for the price of a cup of coffee, why does this even bear thinking upon, seriously? It’s just a pity this wasn’t discovered sooner, it would have given me one hell of an excuse to finally visit the Saint Vitus Bar for the showcase that featured a slew of bands found here.



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